Verizon Fios vs Optimum on line

Ossining, NY

#86 May 2, 2011
more you should know. version is faster internet. and witht hier best package you get a free dvr. Optimun charges you for their dvr.. also you get to see recored prgrams in any room . Optimum chatges you for the faster in internet as well and has less prgrams and no fber optics hookup.. dont make the msitake i made all this time. i am happy with version and so you will be i pay less and have more channels..
BrookhavenNeedsF ios

Ronkonkoma, NY

#87 May 3, 2011
Verizon should create its own LI Local news channel and shut up Snooze12's fat yapper.

This is America right? Demand Fios.
barney shauny

Holtsville, NY

#88 May 4, 2011
i got a

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#89 May 6, 2011
i got a wii yesterday but me and my grama broke it
Sam smith

Old Bridge, NJ

#90 May 6, 2011
Well here is my long story. With Cablevision 20 years. There strength was and only was that you could hook up all your rooms with out additional cost. When they went to the box requirement and fraudulently told customers this was required due to FCC regulations, which is bogus since that only pertained to over the air signals, they lost any leverage.
After I ordered my boxes free for one year, they began to play with my bill. Somehow they were showing up as a fee and my bill exceeded 200 dollars. Enough is enough, called up customer service and after getting no satisfaction and telling them it was ridiculous of me to keep paying those prices when I could get a better package from Verizon and save around $60 to boot, I suddenly found all my services being interrupted and when I call to see what was going on, it was always the same response, they acted like they had gremlins hiding in their control rooms.
Well I made the switch and was happy with Verizon and I was extremely happy. No more frozen remotes, no more 20 minute reboots...etc.
About 2 month later a fresh face kid shows up and says he reps the new Cablevision. Pretty much makes me an offer I can't refuse if I come back. Getting complete services that would have cost me twice as much. A 30 day refund guarantee. Also promises to be there when we need him, our own personal rep, no need to call customer service.
We even payed him for the prorated.
Well this week a bill shows up looking for an additional 75 dollars.
All fees and partials for one day even thought they didn't finish until 6pm. All the installation charges were suppose to be absorbed.
Well now my "personal rep" is no where to be found. 6 calls and messages and not one return call. Customer services practically got indignant with me when I tried to explain the deal. Paperwork right in front of me. Seems like the same old Cablevision to me. Waiting for Verizon to make me a counter offer and I am jumping back as quick as I can and if Cablevision ever sends another punk sales rep my way again, I'll have him arrested for trespassing.

New York, NY

#91 May 17, 2011
If verizon could offer any internet faster that cable ultra rite now, i would go for it even if its double my bill $75 for ultra. but now, my speeds are fair since im in nyc and like DSL was crap was like not available for 1/2 the time. but if its 100mbps it should be, not like 25mbps. any1 got fios in nyc?
Cable is the Past

United States

#92 Jun 8, 2011
FiOS= No Contract + Multi Room DVR + Free On Demand + Tons of Mobile Apps + Fastest Internet + Crystal clear HD service + reliable phone service with an 8 hour battery back up in case the power goes out.
Optimum = You get what you pay for.
Oh I almost forgot something.....FiOS received JD Power & Asssociate awards for the last 3 years in a row for being the best at what they do.
Definitely a network ahead.

Astoria, NY

#93 Jun 21, 2011
i do not understand why people use the terms "everyone I know" does this and does that. Everyone i now went to Cable, or everyone i know went to FIOS.. really? really? is it everyone you know? Although i disagree with anonymous' post atleast he had some facts behind him.. BUT Fiber is fiber period, Google it, Look it up in any telco text book and fiber hands down is better. Attenutation is nothing to look past. Now his "retard" comment was a little much. Not sure where that anger comes from.
Now OOL employees and FiOS employees make their mistakes.. Their employers are pushing offers and promos down their throats and pushing all of this on the consumer. At the end of the day; Fios did people a favor. CV was raping long island and other areas for years. Now FiOS has made it competitive and now with digital voice so the taxes are only @ 12-14 bucks. Do people realize the frachise fee on you tv bill is dictated by your town? that goes for both companies!
How many times did cable get into trouble with misleading ads?? check it out. public knowledge!!! national advertising division of the council of the better business bureau. Did you notice some of the cable adsabout spped just disappeard? Now VZ isnt always innocent either but i see nothing but one sidedness here.
And let me tell you from experience, you will read all the posts about high bills and wiring charges.. cable or fios ever charged me for wiring unless i called them after the orgianl install. Your 1st bill with fios is 1 1/2 months. Im sorry , i just feel that people puff stories. I have fios now simply because it works better. i get my bill.. i pay my bill . never an issue

Astoria, NY

#94 Jun 21, 2011
W T F wrote:
When you get right down to it: Cablevision and Fios are BOTH cable based systems. Very few people have "top of the line" "latest technology" T.V.'s in their home. Therefore, picture quality is pretty much even. So it comes down to dependability/reliability. Verizon hasn't quite mastered the reliability part of their signal feed. Cablevision is more reliable-for now... What good is bragging about your "great picture" if it isn't always there? Cablevision has Verizon beat for customer service (again, for now) Never judge customer service, on the "sale" end. They will always be friendly & accomodating, until you're "hooked" as their account, and actually need an issue resolved. A note about Verizon: whether people realize or not: landlines are the MOST reliable of phone service. They are not reliant on a signal feed or electricity. Verizon does NOT want you on a landline. They are NOT maintaining the lines, because they WANT you on FIOS. Ask anyone with a landline, when a storm comes. And people, don't forget - no matter which one you chose- don't forget about your Alarms-they rely on whatever connection you decide to go with. Both Verizon & Cablevision sometimes "forget" about them. In regards to internet speed, Verizon & Cablevision are equal: again it's the reliability thing: Cablevision takes this (again, for now)
your right about the tv part cause people buy cheap tvs from big box stores and think they are getting a deal...same goes for people who have crappy computers and complain that their internet is slow. And have you tried to go throught the cablevison tv menu recenlty?? ugh I think cable is having a hard time keeping up right now..

Brooklyn, NY

#95 Jul 6, 2011
Well I have optimum but it is a hard decision, read enough of these posts and it comes down to the personal experience just like by the flip of a coin you'll get enough heads and tails to count them completely evenly, that is if you toss it enough times. and then there are the reps who like to act as consumers to promote a company and then there are people who had experience with both as consumers but really did work for one or an other company.

Xiamen, China

#96 Jul 6, 2011
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#97 Jul 6, 2011
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Xiamen, China

#98 Jul 6, 2011
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Valley Stream, NY

#99 Jul 27, 2011
what the hell verison way better i have had the new cablevision box the came out about a month ago and it keeps dropping in and out of connection fios doesnt do that kinda crap
C Dub

Brooklyn, NY

#100 Aug 14, 2011
I had optimum and have switched over to FIOS. I was happy with optimum, but once the initial 12 month 99$/month rate was up, it was too expensive. I asked for lower price but did not do enough. So I left and went to Fios. I have been happy with them, no complaints, but the bill is higher than I was led to believe. Last week, a lady from Optimum came by and offered all 3 services with DVR, free Russian channels (I chose this over HBO - don't watch that many movies), free intl calling for a year and free MLB for 76/month. So I'm switching back.
C Dub

Paramus, NJ

#101 Aug 20, 2011
I had the Optimum thriple play for a year. When the promotional price ended, I asked for a deal and they were uncooperative. I switched to Fios. I was happy with them for about 6 months. But then Optimum actually came and knocked on my door and asked me to switch back for a good price. I fell for it and I REGRET IT!!! Verizon is more expensive and there are all kinds of little fees, but you get what you pay for. I am so upset with Optimum. The cable guy from Optimum came in to set everything up and he was a BULL! He made such a mess of our house. I even specifically asked him to not drill a certain hole in the wall, he claimed he "no understand" and promptly began to drill the very hole I told him not to drill! I was so mad. I wanted him to just put everything back and leave. Now that I have Optimum again, I remember why it's no good. The HD goes all box-y and digital. It cuts out during bad weather. That never happened with Fios. The internet is no different from Fios. There are way fewer channels and the On-Screen DVR and Channel Guide interface is clunky and not user friendly. The response time from pushing a button the remote and the TV actually reacting is very slow. It is killing me. Do yourself a favor - wait the strike out and keep FIOS! It's a little more money, but much better service.
Art Rye NY


#102 Aug 21, 2011
My bigest compaint with cablevision was there dvr. Any interuption in power meant about 20 3o minutes to reboot. Verizon is back 1 to 2 minutes. Another is problems with dealing with with contracs with tv stations.
Art Rye NY


#103 Aug 21, 2011
jcny wrote:
<quoted text>
your right about the tv part cause people buy cheap tvs from big box stores and think they are getting a deal...same goes for people who have crappy computers and complain that their internet is slow. And have you tried to go throught the cablevison tv menu recenlty?? ugh I think cable is having a hard time keeping up right now..
Cablevision is outdated. They need to update there hole system. mainly there dvr and guide
Believe TheHype

Huntington Station, NY

#104 Sep 24, 2011
This Thread is full of BS from workers from both companys. Who makes posts with spacific details of deal offers?...Give me a break! I'm happy to have another option to try. Bye Bye CABLE TV. Hello verizon FIOS! Why? Because NOW I can.

Yorktown Heights, NY

#105 Oct 4, 2011
I've had optimum and in my opinion it sucked. I had slow internet with it and my the boxes on my tv's would load slow. When i switched to Verizon I was amazed. I had so many more channels and features. And by features im not talking about just the widgets, I'm talking about the DVR service. IO's DVR would record the show and in its menu just have the shows name and the date, that was a bit of a pain in the ass to find a certain episode if you didn't know the date it was played. Verizon - well verizon seems to have been made by intelligent people and its dvr menu uses the miraculous invention of folders. It groups all the episodes of the same show you have recorded together and labels them by the episodes title and date. To me this is just common sense. Also verizon has multi-room dvr, but i hear that is coming to Optimum. Verizon also had much faster internet for me.
Even though Verizon may seem like its more expensive, you are getting what you pay for. You get more channels, better internet, and intelligent dvr system, multi-room dvr, widgets you will never use, a great phone service, etc

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