I'm scared to drive
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Savannah, GA

#1 Feb 17, 2009
I can drive...I am just so scared...Every time I get behind the wheel I start shaking, my throat closes up and I cant breathe...I dont want this to effect me my whole life and I just dont know what to do about it...Everyone says "the more you drive" blah blah...I drive a lot and I am still scared...is there anyone else out there like me?? I cant be the only one

“It's me!”

Since: Sep 08

Flat Rock MI

#3 Apr 22, 2009
I wish I could say something to help, i'm legally blind and can't drive...but at age 39 if I was all of a sudden able to drive i'm sure i'd be TERRIFIED! Heck, i'm scared in the passenger seat alot of the time..

Savannah, GA

#4 Apr 25, 2009
i probably should have mentioned that i have never had a divers license and i just moved to michigan about 3 years ago...i just wanted to see if i was the only one out there who this effects...i see people driving all the time talking on cells phones, eating, and moving around all over the place...how can they do this??? i would kill myself the first time i took my eyes off the road.....laura and ashley thanks for your support.....

“It's me!”

Since: Sep 08

Flat Rock MI

#5 Apr 27, 2009
you're welcome. I hope it gets easier for you. I know how hard it is to get around without being able to drive. It doesn't help that there isn't decent public transit in the area either.

Savannah, GA

#6 Apr 28, 2009
I know! decent public transportation would be great!! then i could go places on my own and do the things i need to do...it just sucks sometimes when i have to ask for a ride...you know???...but thank God my husband and mother in law are great people who dont mind...:).....

“It's me!”

Since: Sep 08

Flat Rock MI

#7 May 4, 2009
I feel like a burden when I ask...my family is only 2 miles away though.I do have a good friend who doesn't seem to mind carting my tush around though!

Savannah, GA

#8 May 7, 2009
well thats a good friend....i struggle with that feeling all the time...i feel like a burden but i just thank God i do have two people who care enough about me to take me places....my mother in law lives right next door to me...and thats such a blessing....

“It's me!”

Since: Sep 08

Flat Rock MI

#9 May 8, 2009
that's great! I didn't really get along with my MIL when I was still married. I hope if I marry again it's different this time.

Savannah, GA

#10 May 9, 2009
well if you meet the right person and you are in love nothing else matters...but i will say that having a relationship with your husbands mother is a great thing..i love mine to death...there is nothing i wouldnt do for her...

Brampton, Canada

#11 Jul 21, 2009
Hi, I've never seen this site before or heard of it but, I just Googled "Afraid to drive" and saw your post.

I know you wrote it in February but, I just wanted to tell you that you are NOT alone, and I am the EXACT same way!

The thing is, I'm being pushed into getting my license because everyone keeps saying, "Oh, you're 26 years old; you HAVE to get your licence"

I'm half of the way with getting it but, I feel like even if I DID get my licence, I'd NEVER use it because I'm simply too afraid each time I get into the car!

Anyway, I wanted to ask you to please write to me if you ever want to talk more about it. I know that sometimes I'M desperate for someone to talk to about this but really, I know of NO ONE else in my life who feels this way.

E-mail me at [email protected] if you ever want to talk about it.

december86 wrote:
I can drive...I am just so scared...Every time I get behind the wheel I start shaking, my throat closes up and I cant breathe...I dont want this to effect me my whole life and I just dont know what to do about it...Everyone says "the more you drive" blah blah...I drive a lot and I am still scared...is there anyone else out there like me?? I cant be the only one

United States

#12 Aug 5, 2009
I'm in the exact situation!!!! Every one thinks it's because I don't listen, uh no. It's way deeper then that! I failed my drivers test. That's the big thing too! I can drive my self to work ok. It's a mile and a half away. But getting on the highway to take my driving test is beyond impossible too. I have to bum rides from my husband and mother in law too. I'm tired of being a burden. I've been so emotional and depressed since I failed. I feel like I don't do enough for my man, like I have all this baggage and he has to be my chaffeur on top of things.

Saint Clair Shores, MI

#13 Nov 22, 2009
I feel the same way. I get questioned ALL the time, "Why don't you drive"? I'm running out of answers. I feel like an alien sometimes. I know how to, I have a license. It's been awhile though, I'm 29. It's starting to really annoy me. I need to just do it.

San Antonio, TX

#14 May 8, 2010
I'm glad to see there are other people out there like me. I'm desperate for a fix for this. Every time I drive, I get so freaked out and can't breathe, I don't know what it is. I know it's illogical and I'm too old for this. I just need to get over this. The only advice anyone has is "The more you do it, the better it will get." Yeah. That hasn't helped. Ugh. I'm 23 with a child, and I can't do this anymore.

Lannion, France

#15 May 31, 2010
Hello from France.

You guys are not the only one, and i am so glad that i am not the only one!! haha

i am 29 years old with a one year old son and i am scared like hell to drive. Got my licence but just could not drive... scareeeeeedddddd!!!! y husband tried to teach me but everytime i sit behind the wheel... i cant see anything else! i feel like i am a tiny little thing inside a big machine and i just cant breathe!!!! I just had enough with this scary thing! I dont know why i am soooo scared... i cant do anything!

so i have decided.. bravely... that i will drive!!! i am telling myself that its just driving, everyone doing it. my fren told me this once, "if you die, you die once, but if you scared everyday, you die everyday". Somehow i got the whole idea.

so i have signed up for some driving lessons, will start this June 3rd and i am pretty exciting about it. I am trying to motivate myself by thinking all the cool stuff i can do if i drive. My son is another big motivation for myself.. i want to be a great mother to bring him everywhere and show him around and meet people!

Hope this helps!

now.. lets drive!!

Tucson, AZ

#16 Aug 12, 2010
I am afraid also to drive. My husband got sick he is on to much meds to drive. I am 55 got my premit about 4 months ago I have had 8 driving lesson I am fine when break is also on other side of car.
Each time before getting into car I feel ill.
I also have people laughing at me because they can not understand.
Thank for having this page

El Paso, TX

#17 Aug 17, 2010
Yeah I Googled "afraid to drive" too and im glad i found this site. I have my permit and I just need the actual license but driving just always freaks me out. I just think about how so many little kids want to drive and how many elderly people there are and that helps a little.. Then I think about how annoying it must be for my mom to take me everywhere, and putting myself on a guilt trip kinda helps. Besides if we cannot even drive how are we ever gonna have a colony on Mars and all that good stuff???

Waterloo, Canada

#18 Aug 19, 2010
Wow I'm also glad I found this site... I'm 23 with two lil girls n so so so scared to drive. I recently got my license cuz the place it got it from only made me drive down the street thank god! I'm thinking is this a form of OCD? Idk if I can ever get over this fear :(

Waterloo, Canada

#19 Aug 21, 2010
Does anyone have facebook? I would like to talk to someone... Or email me please [email protected]

Watertown, NY

#20 Sep 30, 2010
I'm 21 and a stay at home mom. I've had my permit for almost six years. I've taken my five hour three times and they've all expired and I even had to retake my written test because my permit expired. I took two road tests and failed because my nerves got the best of me. I hate not being able to drive, I can't work because I can't drive myself there...I can't even go to the store when I want. I hate not being independent. Life would be so simple if I had my license I just can't get over my fear. I can drive in low traffic areas but once I get out of my comfort zone I feel so out of control I just want someone else to be driving. I don't want to live like this forever. I want to get over my fear so I can do everything I want to.It just seems like nobody understands. My parents get annoyed bringing me places and think I'm just too lazy to get my license.

Saint Paul, MN

#21 Oct 19, 2010
I got my permit when I was 18 and drove maybe twice with my dad. I made excuses not to drive and let that permit expire. When I was 20 my sister past away when a drunk driver hit her car going the wrong way on a highway. Now I was even more afraid to drive. Everytime I would even think about driving, my nerves would get the better of me and I would think of any excuse I could think of not to drive.

When I turned 22 my boyfriend pushed me to get my permit again since I had moved to a different state and I held onto that permit until it almost expired. He made me schedule a driving appointment knowing that I when I schedule something, I generally never cancel. He took me driving for a day or two going over the basics (on a weekend when there was less traffic). I mostly knew everything from being fairly observant when he drove. I felt panicky the whole time.

I made sure to schedule the driving test on a closed course w/ no highway since there is one near where I live. Surprisingly I passed, even though I felt nervous the whole time and was probably shaking a bit too.

After that I still really didn't drive unless I absolutely had to. Still I felt tense the whole time. It wasn't until I had to commute every day for work that I became more comfortable. It feels great to finally get over my fear of driving and to be fully independent.

Good luck everyone.

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