Ashbyman was not right wrote:
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I don't see how this says Ashburnham had more to gain. The grant was to get new equipment for both of us and now that we didn't do it (which is so stupid if you ask me Dan Meunier is a coward) they couldn't get their part either. I can't wait until the police comes forward to ask for money to upgrade all the stuff we could have gotten for free. Then we'll see how people vote.
"We" weren't getting anything. the upgrades were for Ashburnham's benefit.I only thing that Ashby PD needs is Cell towers that help not just the PD but Ashby town folk. Without the grant Ashburnham has to find the money to upgrade equipment for a police station less than five years old. what wrong with that picture?

As for your coward comment,I agree he is. but so is the entire BOS, they all are cowards. instead of putting their foot down and seeing that Ashby PD gets a new home for the next 40 years they try to help their neighbor instead. thats the real problem.

Everyone must do their part.It's the American small town way.