i want the old brentwood back

Since: Oct 09

Hart County, KY.

#1115 Oct 29, 2011
mary wrote:
<quoted text>
Every Friday one of us kids would play hooky to go shopping with mom and nobody called CPS. People are so uptight now raising super achiever kids who have lots of stuff but never really have fun.
Isn't THAT the truth! I think kids learn more from playing, and from being with their parents, than anything else. To be a kid today would be utterly joyless- I can't even imagine how miserable it would have been to be forced to wear a bicycle helmet or have to be strapped into a car seat...(Sheesh, I'd sit on a family friend's lap and steer the car when I was 7!).

It may sound weird to some, but some of the best memories I have, are of going to the old Grants & Woolworths (etc.) with my mother...stopping in the restaurants, or at a pizza parlor...taking long walks, and just sitting out with my mother and the neighbor lady in the summers, under a shade tree and drinking iced tea.

Thank God I wasn't shuttled around to soccer and 1000 different things like kids today...and that I had a stay-at-home full-time Mom. That has made all the difference in my life, and made me grow up to be a happy and successful person- something which no school can achieve.

I'm glad to see that there are still others around, like yourself, who still have common sense and values, and realize these things.
Robert Pietsch

Flushing, NY

#1116 Oct 29, 2011
Looking to hear from any of my classmates from Brentwood NY
Class of 1974

Kingston, PA

#1117 Nov 21, 2011
This post is for Zoe, grand daughter of Mrs.Ramesy Rosenthal my old gym teacher in the North Ele. school in north Brentwood. I would love to get in touch with Mrs. Ramsey Rosenthal and tell her what a wonderful life teacher she is...not just a gym teacher.Everyone that I speak to from school my not remember alot of their teachers, but everyone remembers her. Please let me know if anyone knows how to get in touch with her. thank you

Kingston, PA

#1118 Dec 7, 2011
Robert Pietsch wrote:
Looking to hear from any of my classmates from Brentwood NY
Class of 1974
Hi Robert, I was not in your class but in your brother Allens class. Please tell him that Carol VanDyke says high. Thanks
pete leo

Yorktown Heights, NY

#1119 Jan 12, 2012

Sun City West, AZ

#1120 Jan 14, 2012
I visited Brentwood, my home town for 30 yrs, lived in the same house, my whole childhood and left when I was 21. My father owned a business there for 40 years, after the war. Now I notice the memorial with his name on it had to be put in a fenced in area and locked,,, across the street from the park where it was originally, because of vandals, defacing it. My Dad would roll over in his grave if he saw that. I went back periodically for a while. 2 yrs ago I went back, and it was soooo bad, so dirty, disgusting and not the home I remembered. My mother used to get cakes from campbells for our birthdays. I ordered one and was told it was the same cake, ahh no !! and they got the order wrong. My street that had 8 houses, now had 25 crammed together. Used to be a safe, fun place to live. We were close to our neighbors, had best friends a few blocks down, walked home 9 at night, no problem. Now I wouldnt trust my dog out in the day there let alone my children. The businesses, pizza places, bakeries, markets, were all friendly and willing to accomadate their customers. Everyone was familiar with people in town. Parents looked out for other peoples children. Values were good, people had a concience. Things were manufactured with pride, and people were trustworthy. Im sure the ecconomy has something to do with it but I cant help but think that the town has been ruined by people who dont even care about it. Sad, very sad; I wont be going back there ever again, it is too depressing.

Bayport, NY

#1121 Jan 20, 2012

“Vote Republican”

Since: Aug 08

Wyandanch, NY

#1122 Jan 20, 2012
Lived on Franklin Avenue off of Fulton.
pete leo

Bayonne, NJ

#1123 Jan 31, 2012

Pompano Beach, FL

#1124 Feb 24, 2012
My parents owned Tab cleaners on Haywood Street, just down from the 7/11. We lived there from '56 till '72. It was a great place to grow up. Great neighborhoods, a downtown that was the bomb. How many spalding balls did we steal from Grants or Katrinas Deli on Brentwood Road in Bay Shore. Havent been there in 12 years. Dodn't look too good the last time I was there either.

Pompano Beach, FL

#1125 Feb 24, 2012
mary wrote:
remember when Macys, Penneys and Woolworths had their own restaurants. Using coins to operate bathroom stalls. Hills, Bohacks, Billy Blakes, luncheonettes and of course Bayshore farmers market.
I remember going to the Farmers Markiet afraid of being seen by friends. How funny that was.

Flushing, NY

#1126 Feb 27, 2012
Moved out 1/2011 after 42 years in Brentwood. Didint move too far, (West Islip) What a difference a few miles make. Graduated from Ross in 1986, and had a great childhood in Brentwood, such a diverse community, not like today.
Al Ex

Holbrook, NY

#1127 Mar 1, 2012
WE can get brentwood back, all we have to do is start cleaning ours streets.
Every time I take a walk is so nasty seeing how dirty Brentwood has become because of US


Bayport, NY

#1128 Mar 31, 2012
hey joe it me louie my parents bought ur house on 12 dekalb it was a great street to grow up on kydie is my sister bobby still around
often what ever happen to u. u missed a good time by old friend
John mc Ridgefield

Danbury, CT

#1129 Apr 5, 2012
Brentwood wrote:
<quoted text>
Wow! I forgot about the shooting! I was working at Burger King at the time and the kid who was shot at took a job there. There was nothing nice about him.
Moved to Brentwood in 1959.Went to St Annes. Graduated Ross 1966 Have many great memories. lived near the old BOHACKS Supermarket off Brentwood Rd.

We should talk more


San Mateo, CA

#1130 Apr 8, 2012
Ken Vollmer wrote:
<quoted text>
Not really the same thing...I remember the racial problems but that was all over the country and so is crime of all kinds and Brentwood did have it all like every place else...but gang crime and violence is extremely different. we never had organized groups with national affiliations roaming dosome of the things tha are going on now. yes there were balck and white conflicts (when my older brothers werre iin Ross there were race riots weekly, one time in particular was so bad they pulled the fence posts out of the ground on the football field to use as weapons and my Mom' school bus was commandered (along with 5 others) by the police to transport arrested kids). now you have different organized gangs at war with each other and everyone else regardless of color stuck in the middle. it's defintely more dangerous and tons more crime especially house break-ins, car theft, which back when i was growing up in Brentwood was nearly non existent.(i was ross class of 77).
I was also Ross class of 77. I remember my younger brother & sister having to deal with race problems when they attended Ross in the early 80s. I remember one halloween about 50 white kids dressed as kkk marching from grand blvd turning onto noble street There articles written in newsday by a reporter named steve wick, also a iid was shot by a father that night when they converged on his home looking to fight his son. I remember my brother & sister having to take separate school buses from the white kids during that time. I also remember our neighbors had a burning cross on their lawn in the summer of 75 (our first summer living in Brentwood)

Kingston, PA

#1132 May 8, 2012
carol wrote:
This post is for Zoe, grand daughter of Mrs.Ramesy Rosenthal my old gym teacher in the North Ele. school in north Brentwood. I would love to get in touch with Mrs. Ramsey Rosenthal and tell her what a wonderful life teacher she is...not just a gym teacher.Everyone that I speak to from school my not remember alot of their teachers, but everyone remembers her. Please let me know if anyone knows how to get in touch with her. thank you
If anyone is interested I found Mrs. Ivy Covey Ramsey Rosenthal. I spoke to her last night. She is 91 years old and is as sharp as can be. She would love to hear from anyone from Brentwood......her address is P.O. Box 433 Brentwood NY 11717

Kennesaw, GA

#1133 May 19, 2012
vinnyt wrote:
ok im gonna give you a shot of Brentwood nostalgia.
St.Joes, getting chased by the guards.
The Barn at St.Joes, and looking thru the windows and seeing the old farm equiptment. Walking on the wall on brentwood road.
Grants and the cafeteria in there, the pet shop at grants, Brentwood Aquarium, Food Fair, The Carosel ride outside of grants where we would pile as much kids on it to make it not goaround all for 10 cents.
The instant photo booth outside grants 4 for 25 cents.
Godzilla movies at brentwood theatre, Planet of the apes there also.
Bohacks with Joe the manager who always chased us out of there.
The sump next to Bohacks.
the wooden track at brentwood high school.
riding bikes in the parking lot of the Jewish center.(were there any jews in brentwood?)the shrine at st. annes.
the Brentwood rec center.
smoking in the woods behind the movie theatre,
The village Latern. went there when i was 15.
when they built the McDonalds i wondered where they were going to put the ducks.
the chicken farm across from the Knoll farm
Dairy Barn, Agway on suffolk ave.
Kick the can in the dark, Tony the bungalow bar ice cream man.
Ring a leario. The roller coaster woods on first ave by the high school.
South Jr. High fields.(our playground) Climbing to the top of the baseball backstop.
Home coming at the high school.
Mr. Campo, my neighbor and wrestling coach "The Gov"
Mr. Walker from south Jr. High.
Having 72 kids on your block alone. Camping in the yards.
Cinderella bakery, Devines pizza, charlies deli, Katrinka deli, one stop auto parts, tonys shell station, The lutheren church where you always called someone out for a fight after school.
The woods across from Bohacks. Bruce Lane,
Hanging out with the Finns in the Academy.
Catecism at St. Annes when the nuns taught us, Sister Thomas, getting cracked on the hand with the pointer from the nuns. Picking apples in the academy, getting chased by the guards and running thru the woods to the nuns graveyard.
Big Apple, Dragos pizza, Johns Bargain store, A and P. Grandmas bagels, Jack in the Box. Friendlys, Delivering the Long Island Press, Nesday, Daily news (if you wanted to get up at 5 am before school). Throwing snowballs at the plows(we didnt want the busses to get thru). Flying Kites in the school yard. Making Forts in the woods(they were empty lots not built on yet, but seemed like forests to us). Fifth of july finding unexploded firecrackers and making sizzlers. Cap guns, hitting rolls of caps with a hammer and almost knocking out your hearing. Box turtles in Bishop road woods. Stein Drive (didnt really venture there often. Entenmanns bakery crumb cake smells. The church bells ringing on sunday morning. 1 car per household. Diesel trains in brentwood.
Anyone car to add on? this is only from the 4th street perspective
Wow... thanks for the memories. I remember a Vinny T from back when... wonder if you're the same one.

Rego Park, NY

#1134 Jun 2, 2012
pete leo wrote:
He had a green truck with a bell.

Mesa, AZ

#1135 Jun 18, 2012
Any one out there lived near 2nd street in Brentwood? I lived there from 1960-1972 and will it always be my home town.I never lost my accent and as soon as I open my mouth they ask me what part of NY am I from! Who remembers the old man selling candy out of his house,we called him the candy man? Talk about how trustful and innocent we were back then.Going to a strange old man's house in a wooded area by our self to buy candy.WOW try that these day he would be arrested.

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