Viewing matters from the outside I feel that it is enough already. The Mayor was fined for an ethics violation due to a technical matter. His heart was doing the right thing as he was assisting an injured veteran. His move was not self serving as he was in my mind rightfully supporting a friend.

This is not your usual political nepatism sort of situation. It was a legitimate need by aman who fought and was injured fighting for our country.I hope and wish that everyone gets past this situation.

As we all do not agree with everything that our Mayors do but over all this Mayor from Leominster I see as a very good leader.

No one is exploiting the fact that this man wasan injured Veteran as it is the center of the situation and the reason for the Mayors decision to push the request through the process.

Yes, the Mayor was a friend of this man as he has assisted him over many years. This fact doesn't bar the Mayor from promoting assistance as it was clearly warrented and needed. This wasnota case where a politically connected person was helping a friend by skipping the process and unethically receiving benefits for a friend which wasn't warrented.

Hopefully, these warring parties will make a truce, handshake and then get onto the city matters that need to be addressed. All parties should come together, correct the other mans employment situation by giving him a full time position also as part of the truce. Agree to be able to disagree but be civil. Make amends and move on.