Lynch for Mayor

Fitchburg, MA

#21 Feb 8, 2012
"BLATANT LIE #8: I have been married multiple times and my first husband was gay. I have turned men gay. I have been married exactly once. That marriage resulted in two beautiful daughters and my ex-husband has a beautiful daughter with his second wife. No evidence of him being gay. This is another BLATANT LIE TOLD BY KEVIN LYNCH."

You told me that your ex boyfriend was a queen/ super Gay! You dated Joe C for 8 years and he was as Gay as you can get as you yourself caught him with a man! You stated all these people to me as you stated "all the men that I meet are Gay". I wouldn't know any of this information if you hadn't told me! And your current BF/Daves brother had a lot of derogatory things to state to us concerning sexuality,ect. And I had stated who is he to call someone gay names when he raped a boy? And I never stated it was one of his kids! I've had this argument with him before!

I NEVER stated anything negative about your ex husband, EVER! You constantly put him down in front of your daughter while I would be standing there as she asked you to stop. You constantly called him a deadbeat, not me!! I wouldn't know that he wasn't paying you what he owed you if you didn't tell me!

Easily confused

Leominster, MA

#22 Feb 8, 2012
I'm sorry I'm slow I was born this way. I guess my only question is did this Dave guy call this Debbie girls house and make threats yesterday? If yes that isn't nice. The rest is too much for me to read.
Lynch for Mayor

Fitchburg, MA

#23 Feb 8, 2012
"BLATANT LIE #9: I wanted to sleep with DAVID GONZALEZ and he turned me down. I have NEVER wanted to sleep with DAVID GONZALES, as God is my witness. Another BLATANT LIE TOLD BY KEVIN LYNCH."

David was looking for a seragote mother. You two had the conversation. You told Dave that you would be open to the idea but you wanted to do it the natural way, hint, hint!!! And Yes you liked Dave in that way and I now believe that that is why you always had this competition thing with me going on.

You always downplayed any of my accomplishments and answer with "I went to four yrs of college"!

Lynch for Mayor

Fitchburg, MA

#24 Feb 8, 2012
"BLATANT LIE #10: I do not shower or wash my clothes, not ever. I shower each and ever day. I change into clean clothing each and every day. My appearance in impeccable. I am a social worker. I dress professionally for my job. I take good care of my appearance. Unlike, KEVIN LYNCH, on the other hand who often has spots on the front of his clothing. Another BLATANT LIE TOLD BY KEVIN LYNCH."

Let me tell you, You were in conversation with us concerning why Joe wouldn't have sex with you, Dave asked Joe and he stated that you didn't wash and that you were a pig when it comes to a clean house. And I know that your house is clean now as Johnny does all the cleaning. But as we were told when he left you, your house went back to being a filthy mess as the Dog would shit on your bed,ect...

Your cloths are never clean, FACT! Your car is a pig pen! You have piles of cloths all over your house.

Your major claim to respectibility is your mention of your job title! You have abused your title here. Did they tell you at your other job that you couldn't bring in your laptop no more? WHY, what was the reason given?

I will agree with you on one fact, My cloths get worn and stained. I have a bad habbit of wearing my new cloths while doing something around the house to dirty them. It has been a jinx for me. I buy sneakers and I end up mowing the lawn wearing them. I constantly wash my cloths and I take a shower everyday! Others I am around do often take and wear my good new cloths which I do not mind at all! I don't care as it doesn't bother me at all!

Lynch for Mayor

Fitchburg, MA

#26 Feb 8, 2012
"BLANTANT LIE #12: I am keeping my step-daughter here against her will. She has many loving, supportive relatives in NY willing to take her in; and she will be leaving the minute she turns 18. My step-daughter grew up in the city and is homesick. I returned to NY with her in September to meet with relatives to see if there was someone she could live with. There was not. She went again for the week of Thanksgiving. Again, no place to live. She cannot return to NY with an infant and live on the streets. She has a child to provide for and must have stable living arrangements for her. I will support her 100% if she finds such arrangements. For now, she is contemplating staying here when she turns 18 because she has her father and I to see to it that she gets all she needs. She does not have that support system in NY. Another BLATANT LIE TOLD BY KEVIN LYNCH."

I NEVER STATED THAT YOU WERE HOLDING SOMEONE AGAINST THEIR WILL! NEVER! You did attempt to file for custody and were denied! You then turned on us like a out of control WHENCH! FACT! Within minutes of that hearing you were on the phone with social services stating lies!

Like your own daughter you chatised this girl all the time, she doesn't want anything to do with you! And a MATTER of fact, she moved next door to you and had lived there with her baby for months until she couldn't live there anymore! YOU ARE A LIAR!



You feel that you can say what you want because of the fact that my rights within Fitchburg have been abused as you feel that you can just join and dump on my civil rights!


Since: Feb 10

Location hidden

#28 Feb 8, 2012
Easily confused wrote:
I'm sorry I'm slow I was born this way. I guess my only question is did this Dave guy call this Debbie girls house and make threats yesterday? If yes that isn't nice. The rest is too much for me to read.
Isn't it strange this guy "Dave" who Lynch is supposedly so involved with and who accused this women of harassing them on Topix forum hasn't been posting anything under his real name. Could he also be using an anonymous name or maybe he's just be sitting on Lynch's lap while Lynch just keeps typing away? What do you think?
Lynch for Mayor

Fitchburg, MA

#29 Feb 8, 2012
"I could go on and on but I am going to stop here. KEVIN LYNCH has abused this forum as a way to attack me. If he wants to take me to court, he will find himself feeling the heat. If this day happens, I will invite you all to see him make a fool of himself and so you can see I am not a hunch back and I do not have a thorazine shuffle. I am a perfectly normal mother, preacher's kid, social worker.

I have not personally taken KEVIN LYNCH to court because God will judge him. "

I have the email that you sent stating that you were going to come on topics and fuck things up for me! You did and you certainly were the biggest WHENCH on the planet earth! You stated LIE after LIE! You were relentless with your lies! You put massive amounts of stress on me and my family due to your filthy lies!!!

Mark my words, the minute you open your FILTHY mouth again in reference to young boys I am going to sue you so thoroughly that it will become my lifes work! Open it again WHENCH! You will stop your violation of our civil rights!

If you believe that someone is gay, you feel that you can post things about young boys? You stated on here that I was using binoculors to watch young college guys? You filthy WHENCH! This answer I will call you in response in front of ANY and all judges!!! TRY ME!

There has been people on here who have said some very derogatory things about me since you incited them! ASK the DA if you have a right to do this!!!!!!!!!!

Give this post to the DA!
Guido Fini-Petrolomini

Framingham, MA

#30 Feb 8, 2012
"Hey Lynch, I thought you said your were going to be spending all your time from here on out concentrating on becoming Fitchburg Mayor in the next political cycle."

Nice goin', Stamos. This is the sole media outlet available to Lynch the Loon. You know it; Lynch knows it. Thanks to your comment we can expect this asylum out-patient, or one of his several egos, to make a daily rant.

Since: Feb 10

Location hidden

#31 Feb 8, 2012
Lynch, you do realize all these crazy rants of yours are going to be seen by voters in the next election don't you?

I thought you wanted to be Mayor? Is this your idea of leadership Lynch?
Lynch for Mayor

Fitchburg, MA

#32 Feb 8, 2012
DebbieG wrote:
KEVIN LYNCH has stated that I hate gays. I do not. I do not hate anyone. I do believe in God's judgement. I do believe we have to repent of ours sins. God tells us to pray for enemies. I have prayed for KEVIN LYNCH that God may have mercy upon his soul. I will not be responding to any posts here. I know that KEVIN LYNCH will come in here and attempt to use this whole posting as a way to further abuse me. I hope that you people are all educated enough to see right through him and his many falsehoods. I knew KEVIN LYNCH for a few years and have found this whole forum to be a real education on what kind of person he really is. It has been very eye opening. He is either very paranoid or will just go to any length to abuse the people that oppose him.
I have to get ready for work. Have a blessed day everyone.
Do you think that I will reply? Really? You are a mind reader and/or you can judge people appropiately! Don't pray for me you sick person! Stay away from me and my life! Stop harrassing me! Stop violating my civil rights! Stop falsly inciting people against my civil rights!

You have already used and abused your relationship with your christian friends! You are a whack job! You had your friend MARK who you told me that you had slept with when Joe C was accusing you of it! You had MARK write the parole board utilyzing a pic that you gave to him in order to have Joe C violated on his parole and returned to prison as he didn't pay you back what he owed you!

The scorn of a whench! Then you had your christian friend posting on facebook about the girl that you call "step daughter"! I defended her and stated "what are you telling people about this young girl"? That is when all this started!!!!!!! That girl is Daves niece and she is a good girl! I stood there in court as you stated lies. The judge obviously seen right through your lies and DENIED YOU!
Lynch for Mayor

Fitchburg, MA

#34 Feb 8, 2012
Stamos wrote:
Lynch, you do realize all these crazy rants of yours are going to be seen by voters in the next election don't you?
I thought you wanted to be Mayor? Is this your idea of leadership Lynch?
Reality life is what it is all about. Unlike all other phony politicians, I am human and will answer to any false allegation!

You call me a POS, I will call you a POS! That is life! I don't lie! I was told, as long as you do not lie that you do not have anything to worry about! I cannot change other peoples thoughts and actions!

You believe that it is OK to frame someone because that person had done time in 92! You never have strayed from this! Do you really think that normal average people would listen to your logic?

Sure there are those out there who believe that my rights should be constantly violated without accountability to be held to the violator because of the fact I have a record from over 20 yrs ago????? Tell that thought to the judge!!!!

Get some guts and tell that with a name behind it! You will not! As I told debbie, I will take you to task personally also in regards to violating my civil rights but you hide! If you think that you can openly violate my rights give us your name and we will see you in court, FACT!!!!
Right on

Leominster, MA

#35 Feb 8, 2012
I watched the youtube video of Lynch's speach but I thought he was better in the Austin Powers movie as 'Mini Me'.
Lynch for Mayor

Fitchburg, MA

#36 Feb 8, 2012
Stamos wrote:
Lynch, you do realize all these crazy rants of yours are going to be seen by voters in the next election don't you?
I thought you wanted to be Mayor? Is this your idea of leadership Lynch?
I ou are so brave tell your friends to give up the original statement!!! You people will not be able to hide it forever! This statement will reveal the truth!

The FPD is hiding evidence, let it out there if you are so confident that Mr. Lynch broke the law! Let it out there! Let the truth be told! The Lynch family is resilient and will never waiver no matter your corrupt ways! The truth will be revailed!

Stamos, you cannot even look into a mirror and like what you see!!! You point fingers at the way everyone else is living their life! You are a hipocrit! You are knowingly a participant in a frame job! You are using the system to exact vengeance! You and the others out here! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to tell who you people are out here!
Young boy

Leominster, MA

#37 Feb 8, 2012
Stop watching me with binoculars please.
Lynch for Mayor

Fitchburg, MA

#38 Feb 8, 2012
Young boy wrote:
Stop watching me with binoculars please.
As much as you stalk me, you are funny some times! You do make me laugh!

let me tell you! One thing that I am totally against is pedophiles. I don't know how to fix them but I will tell you that it is my lifes want to catch one in the act!

If I was able to catch a pedophile then my life will be complete! For someone to state such things as that whench did? You don't even know! You have stated many derogatory things due to her comments! This is plain not right!

Every time you mention binoculars, I am affected! Everytime it is mentioned I will keep count and copy as I will get paid for this SERIOUS lie! Amoung all the lies that have been stated about me, it is this one that bothers me! You can say what you want about me as you have done on here but when it comes to a serious issue such as that, there must be accountability!!
Funny guy

Leominster, MA

#39 Feb 8, 2012
This guy is hilarious. Furniture from Rent A Center? How desperate can you be? "Just sign the contract sir and that $200 couch is yours after five years of $25 monthly payments.". Yeah real math wiz he should run the city.
Bird watcher

Leominster, MA

#40 Feb 8, 2012
I just had my binoculers out I think I saw a wood pecker. Winter is almost over.
Big spender

Leominster, MA

#41 Feb 8, 2012
Lynch for Mayor wrote:
"BLATANT LIE #5: I used my child support to support a boyfriend while my young daughter begged me for some money. My children are well provided for and lack for nothing. I did get a $5,000 child support settlement a few years back. My ex-boyfriend did not receive a dime of that money. Unfortunately neither did my daughter. That money went to KEVIN LYNCH and DAVID GONZALEZ. I made the foolish mistake of trusting these men. KEVIN LYNCH was in St. V's hospital having something repaired in his heart. He had hurt himself moving and could no longer work his business 'A Plus Carpentry'. I lent them the money to pay off several bils including their furniture from Rent A Center and Aarons, truck insurance for KEVIN LYNCH, and a new transmission for DAVID GONZALEZ firebird. It happened over a period of just a couple of months and I was repeatedly assured that i would be getting it all back in cash the minute KEVIN LYNCH'S mother sold her house in Boston and paid him back the money he had sunk into her place. I NEVER saw that money. They would give me a $100 here and there. Last year, I received $300 from them in a whole years time. They still owe me $3,000. Saying this money was spent on my ex is a BLATANT LIE TOLD BY KEVIN LYNCH. "
Again, you are a filthy LIAR! You made payments without me even asking and I gave you EVER DIME BACK, YOU ARE A FILTHY LIAR!
Nothing was EVER contingent on my mother selling her house, NOTHING!!!! I OWE YOU NOTHING!! Everything is paid back to you! EVERYTHING!
You have my $1,000 table in your kitchen right now! You have my $1,800 TV in your living room! You have my electric keyboard in your filthy house!
Let me tell you, if you think you can do and say what you want to us without being sued then keep it up! You think because these filthy lying cops have framed me and they got away with illegal things against us because we had past records and that it gives you a right to defamate our characters? Then we will just have to see what a jury thinks about you violating our civil rights, harrassing us constantly!!
I was campaigning for Mayor and had to deal with your mental, crazy lies! You state one more time that I have anything to do with your boys in a sexual nature then I will sue you to a point where your parents feel the repercutions in a court of law!
You truly believe that you can just constantly badger me and Dave?? Then lets go there!!!
$1000 for a table and $1800 for a tv? Are they made of gold or are you just really frucking stupid? You don't even have a job, how can you afford these things?

Fitchburg, MA

#42 Feb 8, 2012
Bird watcher wrote:
I just had my binoculers out I think I saw a wood pecker. Winter is almost over.
Thanks for the money! Everytime you mention binoculors that Whenches liability goes up!

Fitchburg, MA

#43 Feb 8, 2012
Funny guy wrote:
This guy is hilarious. Furniture from Rent A Center? How desperate can you be? "Just sign the contract sir and that $200 couch is yours after five years of $25 monthly payments.". Yeah real math wiz he should run the city.
Do the math! It was Arrons by the way. They had Ashley furniture before it was downgraded. You need to pay the item off in 120 days/same as cash! Items are still priced a bit high. But if you compare the total cost to payments on a credit card then you saved money!

Many times they give you the item for no money down! So you can have a 62 inch plasma in your house for zero dollars spent! many businesses purchase through Arrons. You need to check quality first because not everything there is quality.

Plus it supports local jobs brother!

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