Lynch for Mayor wrote:
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It is discrimination no matter how you approach it. Many of the worst unsolved crimes are committed by citizens who promote a "laws of society" discrimination campaign.
Bratton is a second cousin my friend. This isn't why I support him as he is very good at building a sense of community which I fully support as vital to any and all community's.
If he is your second cousin how come he hasn't done anything or you?

Laws that limit felons to job positions are also in place to convey the message to our youth "don't screw up or else it will affect the rest of your life!"

Now you do support that don't you? You don't want to send the message out to the kids "it's okay to commit a felony and everything will be okay" do you?

You don't want kids to follow your path that you took right?

The problem is you cannot accept that a felony is a major distrust of society snd the Federal laws that protect people. This is different than a misdemeanor.

Your second chance is receiving freedom but the lifetime of limitations due to your felony is your sentence for taking a life in a criminal act.