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Townsend, MA

#45 Jan 25, 2014
13....Wow this story is ridiculous! She does her job at the school! Obviously what she gets payed isn't enough so she has a 2nd job as a model! Big deal! It's not like she's modelling the clothing at the school or taking the pictures to school so the kids can c them! So there on the web....big deal!! What child up to 4th grade would b looking for this type of clothing online? Let her b! She's trying to earn a living! She's not selling drugs nor herself!!! A; glad to hear she did her job....it is a big deal they are on the web -FSC section: 5500, policy #5503, among others......last I heard she hadn't been accused of selling drugs or herself.
14....she's doin her job leave her alone. A; Is she? that's what is being investigated -FSC, sec. 5500, pol.#5503 among others.
15....With all the publicity she's grtting, her modeling career should take off soon enough...she won't need the teaching job. A; I agree...you go girl!
16....Classic example of our society, over regulate in area of choice that harms no one and does no affect ability to do a job, yet drop the ball on areas that actually harm. How many more pedophiles are we going to catch in the schools systems this year? Joke. A; And what studies are you basing your opinion from (that hurt noone?).....did we catch a pedophile in our school system- you said "more."
17....Where were these teachers when I was in school?!? A; Depends on your age. If your older than 23 she wasn't born.
18....90% of the comments on here are coming from females so that alone tells u its no big deal I also think she did nothing wrong its the media that makes it such a deal Ill beat none of the kids knew what she was doing outside of the school till the media put it out there. A; what does male or female have to do with -see # 14.......the media did not put it out there, she did.
19....she is a very beautiful woman and i dont see nothing wrong they are good pic. A; she is very attractive....good pic is debatable depending the criteria it's being judged on..
20....What a waste of time and resources. Let her get back to work. A; Time & resources are not wasted when following protocol.
21....These pictures never would even be released if the media didn't run with this story. It is people like the editors at s&e publishing this photo right on this very thread to more people who wouldn't have even known! You should be ashamed of yourselves. If this girls career is ruined, you're all very much to blame A; she made the photos public.....newspaper just reported....her modeling career should take off once Hef calls her.
22....More of that good national news that makes fitchburg a special place. Drugs, shootings, potholes and attractive teachers aide. What to deal with first? Humm A; This is national news as have been the other states dealing with this situation (kind of makes you think she knew what would happen, duh).....she is not being investigated for being attractive.
23....Plaster the name of the person who sent them out in the first place! Coward! AND ASK what they were doing looking through the magazines in the first place! So, if this teacher is in the wrong, how bout the jerk off who found them getting his jollies off! Other parents could be standing right next to them at a school function & not even know it! That's who I'd be worried about around the kids! A; They are, she advertised herself all over the internet and magazines, in order to build her modeling career.

Townsend, MA

#46 Jan 25, 2014
24....Its a shame that in this society we have teachers molesting children and this poor woman is making money on the side legally doing modeling shoots and they get rid of her. i saw the story on the news and 2 women who were old and over weight were saying she should not be allowed back. JEALOUSY plain and simple. Let her back A; Then get involved and change policy......to attack someone for their age or weight is ignorance.
25....I was thinking the same thing they took this to far and they exposed her way to much they need to leave her alone and let her teach. What she does outside of work is her business poor girl all she was trying to do is make money just like everyone else...she didn't harm anyone..I hope she does something about them for taking this way to far.. A; They are following protocol....she exposed herself, literally.....of course she is free to choose what to do outside of her job as an aide, and she is also responsible for the consequences of those choices....she has no legal grounds to do anything against "them," -see #4 & 14.
26....Has the photographer or the model given permission to use these images? Freedom of the press does not mean you can print other peoples images in a for profit publication. Downloading them from the internet for reprint or scanning them is a crime and a violation of copyright laws. What kind of tabloid has this paper become? Disgusting. A; Huh?...omg....get educated on the law.
27....I love that the superintendant said he suspended her for the safety of the kids. A; wait...what?...Protocol is being followed....this is a school of kids...SMH
28....Because she posed for pictures the kids aren't safe? A; smh...see #27
29....Let me get this straight, only attractive models are capable of harming children? Well then, we need to round them all up and run them out of town! Only unattractive people (because they are physically incapable of harming children) will be allowed to teach. Idiots... What she does in her private (adult) life is her business so long as it doesn't interfere with her ability to do her job professionally and with the children's safety foremost. A; who said only attractive models are -omg, are u for real?......and yes to the last sentence -do you know what an investigation is for????
30....The school system is overcompensating for the fact that they too were culpable in "misplacing" that poor little boy a few months ago.
"Hey, look everyone, we really do care about kids!" A; Just another lynch groupie....
31....I hate to say it but kids see more on TV today. This girl comes from a wonderful family. These pictures are a part of her personal life outside of work and as far as I'm concerned do not put any children at risk. If parents allow their young children to navigate the internet or have FB accounts it's their own fault. This is nothing compared to what these kids are subjected to everyday! Wake job A; see #4, 11, &14.

Townsend, MA

#47 Jan 25, 2014
32.....Wake up and teach your children morales and ethics😇that's not your teacher or teacher aides job that's our job as parents! A; At Assumption, Professor and Education Department Head Eric M. Howe said in an email earlier this week that “faculty stress to teacher candidates that they become a public figure when they enter the profession. As such, they will be judged by the community for the choices they make or the behaviors they exhibit, as they are expected to be role models for the children they serve.” http://www.masslive.com/news/worcester/index....

33....Leave this girl alone. Posting her pic everywhere is unfair to her. You are the ones promoting this!! A; shehas and is promoting herself.
34....Are there kids in any of the pic no so leave her alone she did nothing wrong get over it people and talk about things that really matter in the world if she not hurting the kids move on. A; Nope, no kids in pics......are you in charge of the investigation? is it finished?
35....I agree she should be left alone. She is a beautiful 23yr old who does her job and also has a side job. Do we chastise a fire man when he does his side job with his shirt off???? A; omg, I love firemen...
36....I think its been good for families, so many fathers are now getting involved with their children s school activities, the new trend Dads picking up and dropping off their children from school, just more quality time. A; lol
37....As a grandmother of 3 girls with 2 in school, i personally think the media has destroyed any chance of this girl returning as a teacher.....i dont see anything wrong with her being a model as a 2nd job...its not like she was in playboy and posted the pics in the cafaterea....i hope she can sue the ---- off of someone so she can continue modeling cause she has the looks and the body for it..she obviosly love to teach to cause at $12 an hour to be a teachers aide, she wasnt in teaching for the money......just saying......so thanks alot to the scum bag that brought this to everyones attention cause we probably just lost a really good teacher!!!!! A; she is responsible for her choices and consequences. Why should she "sue" anyone? No legal grounds.....but hey, lets keep raising those kids to not be held accountable for their actions, and to "sue" everyone when they think life's not fair!
38....It's so sad they are making such a big deal on this story. Kaitlin is a beautiful young,loving,caring,hard worker with a big heart. She did nothing wrong at all. There for she should be left alone she's a great teacher and with all this the kids probably lost a great teacher. Kaitlin you have my support love you girl! A; see #4 &14.....glad she has support....but for such a smart woman it's hard to believe she didn't know what she was doing...
39....leave her alone already... she has done nothing wrong. until the pictures were received at the school "annonymously" noone even knew this was a 2nd job for her! A; see # 38.... noone uses the internet?....she wasn't advertising?....modeling career was a secret? smh
40....If this woman can't model, then I guess all teachers will have to be fully clothed on the beach now, right? And why is this 'for the safety of the students?' Give me a break. A; yeah, totally no difference between a day at the beach and porn shot...., holding each others boobs, going down on that girl over there.....really?

Townsend, MA

#48 Jan 25, 2014
41....really pay a teacher more and maybe they wont have to work a second job. A; who made her apply for an aide's position?....again, choices!
42....a beautiful woman A; beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
43.....The foolish comment made about overcompensating for a missing child! Read the DCF investigative report...the school filed many 51a's against that family! Know your facts before you post! A; The biggest thing that I have learned from this story is that the majority of people posting do not know their facts.
44.....She has done nothing ti hurt the children, She's not dressed unprofessional at school, and shes not showing those pic around school grounds...WHAT HARM HAS SHE CAUSED????? Leave her be. Or maybe its the principles wife, she's jealous, she doesn't look half as good and doesn't want him to daydream of a real beauty. A; glad to hear she dresses well and didn't show the pics at school......oh boy, back to #4 &14........how ignorant to attack the principles wife....word of advice -ranting like this is not attactive.
45.....You know Fitchburg still has a missing ( presumed dead) child in town. Talk about what their doing about that....OR the increased crime in town! A; They are. A few facebook pages and topix.
46....This should not still be a news story. She did nothing wrong - let her teach. The kids would never have even seen the pictures if media outlets didn't plaster them all over for everyone to see. A; she put them out there to market herself....where have u been?
47....Someone needs to copy and.paste this thread and send it to the school system to show that many people support her and also the paper should also do a story showing the publics support of her. A; It is not the concern of the school as to how many support her. Policy has to be looked at and followed. As for the paper, aren't all these posts on the sentinel's facebook? wow, smh.
48....I think she is adorable and I would do the same thing if I looked like that. I think someone was jealous. If she is a good teacher and keeps this out of the school than leave her alone. A; see #4, 14, 32...omg, kill me now.....
49....Suspended WITH pay... And if they make the mistake of firing her then she will have all that lawsuit money she'll never have to worry again! A; lol, on what grounds??????
50....Fitchburg has a moron superintendent, Fitchburg has a moron Mayor, Massachusetts has a moron Governor, the country has a moron President, yet being a smart, beautiful teacher is not allowed. Let's breed more morons! A; just one word -moron!

Townsend, MA

#49 Jan 25, 2014
*Stop exploiting women.

*modelmayhem and other "model" websites are websites that the girl must pay to have her pictures on. They are connected to human trafficking.






Leominster, MA

#50 Jan 25, 2014
Let's say I'm a fat gay guy who likes looking for frozen hispanic boys in the woods. Can I be on the school committee or Mayor of the city?

Maynard, MA

#51 Jan 25, 2014
What the difference,we have the female version in Wongo
Civil Servant Supporter

Fitchburg, MA

#52 Jan 25, 2014
Wow, that's a Kevin Lynch style wall of text you just threw up there mother. Take a deep breath and step away from the Internet. You've got some mental health issues that need tending to.

You're nuts if you think anyone will take the time to read your drivel. Look up tl:dr and learn it.

Leominster, MA

#53 Jan 25, 2014
I guess the question comes down to this. Can an attractive young girl with a degree teach special needs kids how to finger paint and not eat all of the paste out of the jar in a Fitchburg school. Maybe if there were more social programs from the state to watch these teachers.............

Maynard, MA

#54 Jan 26, 2014
Bluto wrote:
I guess the question comes down to this. Can an attractive young girl with a degree teach special needs kids how to finger paint and not eat all of the paste out of the jar in a Fitchburg school. Maybe if there were more social programs from the state to watch these teachers..........
young chickie,come to Daddy
Another mother

Fitchburg, MA

#55 Jan 28, 2014
Hey mother, looks like common sense prevailed once again and the tubbies like yourself lost. Just like in life, you're stuck with nothing. Now to gorge yourself on whatever fattening food you do and sit back and let the beautiful people run the world.

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