2 dead in Fitchburg shooting - Sentin...

2 dead in Fitchburg shooting - Sentinel & Enterprise

There are 301 comments on the Sentinel & Enterprise story from Sep 6, 2009, titled 2 dead in Fitchburg shooting - Sentinel & Enterprise. In it, Sentinel & Enterprise reports that:

Two teenagers are dead, and several people were injured, following a shooting early Sunday morning in Fitchburg, according to Timothy Connolly, spokesman for Worcester County District Attorney Joseph Early.

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Belmont, MA

#51 Sep 7, 2009
i think that first of all i want to say to the mother , of the victums how sorry i am for her she has to bury one son and who knows abou the other son its bad. may they rest in peace

Townsend, MA

#52 Sep 7, 2009
Does this mean there will be two more Honda low riders for sale ?
Sammy Savage

Leominster, MA

#53 Sep 7, 2009
Life Inprison wrote:
They are all just SAVAGES. No different than any jungle animals. All liquored up, sitting around the house listening to banging bass, rubbing up against one another. Dirty, filthy, hate-filled, soulless SAVAGES. And once the cage door was opened, the animals shoot from their cave. How we feeling the last 24 hours? Did you love the freedom you just lost? Are you ready for some 4:30am parties in prison? Every day, for the rest of your life? New boyfriends. Maybe a husband. Right were the animal belongs. In a cage, going to the bathroom in front of another man. Every day. Forever!
The hard weapons these idiots used to murder is going to be nothing like the HARD things they are going to be feeling penetrating various body holes. They will never feel the soft mama cita's they are used to. They will never throw on their wife beater tee, sit on the stoop, and drink a couple 40 oh-zee's (all while loading their weapons). They will never enjoy a lake, ocean, famly, nor any positive thing. From now on, two tough guys are gonna shower with men (like cattle), drink homemade fermented juice from a toilet, and feel the warm fury muscles of another man. A daily prostrate exam to keep you both healthy. Enjoy your life. We're gonna go sit in the sun, or do whatever we want to do.
oh well

United States

#54 Sep 7, 2009
F N Hadit wrote:
<quoted text>Compassion and respect? There is more shown on these posts than was shown on Mechanic street sunday night. When the toilets that slither through the neighborhoods of this once decent city start showing respect and compassion for each other and the rest of the residents, maybe some will be shown here.
Just shows there upbringing.
not guilty

Leominster, MA

#55 Sep 7, 2009
haha i knew my "name" would get your attention.....
They are NOT innocent, innocent people don't end up being held on murder charges. I'm wondering if any of these so called "angels" had the proper permits for said firearms.... I'm wondering if there were any narcotics within their immediate surrounding.... NO wait.. i forgot.... These guys were all on their way to the soup kitchen to donate canned goods they collected while attending poetry readings and then got shot and knived..... Were they on their way to confess at church? Maybe they were on their way read stories to the children at Burbank..... I can't wait to see how this turn out......... Who cares what you think of my comments, two in the ground so many to go... maybe if their parents raised them right they wouldnt be reading about this story.. Sammy savage I'm with you. I hope Ronny lives throgh this only to be found out with a federal warrant for unlicensed firearm. Hope he does time in the slammer while bubba slams his tonsoles with his man meat..... Ronny take a good look at all of this you did it to yourself.... As for Ronnies friends, this could have been you. THINK about that... You hang around him long enough, maybe a bullet with go through your head one day......Sure , oh im sure it was self defense..... hes an angel.. there is a place for him, " IN ANOTHER MANS ARMS"... sleep tight you wortheless trash.... Man i feel better now... go ahead and flag this, ill just repost it....
Hardy haha

Clinton, MA

#56 Sep 7, 2009
I guess those two learned the hard way not to bring a knife to a gun fight!!! Guns don't kill people, parking spaces do...and at least Ronny will have a legitimate reason to collect SSI. Thanks to the Carrion brothers for committing a public service crime and getting rid of a couple of trouble makers before we had to spend money on them locking them up!!
sick of punks

Pinehurst, MA

#57 Sep 7, 2009
loser wrote:
<quoted text>
Excuse me, but those boys worked hard as much as anyone else did. Being in school, working and playing a sport. Partying on the weekends is a typical teenage thing to do. stop being so ignorent, go to umass amherst cause the party don't stop untill classes starts! seriously it could have been anyone and this race thing is gettin out of hand.
The parties at U Mass don't end up with a bunch of freaking punk gangbanges popping each other.

Chicopee, MA

#58 Sep 7, 2009
Just wondering if their have been any Public Comments from the City's leadership on these issues? or if any is expected? and a conjectural specific course of action from the City?
Get it straight

Gardner, MA

#59 Sep 7, 2009
TnJ wrote:
First and foremost I'd like to say my heart, and prayers go out to "ALL" families involed. I listened to the events unfold via scanner, and it was terrible to say the least. My heart went out to the Mother(s) imediatly as did my prayers, being a mother of three myself I cannot imagne getting that knock on the door to ask to come and identify my sons life less body. I wonder if any of you thought of this while writting some of the most ignorant comments I've ever seen! Where's the compassion or respect for those that are grieving? With that said, I for one believe we need our Officers brought back full duty. Mrs Wong how can you hire a "deputy chief of police" before bringing our officers back fulltime is beyond me, and "SHAME ON YOU" for that! Maybe thats something the Sentinel & Enterprize should follow up on. Just a thought!
You're one of those people who sits around and listens to a scanner....that's so weird.

Gardner, MA

#60 Sep 7, 2009
reply wrote:
<quoted text>
just like i said, here is the first defender of the scumbags,,always innocent,taking the heat for what someone else did right? The whole crowd was nothing but dirtbag lowlifes,keep up the good work losers, id like to get things up to at least 10 dirtbags killed every week,,
they r innocent u werent there so u dont know wat happen
i bet if it wuz ur fam or close friend n we were 2 say it 2 u.u would probably get pissed
let kids b kidss yea we make our mistakee but this isnt 1 that u ppl souldd sayy happen for a go0d reasonn
n ppl gotta stop bein races bout this thin
it really is out of hand
Get it straight

Gardner, MA

#62 Sep 7, 2009
Citizen1 wrote:
The first thing the City needs to do is put the Bon Fire of "Anti Social Behavior Out". Since they do not have the proper amount of Police Officers, that is why I mentioned they need the support from the State. Plus the Federal Government, Dept Of Justice,and any other applicable Federal Agency, in extinguishing this Bon Fire.
The City should request emergency financial aid from the Federal Government, if we can give Billions to Gaza, and the UN, etc,etc, surely Fitchburg could get a piece for Street Lights and to hire and maintain Police Officers?
The Federal Government should also send a special Federal Representative,(With Special Federal Powers) to monitor the City in applying this special Federal outlay of emergency Federal Funding. So the funding is not spent on a non essential mandates, and their is proper oversight?
On the National front the 1965 Immigration Law that was changed to make United States more Immigration friendly needs to be changed back to the way it was in my opinion. This law was amended and our former Senator Kennedy was instrumental in changing it. In my opinion since Congress changed the law, they can now send out the extra Federal Funding in dealing with the ramifications of changing the law in my opinion?
Do you really think any of this could actually happen? You are an idiot...oh yes, the federal emergency financial fund for run down cities...hmmm, I wonder why no one else thought of tapping that...my guess would be because it doesn't exist....

Townsend, MA

#63 Sep 7, 2009
I bought some crack off of Pedro last week.....damn.

Chicopee, MA

#66 Sep 7, 2009
"Get it straight",

Ask yourself this question, if the Federal Government has no extra money where did they get the Trillions to Bail out Wall Street?

US spend close to a Trillion Dollar a year in Foreign Aid, Foreign Subsides, to include Millions for supporting US interest in Foreign Country's and the UN. Plus 600 Billion a year on our Department of Defense. So none of that money could be diverted for the use I mentioned?

So "Get It Straight", if a State was hit by a Natural Disaster in essence you are saying the Federal Government has no financial means to help an effected State?

I think the real issue is conjecturaly it is easy to say the Federal Government has no money. That Statement is more "politically expedient", because it may take some intestinal political fortitude to get the extra financial help for a City in need?

Right outta So Central LA

Leominster, MA

#67 Sep 7, 2009
Honest to God. What is happening to Fitchburg? Leominster is slowly catching up. The same degenerates of society keeping moving back and forth between the 2 cities. I've lived in apts. where I'd come home from work only to have some jerk parked in my spot. Granted, I never shot'em. But why should I have to park down the street(till they decide to leave) because a lazy a$$ visiting another tenant feels entitled to my spot - a spot I am paying for every month in my rent! Listen, I don't know who is at fault here, and I don't really care. The visiting party should have known better. I'm waiting to see if the gun was legally owned and registered. I'm doubting it was. It's time the Law Abiding Citizens take back the streets.

Leominster, MA

#68 Sep 7, 2009
Lol wrote:
Fitchburg is actually not that bad compared to other cities. Go out and explore, maybe everyone will stop talking so much trash and realize this is a everyday thing around the whole world. It goes for every race too! </p>
To "Habib Hector pablo juan".. Sometimes innocent people do get killed. You prob. would not know because you stay in your little perfect bubble of yours.
(I' am not trying to say these boys are or not, idk but I'am just saying in general)
RIP Nelson && Pedro Luis
Stay strong Ronny.
I say the same thing Fitchburg Is a good city compared to other ones its actually not a bad place I like it.....

Brighton, MA

#69 Sep 7, 2009
You hit it right on the nail Elvis, I came from a family that had me on a curfew. Even during my senior year of HS I had to be home by 12AM. My parents used to tell me that nothing good happens after midnight.
I do feel very sorry for the family and friends of the kids who got their butts shot. I have driven through many areas of Fitchburg late at night and I always see kids under 15 walking or riding their bikes around. Where are the parents? When something does happen then people jump on LE to do something. It should come from the parents first. There should be a curfew for kids under a certain age in the "Burg". Did I make sense?
Elvis wrote:
After all the trouble this summer Mayor Wong should have the momentum to take some real action, a first step toward taking back the streets. NO HOUSE PARTIES AFTER 11:00PM.
And to TnJ. Of course no one wants a "knock on the door" about a hurt or dead child, but the first question asked after the knock should be "What was your 17 year old kid doing out at a party at 4:45am?"

Lancaster, MA

#70 Sep 7, 2009
its a shame again the worcester telegram has the full story,,,this fitchburg paper paper stinks

Concord, MA

#71 Sep 7, 2009
Elvis wrote:
After all the trouble this summer Mayor Wong should have the momentum to take some real action, a first step toward taking back the streets. NO HOUSE PARTIES AFTER 11:00PM.
And to TnJ. Of course no one wants a "knock on the door" about a hurt or dead child, but the first question asked after the knock should be "What was your 17 year old kid doing out at a party at 4:45am?"
Elvis, I do agree with you. Let me clarify my post was not saying anything of whom was right or wrong in this situation as far as what went on that night, but the posts by "HABIB" showed real ignorance and thats what had me bothered. Do I think there should be more respect out there from this new generation we have YES and I ask myself all the time, "What morals, if any are these kids today being taught"? Sad, but true! I live in a neighborhood where parents teach there children to hit other children because these parents are babies themselves and believe that this makes them and there children " gangsta". Do I see the ignorance and injustice of it all? YES AND ON A DAILY BASIS UNFORTUNATELY. Does it aggrivate me OMG YES! Was I raised this way NO, so thats where my heart immediatly went out to the Mother(s) and families. And if anyone believes I am wrong for that, thats there opinion and I wont apologize for having that type of compassion no matter what the situation, NO PARENT SHOULD EVER HAVE TO FEEL THAT KIND OF PAIN.

Lancaster, MA

#72 Sep 7, 2009
anonymous wrote:
u people need to stop talking all dis ****. if u dont know what the hell happened then just leave it alone. let other people deal with that because its none of your business. i know ronny and he is not a criminal. hes was always with his brother and nelson. they all considered themselves brothers. and just because someone murdered his brother and friend doesnt mean hes bad or he had something to do with this, because they were attacked. and ronny was trying to protect himself as well as his brothers. and stop talking about kids being at parties because every single kid goes to a party at least once a week. so just because they were attacked at a party they went to doesnt make them or ronny the reason why all this had happened.
RIP Nelson and Pedro Luis
Hang in there Ronny.
ur innocent and theyll see that.
they were asttacked outside the party get it right..they went outside trying to be mr.big men,big mouths and got sacked
sick of punks

Pinehurst, MA

#73 Sep 7, 2009
friend wrote:
<quoted text>
they r innocent u werent there so u dont know wat happen
i bet if it wuz ur fam or close friend n we were 2 say it 2 u.u would probably get pissed
let kids b kidss yea we make our mistakee but this isnt 1 that u ppl souldd sayy happen for a go0d reasonn
n ppl gotta stop bein races bout this thin
it really is out of hand
Shut you freaking mouth you moronic dirtbag, it DID happen for a good reason! Two less toilets overflowing on the streets of fitchburg. The FACT remains, if none of these PUNKS were armed for a combat mission, none of this would have happened. Comprende, dippschitt?

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