Monty Tech superintendent resigns - S...

Monty Tech superintendent resigns - Sentinel & Enterprise

There are 55 comments on the Sentinel & Enterprise story from Dec 2, 2010, titled Monty Tech superintendent resigns - Sentinel & Enterprise. In it, Sentinel & Enterprise reports that:

James Culkeen resigned from his position as superintendent of the Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical School at a School Committee meeting Wednesday, after eight years on the job.

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Tech Dad

Boston, MA

#23 Dec 2, 2010
Very Very Well Put.
Counseling wrote:
I empathize with Mr. Culkeen and I have never met him nor have I had a child in his school.
I am the parent of a now adult individual with extreme intelligence and severe mental illness. I had deja vu when I read about Kelly Culkeen's disgraceful behavior. Whoever is her lawyer should be shunned by all respectful people.
It is true that there are children who murder their parents. There are more ways to murder than by taking their lives. It is a terrible thing to take someone's good name.
I know. I've been there, and many years later, I still experience vitriole and the willingness of gossipmongers and bullies to believe the garbage that is spewed.
Mr. Culkeen is to be commended for not publicly denouncing this bad seed. Shame on the school committee for allowing themselves to become a lynching party.
Tech Dad

Boston, MA

#24 Dec 2, 2010
OK now are we talking about money issues???? I'm still waiting to hear what "the things you did" were.
How can parents confront him, if we are never told what the charges were.
culkeen coward wrote:
hey James you better get used to "walking out the side door" wherever you go in the worcester county because your actions will haunt you forever and it doesn't matter where you are or what restaurant or public place we as parents will confront you no matter where you try to slither you snake. You are a disgrace to out school and you knew what was going to surface with the investigation...but it will continue and we all know about the money you weaseled out of the school.

Canton, MA

#25 Dec 2, 2010
Bout time that dude left. He has been on a power trip. No matter if your child is in school, you treat him/her with the same respect as any other student. Apparently he felt he was above all that.

Canton, MA

#26 Dec 2, 2010
what a mess wrote:
I think his daughter should get some counseling and grow up. She is cut from the same cloth as her mother. She taught her well.
Maybe you need some counseling as you are prolly related to him. He is nothing but an overbearing parent and Kelly has every right to have the same school experience as every other student. Daddy needs the growing up.
Just Me

North Brookfield, MA

#28 Dec 2, 2010
Tech Dad wrote:
OK now are we talking about money issues???? I'm still waiting to hear what "the things you did" were.
How can parents confront him, if we are never told what the charges were.
<quoted text>
He was sleeping with mulitiple married women that worked at the school. He demoted people that tried to speak up. There were trips taken, check out the credit card bills and see what was paid for. All of this is hush hush. Hopefully the truth will come out but people are fearful for there jobs.
Bullied by Culkeen

Brookline Village, MA

#29 Dec 2, 2010
The Culkeens are arrogant and angry people. They deserve everything coming to them.

Brookline Village, MA

#30 Dec 2, 2010
To Tech Dad: You apparently don't know Mr Culkeen very well. The guy is a weasel. He bad mouths anyone that doesn't agree with him. He hit on married women before his MT job. His wife was dismissed from the Gardner school system for bullying children. His son was arrested for possession of pot but allowed to work at MT? MT deserves a leader with character not corruption. No question...Culkeen resigned because he was afraid of the investigation.
tech joke

Marblehead, MA

#31 Dec 2, 2010
I'm sure the SC cut a deal with him - no bad references, extra $$, etc. You watch, he'll hang out and collect until next Sept, when he will show up like a bad penny somewhere with a cushy voc. position.

That's ok, as long as they got the cancer out of the clubhouse. But don't stop there, keep going. He had plenty of other little Jimmys running around the place. Just goes to show that too much power is very dangerous and has contributed to the down fall of that school. Please keep a better eye on the next person and make him/her accountable. Competence, morals, professionalism and personality would be good attributes to look for when seeking a replacement...
MT Student

Worcester, MA

#32 Dec 2, 2010
Fortunatly the head was cut off before there was a serious downfall.
People have asked for facts when accusing him, there is one problem everyone is in the dark, there is not enough public knowlage for any one to condmn him or to defend him.
There are plenty of instances I could attest to, regarding my own dislike towards him and the dislike other students towards him. However the only thing that I see as even slightly concluive is towards the idea that there may be even more to this story than we are speculating. The question is why he would rather resign than have an investigation conducted.
He chose to leave and I almost wish he hadent so that what ever had been going on would be exposed.
Ryan Broeckel

West Bridgewater, MA

#33 Dec 2, 2010
I went to school at monty tech class of (2002) and Mr. Culkeen was on of the best life coach's I've ever met! He is a very positive and encouraging person. It's sad that what sounds like a family dispute will not allow him to continue his positive light around monty tech!
tech joke

Marblehead, MA

#34 Dec 2, 2010
How did this evolve so quickly from What did DeSimone do? to What did Culkeen do? Unfortunately with lawyers involved, there will be wheeling and dealing and gag orders and we taxpayers will never know the facts. Even with his ship sinking, this buffoon was still bragging in the papers about all the great things he had accomplished in his tenure. It was never about the school or students, it was always about him. And don't try to blame everything on dysfunctional teen daughters and family disputes, because there is so much more to this problem...hope MT is already feeling a breath of fresh air today!
Ryan Broeckel

West Bridgewater, MA

#35 Dec 2, 2010
Wow it seem like everyone who's saying negative things about mr. culkeen is/are perfect. Never lied,stolen or cheated. "Perfect" I would like to meet some of you perfect people!
tech joke

Marblehead, MA

#36 Dec 2, 2010
Sorry Ryan, but when someone reaches the superintendent level, and making a ton of money and other perks, then yes, we do have expectations that they will not lie, steal or cheat, especially when we are paying their salary!

Fitchburg, MA

#37 Dec 2, 2010
Ryan Broeckel wrote:
Wow it seem like everyone who's saying negative things about mr. culkeen is/are perfect. Never lied,stolen or cheated. "Perfect" I would like to meet some of you perfect people!
Wow, you're an idiot. Not stealing, lying, or cheating doesn't male one perfect, just human. Scum does the things you described, not leaders and people meant to motivateand inspire.

Boston, MA

#41 Dec 3, 2010
All I know is that Maria Lysen is an individual of outstanding character. She knows her job and does it extremely well. There will always be dissidents and detractors, I just hope that she returns to her leadership position at the school.Monty Tech needs her to lead them out of this unfortunate mess

Fitchburg, MA

#43 Dec 3, 2010
He had it comming! Tom Porter for Superintendent!
Angry in Ashby

Lowell, MA

#44 Dec 3, 2010
I do not think that Mr. Culkeen will sit back on his pay. I think he will look for another job and will be offered one quickly by his record and reputation. He ran the school during these economic times and the academic and vocational departments were flourishing. That is because he was good with numbers. He had a vision for the school. People can attack him personally all they want, but at the end of the day Monty Tech was and is a wonderful school and he has been a huge part of the success of this school over the past 8 years.
Marina. Do you listen to every thing that the students say? I have two teenagers that have attended that school. Some of the rumors they have come home with are ridiculous. I am sure that your "sources" are different than my children. I think of High School students and the game the telephone chain when I hear their stories. When the gossip goes from the first student to the last student, the story is completely different. I am sure that your student sources have received their information from faculty or school committee members directly. Although I must say, you just sound like a disgruntled employee that got the axe. Maybe you gossiped to much on the job instead of doing your job.
The school committee and the public could not find anything to hang Mr. Culkeen on. The next step was the private investigation. He was smart to take the offer and leave. I would not put my family through that kind of investigation. As for Kelly. My kids went to school with her. She was not the Angel I hear people portraying her as. She told one teacher to give her a good grade during exploratory or that she would tell her Dad and he would fire her. No, she was not being funny, she was being a snotty kid. I am glad that Mr. Culkeen left with out the investigation being completed. I really do not want to know what he does in his personal life and if he was accused of something he did not do, we would being paying for the lawsuit of slander that he would file against the school.
All the people on the Witch Hunt, you can lay your heads and rest tonight. If you are upset that the school had to pay him for the school year and then some, just deduct the principals's salary that he saved the school last year. That might make you feel better. No one complained when they saved that salary last year.
He is out of the school. You can all be happy. Good luck to the next takes the position of superintendant at Monty Tech. I hope that the classified add states, "Must be perfect without faults." I have a feeling that nobody will be good enough for this bunch.
Just Facts

United States

#45 Dec 3, 2010
Hey Ashby,

If you are willing to allow the top administrator in a school to take credit for all of the work done by his staff (he didn't teach your children anything, the teachers did), potentially involve himself inappropriately with female staff, potentially wrecked a car and had the students within the school repair it to keep the whole incident hush hush, and any number of other things...that is your choice.

I would not want the top leader in my childs school sending messages to my child that those types of things are appropriate conduct for a leader. You might want to consider setting the bar just a little higher.
Ryan Broeckel

West Bridgewater, MA

#46 Dec 3, 2010
All I have heard so far is speculation so until one of you can come up with some solid info there's nothing else to say! I just think its funny no matter what level of profession you have (president clinton) you make mistakes!? Clinton cheat and stole he is still loved by alot of people. Point being Mr. Culkeen might have done some shady or sketchy things but everyone on this chat realisticaly has no idea what really happened but will trash him on speculation? When one of you get caught cheating or stealing or whatever your doing I hope he is there to point a finger!
Proud to be a MT Teacher

Fitchburg, MA

#47 Dec 3, 2010
Marina - please stop. Whatever your connection to MT, you are a bit of an embarassment with your statements.

Tech Dad - while your loyalty is admirable, you saw the public image of Mr. Culkeen. For years, there have been enough incidents that have happened which finally came to light. However, during it all, the staff of MT has always endeavored to provide our students with their education despite whatever else is going on. As adults, we believe in taking care of your children and our students as best as we can. I'm glad your children met with success.

Tom Porter Supporters - kind thoughts, but Mr. Porter is not Superintendent material, and I think he'd be the first to tell you that!

Kelly-bashers - Please stop attacking this girl. While there are obviously two sides to every story, please try to understand that this was a young teenager in a difficult position which never got better. For the adults that keep attacking her in this medium - consider if she was any child you care about. Please leave her alone.

For that matter, leave alone any other people from MT. We are all trying to regroup and, in the words of acting-chairperson of the school committee Diane Swenson, "Move Forward." This hasn't been easy for any of us and we truly want to just get back to the business of educating our kids. I respect the opinions of the taxpayers (ironically, I pay taxes to pay my salary!), but the amount of hate and rudeness is too much. Please think before anonymously typing such hateful messages.

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