Sorry for unpleasant address but posting on public Bulletin Board means I may receive spam amongst legitimate response, so the address was created temporarily - to trade FI tickets.
Anyway, here is the message:

For sale ten (10) FireIsland tickets valid for any year current 2012 or upcoming year 2013, from a 20-trip ticketbook (exactly half of that book) which I cannot use (see below for reason).
$5.40/ticket ==> $54 for 10 tickets, sorry I need to sell ten (10) as a group, not single tickets.

I either ship for $1: so total becomes $54+1 =$55
I plan to visit WatchHill ferry terminal maybe in a week or so (?) in person, if you plan to be there I can hand over tickets to you avoiding shipping.
But shipping is fastest b/c it takes 2-4 days, whereas I cannot tell exactly when I might happen on LongIsland (in person).

You can CONTACT FI ferries administration & verify that such ticketbooks are valid for any year, even if purchased in 2012, it is valid for 2013 (unlike 40-trip Passcards valid only for a given year).
Also I can email a PHOTO showing Serial#'s so you can verify my tickets are good, valid, legal.
BTW, despite end of the "prime"/summer season, FI Ferry still runs thru November (and beyond?), but more importantly these tickets are good for next year 2013 also.

Reason to sell:
During past summer I've lost old job & was too distressed to enjoy recreation or my usual FI beaches & ocean, basically time passed but I've only used exactly half of 20-trip ticketbook. Compared to prev. years when I could use 30-40 tickets!
Then found a new job - out of NY State (far away). So it's HIGHLY unlikely I could take FireIsland trips anymore, now almost a thousand miles away from New York. Even if I decide to spend a vacation on Long Island in future, if tickets sit in some dark corner so long I'll forget about their existance! It happened before with me - I forget about valuables existance, so makes sense to sell tickets I won't be able to use probably for 2 years - I've relocated for a job, far from Long Island.