Family Moving to Palm Coast . Is that...

Family Moving to Palm Coast . Is that a smart move?

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#1 Dec 19, 2009

My Son-in-law is thinking of moving to Palm Coast. He said he is going to start a business. He also told me that crime was low and business was good. My daughter is all for it and looking forward to the move. My two grandsons, ages 12 and 16,are trying to make the best of the move. I have read the replys on the crime and unemployment in Palm Coast and it is different what my son-in-law is telling me. I do not want my family to move in a gang area and high crime rate location. So please give some information on Palm Coast and what you think of moving two teen age kids to this area. Thank You,

Since: Dec 09

Merritt Island, FL

#3 Dec 21, 2009
I have been in Palm Coast 10 years. It is not the place to move too...who is telling you otherwise is lying to you. Almost nothing for Teens to do...Period Other than the beach which can lead to trouble. The schools are over rated for sure and work is hard to find. Unemployment in 13% and going up. So how can the economy be thriving.? It is not! The only big employer is the city...then school system, then get the drift. Walmart is the only place to work as they do most of the business in PC. The city manager makes 165 K a year...ha Wow!...Maybe your son could take his job. NOT A GOOD MOVE...BELIEVE ME! Peace From a realist.

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Merritt Island, FL

#4 Dec 21, 2009
I live in Palm Coast not Orlando...I have to see why they keep posting Orlando...this is all new to me.

Atlanta, GA

#5 Dec 21, 2009
stop nothing to do in this town and too far from orlando and jacksonville. Daytona is a tourist town for two wheelers only.

Palm Coast, FL

#6 Dec 24, 2009
I just moved here from central illinois this week. The taown that I came from had nothing. The teens had a skate-park, and a very small over priced YMCA. We had cold weather and cornfields to look at. The nearest mall was avor 50 miles, and that's where the nearest Applebee's, red lobster, ect was at. We are less then 10-30 minutes to everything. Our neighbors are very nice. And the area that we live in is quiet. Wow what an amazing place. Again, we lived in the middle of a corn field where there was really nothing. So this is a nice change.

Cochran, GA

#7 Dec 24, 2009
I'm sure the family (your daughter and son-in-law) have considered everything necessary to make this a good choice for THEIR family.

By the way.....Palm Coast is a lovely area.
Some Good News

Orlando, FL

#8 Jan 5, 2010
Mr. Sunny Delight doesn't seem to have a clear picture of what is going on the country. By comparison, Palm Coast is doing pretty well. Every city is having problems now. To say that Palm Coast is a bad place to live just isn't true. I agree that things could be better here but given the economy we are still growing. Both in popluation and commercially. We are building a new movie theater and we are starting to see some residential building going on. Which has not been the case for more then 4 years. Also the price of homes in this area are an average of $25,000.00 to $40,000.00 cheaper, comparing apples to apples,then surrounding counties. In the last 5 years the average price of homes have gone from about $210,000.00 to about $115,000.00. So not only is palm Coast a great place to live and raise a family, It's a great place to invest in your future. As to the comment of nothing for childrfen to do, We have 3 city parks that have ball fields and swing sets etc. We have many places to go fishing and, as I said before we have a new theater coming soon. We also have many school programs for students to go golfing, fishing, camping, bowling, nature walking and boating. So many more things i haven't mentioned. Restaurants are lacking but many companies are now looking in this area to build such as Chilis, AppleBees and Longhorn Steakhouse. Also red lobster. Our airport has built a new tower so more planes can come here. Commercial planes. Not large ones but smaller commuter planes and jets. As to the unemployment of 13%, I would have to agree with that but things are this way everywhere! Not just here. It's not like Palm Coasts unemployment is way out of wack from everyone alse. Plus we have many large companies looking at our area for growth possiblities. with some moving here soon providing many jobs. It is unfortunate that people who live here don't see how bad things could be. All they would have to do is look at other counties like St. Johns and Volusia. Flagler county all in all is a great place and I believe it's a wonderful place to raise a family. I'm, raising 2 children myself. 10 & 14 years old. As for the schools, Our school are top notch for the most part. Our schools having recieved ALL A & B from the state of florida. Our Teachers are second to non when it comes to caring about our childrens futures. I would question how long it's been since sonny delight had children in school. Things have definitely changed. Our schools are very new and have all the mobern equipment for the most part. Again money is the root of all evil when it comes to what the schools have and what they don't have. That,s left up the powers that be. I hope you decide to live here, you will love it.
peter mccoy

Melbourne, FL

#9 Jan 6, 2010
what i hear about p. coast not good

Titusville, FL

#10 Jan 12, 2010
moved to palm coast a year ago.big mistake.
big disapointment in city government.gangs are park covered with graffiti and gang infested. streets look like mall parking lot.lots of houses being rented out. code enforcement does not enforce code. mayor wants 16 million to start his own police dept. rather than pay for extra flagler county sheriffs.
trash pickup is also lousy.
new movie theater ? why not rent a movie?

Tallahassee, FL

#11 Jan 12, 2010
I moved to palm coast a year and a half ago. I came from New England. I was memsmerized by the beauty of PC. I also have a 17 and 11 year old girls. I HAD the same feeling about PC as Mr Good news but over the last year I have to say I am no longer impressed with PC. The unemployemnet rate is 17% and rising. It is the highest in our area. I am a nurse and it took me over 3 months to find a job. My salary is the same as when I graduated nursing school 20 years ago. In the last year I have seen a great influx of lower income families taking up alot of the home rentals. The new high school is pretty but the teachers have very little student skills. The Dean there is a racist. I know this first hand. Had several issues with her and then pulled my daughter from that school. The kids there have no say. The teachers are always right. I had one teacher go into my daughters pocketbook because she thought she had a cell phone. My daughter told her she did not have one and the teacher opened her bag and dug through it. My daughter did not have one because we did not allow her to have one.Over the last year she has went through so many friends because they have in one way or another proven to be a bad influence and the parents are no better. I had one mother thank me for letting her daughter stay with me for a week and she wasnt even concerned that she never spoke to me. I then told her that her daughter was not at my house. Again the mother showed little concern. The drug use among these teens is enormous. The kids hang at the bowling alley and from a passed experience it was not good. Track your kids MY SPACE and you will find out the truth about what is really going on in PC. It seems that pc has become the melting pot for all the low income people so they can pretend they have class.

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#12 Jan 19, 2010
babeblu wrote:
It seems that pc has become the melting pot for all the low income people so they can pretend they have class.
First of all that's shameful, and second Palm Coast is full of crime. Blue collar and white collar criminals from all walks of life are here. Even the self righteous are parked here in this crap hole. Were simply awaiting the mighty flush of Jesus Christ to sweep this whole dead town away. And when it happens it's gonna be all of a sudden so prepare ye and repent. Hallelujah!

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#13 Jan 19, 2010
Is your name pronounced Bucket, or Bouquet?

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#14 Jan 19, 2010
Never mind

Palm Coast, FL

#15 Jan 29, 2010
Wow....if you feel that this town is so bad, then why not just move? I found a job less than a month after arriving here. My wife was offered a job before we moved here. There is ALWAYS going to be crime; except for maybe Mayberry. True there aren't many manufacturing jobs here; but I just moved here and in the medical field, and not sure as to what is out here besides restaurant, and departments stores. I have a 14 y/o that hasn't any complaints, other than the school day lasts longer, and is released later for summer break. I think that teachers should rule the school with an iron fist, if not you will have the same issues as they do in larger cities. Drugs are everywhere; except Mayberry of course, so it's the parents responsibility the instill values. We left our hometown for the same reasons that people here complain about. But the key is we left. I for one think that Palm Coast has alot to offer if you go looking for it.

Deland, FL

#17 Feb 8, 2010
Four years ago Flagler County (Palm Coast) was the fastest growing county in the USA. The construction industry was the major employer so when the economy declined nationwide so did the construction industry in Palm Coast causing widespread unemployment. Many people, mostly in the construction industry left the area, and unfortunately many of the small businesses have closed as a result of less demand.

I moved from Atlanta to Palm Coast 7 years ago. I was hesitant because I thought I would miss the big restaurants and many of the amenities of the big city. To my pleasant surprize, I don't miss them at all. There are plenty of places to eat, not all of them are first class but if there is a special occasion or guests in from out of town there is always St. Augustine nearby. As far as shopping, this is an area that doesn't require much more than shorts and a tee shirt most of the time. What I can't find locally I always find on-line.

I have found that there is crime everywhere, not just Palm Coast. I lived in Miami and had my house buglarized, and once again in Atlanta. It seems the people who want to steal will do it anywhere, it's been going on since the beginning of time. I have never felt unsafe in Palm Coast.

I'd say if you don't like Palm Coast, Move! Nobody is making you stay here. Live somewhere that will make you happy.

Plano, TX

#18 Feb 8, 2010
We like Palm Coast :)
My husband and I moved here in June of last year (2009). We moved from Virginia, though I was born in Tampa, FL many years ago :), hoping to enjoy warm temperatures year round. My husband was able to transfer with his job, but I have been unable to find a full-time teaching position...I do substitute teach, however, and I'm very grateful for that. I have looked for jobs, with no luck, in several (5) counties, so Palm Coast is par for the course as far as jobs in Florida are concerned.
Palm Coast is a lovely area! The city in Virginia we moved from is similar to Palm Coast in population, but the crime there is much worse than it is here. Most of the time people are very friendly and go out of their way to be polite. In addition to nice beaches (Marineland, Hammock, Flagler Beach, etc.), the beautiful Princess Plantation, Mala Compra Plantation, Washington Oaks Gardens State Park, and Florida Scenic Highway are all within a very short driving distance. St. Augustine and the Castillo de San Marcos are about thirty minutes away and St. Augustine has the best outlet shopping I've ever been too! Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach, and Orlando are thirty minutes to an hour fifteen minutes away, respectively.
We count our blessings to be in such a nice place, even though I am out of work! Anywhere one lives, there will positives and have to make the choice for yourself :)
Peter Anthony Wynn

Zephyrhills, FL

#19 Feb 20, 2010
We love it here, we moved from Boca and let me tell you there are more gaings in Pal Beach County and way more white collar crime, Palm Coast is incredible, people say hello wherever you go, everyone is nice and helpful.... My daughter loves the school, they have Imac computers for gods sake, It is clean and there is a lot to do, we walk nore then ever here, the air is fresh and the beaches are great... OH you can actually see them even if you do not live on them. In Boca they are reserved for the priveledged, I never knew the view of nature was only for the wealthy.

A for work, we are blessed to work hard but not be hindered by an area, Everyone we have hired to work for us has been awesome and really well mannered and grateful. Gangs are not here like people are saying because gangs are a business and there is not enough people here to make it good business, mischief perhaps but that is the nature of youth...

We love it here and the home and the opportunity to build a life and a business is second to none. People who are frustrated please just take a deep breath and experience a bit more of the country, there is nothing going on anywhere... Here there is opportunbity because of the beauty so it will thrive once again and the people who smile through this will prosper...

Palm Coast, FL

#20 Feb 22, 2010
I think Palm Coast is a breath of fresh air from the big city life. I just moved here two months ago from San Antonio, TX and if people really believe theire is high crime here they have lived an incredibly sheltered life. There isn't very much to do for teenagers but no matter where you live kids will be kids, and unemployment rate is high everywhere. Daytona isn't that far to travel for work I do it everyday. Where ever you move it's up to the person to make the best of their situation. People here are pretty friendly too.

Nashville, TN

#21 Feb 25, 2010
everyone considering to move to palm coast, you rethink, unemployment sucks and there is too much gang activity. Yea all places have crimes but for size of palm coast, its alot. Alot of wannabe be bloods and crips and almost everyone does drugs and adult...just look at all the bust they do all the time. if you want to move somewhere and never get out of your house then move to palm coast, its best place, and oh yea be sure to get home security system because burglary is palm coast's speciality.
this will make u fee safe

Nashville, TN

#22 Feb 26, 2010

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