Romney the outsourcer feels entitled

Romney the outsourcer feels entitled

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Lynch for Mayor

Fitchburg, MA

#1 Sep 18, 2012
Romney tries to stem damage from new controversy

By KEN THOMAS AND JIM KUHNHENN Associated Press The Associated Press

Tuesday, September 18, 2012 3:46 PM EDT


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Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney greets...(AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

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Romney tries to stem damage from new controversy

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SALT LAKE CITY (AP) His campaign at a crossroads, Mitt Romney struggled Tuesday to limit political fallout from his dismissive comments about nearly half of all Americans while Republican officials debated the impact of serial controversies on the party's hopes of capturing the White House.

President Barack Obama's White House piled on, seven weeks before Election Day. "When you're president of the United States, you are president of all the people, not just the people who voted for you," said press secretary Jay Carney. He added that Obama "deeply believes that we're in this together."

Romney seemed to say otherwise in a video that surfaced on Monday in which he told donors at a fundraiser that 47 percent of Americans don't pay taxes and believe they are entitled to extensive government support. "My job is not to worry about those people," he said. "I'll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives."

Privately, some Republicans were harshly critical of Romney's most recent comments and his overall campaign to date, saying he had frittered away opportunities. They also noted that with early voting already under way in some states, the time to recover was smaller than might appear.

Linda McMahon, the Republican candidate for a Senate seat in Connecticut, was open with her criticism. "I disagree with Governor Romney's insinuation that 47% of Americans believe they are victims who must depend on the government for their care," she said in a statement posted to her website.

Still, with high-profile presidential debates and seven weeks of campaigning yet ahead, others said those concerns were overstated.

"I don't expect the negative headlines of this week will be what we're talking about a week from now," said Fergus Cullen, the former Republican state chairman in New Hampshire and a close ally of Romney. Like other Republicans, he said, "It's incumbent on the Romney campaign to make it (the election) about Obama's handling of the economy."
Lynch for Mayor

Fitchburg, MA

#2 Sep 18, 2012
Romney was born into Millions! He never had to struggle financially.

Romneys' Bain Capital leads in the outsourcing of American jobs. He feels entitled to financial RUIN AMERICAN FAMILIES!!

This outsourcing has destroyed the American economy!

This outsourcing totally depleted job opportunities in America, how dare he now point at the same families who HE STOLE jobs away from for his own personal financial profit!

He has been personally accountable for Massive Job opportunities being given to the people of CHINA AND INDIA!

Message to Romney, "GO TO CHINA AND INDIA, you money grubbing, self rightous conqueror of the hard working Americans that you have destroyed!!""
Lynch for Mayor

Fitchburg, MA

#5 Sep 18, 2012
They will say that we are all jealous in their responses!

Other Millionaires will feel that they are fortunate as Romney is not part of this group!

Romney is the one who feels that he is entitled! He calls it "free enterprise". He is personally responsible for the total destruction of tens of thousands of Good, hard working American families!

In Massachusetts lets not forget that he was hirering illegal landscapers and painters as hard working Americans were constantly denied JOBS!

Americans have become extremely despondent concerning job opportunities. How dare he point a finger at these Americans!

The Americans that he points a finger at negatively are Veterans, teachers, hard working laborers and TRUE AMERICANS that would die for America.

Romney, does your GOD believe that finacial wealth gives you a first class seat in heaven as it believes all women are second place to men?????

I feel that it is due time to look into this mormon religion and its beliefs!

Romney, there are MILLIONS of Americans that do not care if they are Millionaires!!!! You feel above these people??

Financial wealth is your leader not ours!! We are happy everyday that God has given us even if we are financially poor!!!

You are wrong to believe that financial wealth makes you better!! You destroy hard working Americans!!!
Lynch for Mayor

Fitchburg, MA

#6 Sep 18, 2012
Romney is the leader of those people who feel that they support the working class poor. They feel that "THEY" pay for the health care, food stamps and social security checks.

These people will not focus on their fortunates in life! These people feel that they were entitled their entire lives. They are dividers.

These people are evil as they feel above everyone else! Some were born into wealth. Some were fortunate to land a job that had job security attached.

They feel that this was not fortunate but earned at birth. How dare they!!! Look at the Millions of hard working Americans that did all the right things in life and constantly struggle.

The construction industry has been totally destroyed as these entitled wealthy decided to hire illegals to do the work instead of Americans! We must understand that "Developers" in construction hire illegals to do the work and much of that work cannot stand up to the Americans that they replaced for lower wages.

This transition drove Americans to the brink as they cannot survive. this is the group who Romney the entitled points a finger at?

These illegals sent all their earnings to their respective countries via western union, check the western union numbers as they increased significantly under Bush!!!

The workers that these illegals replaced remain unemployed. We must also understand that these forgotten about hard working Americans would spend 100% of their earnings inside of American malls and restaurants!!

Romney the destroyer! Pat yourself on the back as you recieve the finacial benefits in the tens of millions that you recieve which is the collective earnings that once hard working Americans used to earn that they used to buy food, health care and to raise their kids.

Self righteous Republicans only get elected when voter turnout is low!
Lynch for Mayor

Fitchburg, MA

#7 Sep 18, 2012
These same Republicans are the same ones going after the teachers and other public employees.

These Republicans who worked in the private sector feel that they were entitled to the $100,000 plus that they recieved in wages but at the same time they feel that public employees do not deserve more than $60,000 even though they work harder!

It is a self righteousness that drives this sector of America. They do not have opened minds, they are the ones who feel entitled! They feel entitled to these earnings as hard working Americans are struggling.

There are millions of Americans who earn over $100,000 that understand that they are fortunate. These people do not feel entitled, they just live life and enjoy Gods given world.

Americans need to stand together both rich and poor. All we want is job opportunities, equality and love of life allowance.

Many wealthy Republicans want to control the population. Romney represents Corporate America which has longed a seat in the White house, their are laws and writings within the Constitution that protects the citizen against such corporate powers.

Yes, there is a segment of the population that is lazy and collects public assistance but this is a small percentage of the whole!!!!

Romney puts everyone that recieves assistance ,49% of all Americans under his labeling. The group that he speaks of does exist but it is more like 1%!!!

The other 48% that Romney falsly labeled is the same group of Americans that he has personally destroyed in order to earn his wealth under what he labels "Success"!!

These 48% of the people are 48% of the American consumer market!!!! These 48% are the biggest spenders into the economy; their spending supports the the profits of the other 51% of Americans.

Our economy has always been strong due to services rendered within America by Americans. The Romneys have taken their wealth outside of America and out of the American economy.

Bain Capital strives on outsourcing. Outsourcing is destructive for tyhe American economy. Romney has overseen the taking of American job opportunities as he positioned these jobs in China and India,FACT!!!

There are Romneys supporters that call this opportunity/Success/free market enterprise. I call it gouging/Selfishness/destructiv e/profit mongering/perversion/greed/ and evil!

Romney supporters think in a narrow way!

This election can affect America as a whole, we must not go back to the destructive policies of the bush presidency. We need to elect anyone and everyone across the board to replace all of the Republican Congress.

It must start with Brown in Massachusetts; we must send a message that Browns stiff and phony comercials cannot fool us again as we are smarter than that. Brown has voted against EVERY American jobs bill presented for his vote. Ultimately he is an obstructionist like the other Republican Congressmen.

Boener cares more about retaining his tan than he does for unemployed Americans.

President Obama has been fighting hard to bring back job opportunities while Boener sits there sporting his tan in front of a mike proudly announcing his obstructionist ways. This has been the laziest Congress in history!!!

In a history making recession that our coun try has found itself in as Bush has admitted began during his presidency as he states "the American economy was in jeopardy of a total collaspe. All this and our Republican Congress is bent on obstructing pro-American jobs bills and health care for all Americans??

As President Obama has stated he works for all (100%) of Americans. There are thousands of Republicans who have benefitted from the health care bill as their kids are now covered longer, existing illnessness are covered and patients are better protected. All this and the doctors didn't go broke,imagine?
Cuckoos Nest

Townsend, MA

#8 Sep 18, 2012
Blah Blah Blah
Lynch for Mayor

Fitchburg, MA

#9 Sep 18, 2012
Cuckoos Nest wrote:
Blah Blah Blah
I may ramble and repeat but it is all true!
Too funny

Fitchburg, MA

#12 Sep 19, 2012
Romney will be his own demise. What will the great Mitt blunder about today??

Keep up the bang up job you're doing Romney.
Lynch for Mayor

Fitchburg, MA

#13 Sep 19, 2012
A group of corporate predators paying $50,000 a plate to have a personal racial pow wow with the Republican nominee and fellow corporate king complaining about food stamp assistance for elders,veterans,disabled,latin os and former employees of theirs before they outsourced their jobs to China and India.

Romney is putting all his chips in the basket hoping for an exctremely low voter turnout.

Last month they had him with less than 1% of the black vote. After his comments directed at Latino voters he may see his latino votes dwindle down also.

Now he has added Americas elderly population along with every unemployed American.

Romney is a corporate crusher of the common person. He believes anyone who isn't wealthy is trash,lazy and undeserving to be American.

This animal just put mother Theresea into his label as being lazy and non caring. Romney and his group of perverted wealthy believe that they are entitled to ruin 47% of Americans and their families.

Romney and Bain is what has destroyed the American economy and has put America in the worse recession in its history.

Romney isolates the Dems and the Independents all the time. He refused to allow Ron Paul on the stage. Ron Paul supporters included Republicans, Democrats and Independents and Romney shunned them all!

First Romney outsourced all the middle class Americans jobs overseas for personal profit. Then he steps on them further by labeling them as lazy???

Romneys' entire platform involves taking away these same Americans food assistance, social security, housing and health care.

What do you call a group of corporate pigs who pay out $50,000 a plate in order to sit around and bash Americas struggling middle class??

Unbelievable for starters! Romney believes that wealth is a prerequisite. He believes that wealth makes him better than the Mother thereseas of the world.

Romney, many people are happy that the sun rises everyday. Remember 911? Did you visit a walmart parking lot at the time? over 90% of those cars depicted an American flag! How dare you!

The only karma for you to experience is being poor for a decade. Work a 9-5 job for $9.00 an hour. How dare you put down these Americans!

Your corporate bunch sets this wage and then you sit around and bash these people who made you wealthy? It was their sweat that brought you profit. They gave allegiance to their employers for decades and then you step in and send all their jobs to China for profit!!!!

Americans need to stand up and make a point to all these Repulicans. We all need to stand up together just this once and vote out ALL Republicans.
Lynch for Mayor

Fitchburg, MA

#14 Sep 19, 2012
Romney has showed that he will only pass laws for the wealthy. So if you do not make over $250,000 a year then you will be shunned and eliminated as part of America. Romney feels that you are lazy.

Even former President Bush hasn't spoke for Romney. He is isolating everyone.

He has hired illegal workers to work at his home in Massachusetts as Landscapers and painters were left with no work! This is how he would treat every American who makes under $250,000 as he deems you to be lazy and undeserving of any respect!

Romney labels himself as successful and labels all his employees as lazy sense of entitlement sort of individuals that are undeserving of his respect.

So his Mormon faith outlines ALL females as less deserving than all men. Romney brings it a step further as he states over 47% of America is undeserving!

Every teacher in America falls under his statement. Every firefighter, police , veteran and elder in America falls under his label except for those who are wealthy!

Former supporters of Romney are now seeing clear that Romney is not talking with them as he is against them!
Lynch for Mayor

Fitchburg, MA

#15 Sep 19, 2012
Romney pays just 7% of his earnings in taxes as you pay 13%. If you pay 13% he attempts to use you in his rhetoric while he talks down about at these pow wows!

He wants to cut that 7% down in half. He is nothing but a Benedict Arnold!!! Send him to Dubai where he hides all his profit from the outsourcing of your fellow American consumer!!

Romney is what is wrong with America! Greed over patriotism. Now I better understand the saying that "money is the root of all evil"!

Romney made all his wealth either from birth rites or the outsourcing of American jobs!!! PIG! My parents were undecided now they are voting Obama!
Just Facts

Framingham, MA

#16 Sep 19, 2012
Hey Kevin,

I just figured out what you could do and become a contributor to society instead of the dead weight that you should become a comedian. You could have a great act as "Whiney Boy" and your whole show could be the constant whining, crying, and lying that you do here for nothing.

Just think of could actually potentially earn your keep instead of being a drain on society like a parasite eating away at its host.

You really should think about it have a natural knack with whining and crying like a pathetic little boy, and it serves you well.
Cuckoos Nest

Townsend, MA

#17 Sep 19, 2012
Blah Blah Blah, enough with the politics already, we see and hear enough on tv!

It's the same ole same ole debate and we need to stick to local issues that are in the newspaper here on topix.

Claremont, NH

#18 Sep 19, 2012
WAAAHH!! Knock it off, Lynch. I am not a big fan of Romney, however, YOU are exactly one of the "47%" he spoke of. Get over yourself, get a life, a clue, a job....the government owes you nothing!
Lynch for Mayor

Fitchburg, MA

#19 Sep 20, 2012
Der wrote:
WAAAHH!! Knock it off, Lynch. I am not a big fan of Romney, however, YOU are exactly one of the "47%" he spoke of. Get over yourself, get a life, a clue, a job....the government owes you nothing!
Don't exclude yourself champ! Unless you are wealthy. 47% is a big number. I have worked harder than most people. You have no clue on what you are saying about me.

Romney made his wealth off of unemployed Americans! Hard working unemployed Americans. I earned a lot of money by working extremely hard, I spent it all into the economy.

I am part of a major portion of the American consumer market that has been forced out of work due to Romney and other Republican policies and refusal to pass pro-American jobs.

My hands, knees, ankles and lungs are not in bad shape from being lazy. In fact without even knowing you I can state that I have worked as hard or harder than yourself. All my money has been spent into our economy!

If the Democrats and Independents stood up and voted then there wouldn't even be a Republican party.

You never have any solutions to offer. Don't point a finger at me if you do not know what you are talking about!
Lynch for Mayor

Fitchburg, MA

#20 Sep 20, 2012
Der wrote:
WAAAHH!! Knock it off, Lynch. I am not a big fan of Romney, however, YOU are exactly one of the "47%" he spoke of. Get over yourself, get a life, a clue, a job....the government owes you nothing!
I never had said that the government owes me anything. In fact the government owes EVERYBODY! Every politician and other have been collecting welfare and food stamps but use double talk to state otherwise.

It is people such as myself that gets things done. I am a doer not a talker. I walk the talk, can you say the same? My family including myself have paid our share. For you to state otherwise is a big LIE.

My family served in the military. I am as American as one can be. I didn't get a handout job from the government as many fortunate people have recieved! These individuals are the ones who criticize others the most.

I give to charities from my heart all the time without looking for recognition. I am happy with my life. I do not cherish material things.

I do understand that their are anti trust laws that many US corporations have violated. These violations is the reason why we are were we are at today. The government is suppose to protect the citizens from the Romneys and other corporate SNAKES.

Outsourcing affects everybody. Yes, you may be employed and you may be fortunate enough to enjoy job security. You may even be collecting a pension that everyone else is paying for along with health care.

If you have been steadily employed you have enjoyed a great consumer market as you are able to purchase everything at discount pricing. On the other hand gas increase and everything that gas touches has increased so you may be spending your other savings on these things. Then there are local tax oncreases due to the lack of revenues being brought in. So you are paying in some way.

Then there is society as a whole. You know the one where you walk down the street or into a store worried that you are going to be mugged due to a rise in crime and the decrease in police due to budget cuts. Or maybe you fear a fire as our firedepartments are cut in many communities leaving them short staffed.
Just Facts

Framingham, MA

#21 Sep 20, 2012

You cannot say that Romney put out of are disabled by your own admission and are living off us have nothing of value here and cannot be taken seriously. You may have worked hard in the past, but that isn't your situation now, so STFU.
Lynch for Mayor

Fitchburg, MA

#22 Sep 20, 2012
Just Facts wrote:
You cannot say that Romney put out of are disabled by your own admission and are living off us have nothing of value here and cannot be taken seriously. You may have worked hard in the past, but that isn't your situation now, so STFU.
You make no sense at all! What do you pay in taxes? Add up the total amount minus social security which you get back and your tax return. So are you part of the 47% of citizens who pay zero taxes?
Don't tell me that you make $60,000 a year because then you are part of the 47% as Romney states. So you do not pay any taxes you idiot! You are the worse whiner of them all! You are just plain jealous because you are not getting food stamps!
It is clear to me now. You live in the momment. I am disabled due to legitimate ailments. You have hated me for years now. you have the problem and not me as you have hatred in your heart. You are sick.
If everyone is paying for everyone elses health care,food stamps and ssi then why am I not recieving more money??? Fuck, with all these major contributors where is all my money? Tell it to someone else!!
If you work for the city or the state then you recieve health care,food stamps and ssi inside of your pay check every week and then for the forty years after when you are in retirement!
So, if I am a carpenter, what should my wage be? Should I charge $200 an hour? Afterall I need to set up a pension fund for my last 40 years also, right?
It is all screwed up due to the overpaying of many. Unitil execs, state University execs and so on. No money left for the employees so we must move operations to India and China in order to secure the execs salary as they are the only deserving group. Do I have it correct yet?
The fact of the matter concerning lazy, goverment leaches is that they have always been around since the beginning of food stamps. They are 1% of the population. We can sit around making new rules for this group which is fine but IT IS NOT THE REASON THAT THE ECONOMY IS IN DOWNFALL!!!!!
The US pays out 10 times to international welfare! So, we have Republicans that will spend your tax dollars on WELFARE for the citizens of Iraq,Afghanastan, Libya as they kill brave Americans????? Then they turn around with arrogance and point at these same brave soldiers as most are part of the 47% that Romney labels that are recieving food stamp assistance??
I know a lot about economics and I understand why we are in the position that we are in today. The US department of Justice has sat by and allowed US corporations to totally violate the anti trust laws of this country without holding them accountable.
Profitting greatly from outsourcing isn't brain surgery. All you need to profit in this anti American scam is CASH!!! Cash to move the operation to India and or China. Romney makes it sound like he had to go to Harvard in order to learn how to outsource.
Our teachers pension system is intertwined in this outsourcing. This is why no one wants to address the issue straight on. You don't see india outsourcing their job opportunities!
Met life has outsource most of their American jobs overseas and the list goes on forever. Everyone followed the "NIKE" business plan of profit. They all want to manufacture $100 pair of sneakers for a total of $2.00 labor and material costs without having to put into employee pension.
It is PURE EXPLOITATION AND GREED! Romney wants to be part of the 100 Million club, then he will want to be part of the 500 Million club. These are the $50,000 a plate doners.

Since: Sep 08

Neon City Oh.

#23 Sep 20, 2012
The modern Republican party,
is made up of billionaires and wannabes, weeping and wailing that they simply aren't priviledged enough.
Lynch for Mayor

Fitchburg, MA

#24 Sep 20, 2012
They sit around complaining about the citizen who is recieving $200 a month in food stamp assistance while they dish out $50,000 for their diner plate! Please tell me where the logic in their thinking is? Tell me their sincerity and the truth to what they spew! Why is it allowed? Why doesn't anyone address their nonsense?
It is a sickness and they want more Millions no matter who dies! These are multi millionaires complaining about the fact that some citizens are recieving the basic needs of life? Do they even read the fucking bible that they preach?
Everyone that is complaining about the poor is living comfortably!

Look at Boener and Brown! Boener sits there sporting a tan. He gives more effort to his tan than he does to his job! It is the worst recession that America has ever experienced and they did not pass not ONE PRO AMERICAN JOBS BILL!

Americans need to vote! No one votes and they know this fact so they don't even try to repair America, they just concentrate on stealing from the treasury through tax cuts for the wealthy!

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