Death warrant sought for Utah inmate ...

Death warrant sought for Utah inmate Troy Kell

There are 114 comments on the Deseret News story from Nov 18, 2008, titled Death warrant sought for Utah inmate Troy Kell. In it, Deseret News reports that:

Prosecutors in central Utah have filed court papers seeking to have a death row inmate's stay of execution lifted.

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#25 May 6, 2009

San Diego, CA

#26 May 7, 2009
Troy know exactly what he is talking about. He is a very educated person. Just because you don't agree with what he is saying doesn't mean he doesn't know what he is talking about. What's wrong with being a Nazi? Because it's a different point of view than yours? And to everyone who judges Troy for killing because dude was black, do you really think that's why he killed him? Come on people... That guy was just as much after Troy so one of them was going to die. If it was the other way around it would have been typical negro behavior, but because Troy is a white boy, it's "horrific."

Salt Lake City, UT

#27 May 11, 2009
To be honest, I've had many conversation's with Troy... and what he did isn't what alot of us would of done, but also when your forced to grow up with nothing but violence what do you expect.
I think that I can speak on a topic like this, because I was incarcerated at age 17 for murder, nothing that I'm proud of, but that's what happened. I can't change what's already been done. But what I'm trying to say is in prison things can escalate into a lethal situation real quick. Troy's an intelligent dude and is doing his time for what he's done, so for all the people with hateful comment's about what "need's" to happen with him.... I think you "need" to worry about what your doing and not about something that happened 13 yrs ago... Troy is a good person and I could careless what he's done. He's never done me wrong, he's alway's given me respect, and I know this because he is a good friend of mine... Oh... I'm not even white.

Las Cruces, NM

#28 May 12, 2009
This is directed to and in regards to "DesireUDie" post on Troy Kell.
Interesting how a COMPLETE stranger can be so full of hate for Kell. Here's, I will bet, a very accurate analysis on who you are. YOU spend ALL your day or a good portion on these forums FUMING about Kell and most likely the majority of your day being SO pissed off that EVEN from behind bars this man seems to have some deep hold on you mentally. Do you know how absolutely rediculous that is??? What's that like? To hate a man you DON'T EVEN KNOW AND WHO DOESN'T EVEN GIVE A SHIT THAT YOU OR ANYONE ELSE HATES HIM? You talk about Kell's mental health, I would be more concerned about YOUR own as well as ANYONE out there that can share your opinion. Some advice; stop judging people YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW because your hate for him will hurt NOBODY but YOU and yours, by the way, nice touch WISHING DEATH on others.(ESPECIALLY His mother? You have SERIOUS problems!) Haven't you heard of karma? You get what YOU give? Be careful what you go around wishing on others. Think about that one!
P.S. Don't bother to respond to this because I won't read it or get caught up in some fifth grade pissing contest with you OR ANYONE else, just passin' by doing some research for a paper for a class and I thought it was worth pointing this out to the REAL Racists and Haters.
DesireU2Die wrote:
I hope that cowardly baastard dies a slow painful death. He was such a coward to kill a man that had his hands shackled behind his back. I understand that there are squabbles in prison, but be a man and fight straight up and not like some cowardly little cuuunt like Troy did. I do hope that he suffers daily in his solitary confinement, and I praise the day he stops breathing. I check back periodically to see if they have set a date or killed this piece of crrrap yet. I for one will celebrate profoundly when he is wiped off the face of the earth. I hope the last thing he sees is the face of Lonny Blackman, and/or our new American President. Oooooooowwwwww I hope his mother dies tonight!

Kearny, NJ

#30 May 30, 2009
You can't talk about a prison system you have no idea about. In Utah, which is mostly populated white state where there's more white inmates than black inmates and others. It would be stupid to say that blacks run the prisons there. Especially when Troy Kell was able to do what he did in a supposed segregation unit. You guys need to stop making excuses for a situation where there is none. It is what it is. He killed him because he was black, that's that.
Masud Hoghughi wrote:
I think its the prison system that is more at fault here than kell.......generally speaking its usually blacks that attack and abuse white inmates who are left to fend for themselves by indifferent prison authorities
troykellhasasmal lweiner

Billerica, MA

#31 Jun 11, 2009
hes a coward. he probaly half jew anyways, get over it. Hes nothing special. jesse James Hollywood would beat his ass, and charlie manson would mind control the funk out of this coward.

Chicago, IL

#32 Jul 18, 2009
This guy Troy Kell is nothing but a cowardly murderer. He never gets involved in a fair fight.
He was armed when he shot his first victim, who
was unarmed, 6 times in the head, and he had his
hands free when he stabbed his second victim, who
was handcuffed and shackled and totally defenseless, 67 times. He should be shot down like any other mad dog, and that's exactly what
the Utah firing squad intends to do. If they need
any volunteers, they can have my sevices for free.

Brooklyn, NY

#33 Sep 15, 2009
I have spent time with Mr. Kell.
I can say with certainty that he or someone else will recognize this post. I assure you he is not a coward. He comands, demands, and recieves respect. He does not lack courage or will.

Denver, CO

#34 Sep 15, 2009
I ordered the video for a class in college. And to be honest, I work in a prison. Have for many years. However, I have seen a handful of murders by prisoners against staff and their peers. The prison system breeds violence. All the way around. This was not your run-of-the-mill murder. And it involved more hate than I have ever heard of or witnessed. I can't say that I hate Troy Kell, but his actions was as a "man." We learn quite early on what right and wrong is. I believe he chose wrong. But he is not unlike so many. This was just video-taped and broadcasted for the world to see and judge. I think people are putting way too much into Troy Kell. He is only a man. Nothing more, nothing less. I have more contempt for a person who molests/rape a child and that child lives each day in fear and discontent. I have seen the end results of many lives. No one knows what the plan is. But Troy Kell will one day have to answer for what he did, just like we all have to answer for the wrong we do. The sins in the Bible are clear. And as far as I can tell, there was none more or less important than the other. You kill someone, you affect someone's life. You cheat on someone, you affect someone's life. That's it. Troy Kell is where he is. Let's find a way to let him go so that we can do what's right before our time is done. Okay
eddie dee jay

New York, NY

#35 Oct 14, 2009
free troy kell wrote:
doesnt any one think a person is alowed to make mistakes? troy just made a really bad one and went to adult prison when he was not even a man yet and he grew to live the prison life and would any one of you guys let some one kill you "not me!" so i think it was dog eat dog and troy did what needed to be done to save his life !!!! your the man troy!!!
he killed someone are you kidding, i hope they kill him over and over again.
eddie dee jay

New York, NY

#36 Oct 14, 2009
i can't wait till the day he die's.

Saint Kilda, Australia

#37 Oct 30, 2009
I have just watched the doco for the 2nd time in 2 years and as much as I feel that Troy Kell is a worthless piece of shit and deserves to loss his right to life I think that the bigger picture is how does a man (white or black) go from murder with a gun to (what looks to be) CASUALLY stabbing a man 67 times and then walking around in a cool,calm and collected manner.
What does maximun securtiy do to a mans head?
Don't get me wrong. I am no do gooder but I am white and admittedly I have what alot of people would call racist issues and by no means do I have any sympathy for Lonnie Blackman because I believe he (like most big time crims) understood death,violence and the risks and paths they take in life but alot of these crims get let back into mainstream society at some stage and the big question is what the fuck has jail done to them.
The other guy involved who held lonnie's legs was only in jail for fuckin forgery. Next thing, he's assisting in a disgusting cowardly attack on a man for the sole reaseon that he is black. The ironic thing is after he was transferred to another prison he played in a prison band with other black men. Hardcore prison contorts the mans mind.

New York, NY

#38 Nov 1, 2009
I've had the pleasure of being a guest of DOC in NY and these two know that while being on the row there just as safe as being in PC. Kell has got coming what he deserves, in his interview he said that the state should show it for what it is when executing a man and I agree but not with a bullet, it should be done with the same kind of object he used, up close and personal. Maybe, maybe he had no choice. I think he just like killing, he knows that after the first one it become more of a want then a need to.
The first one was a kid who had the rest of his life in front of him until he took it at the say of a 15 year old female accomplice. If you feel it is unjust for this guy to get killed for defending himself in jail then it's for the other young boy he killed before that.

New York, NY

#39 Nov 1, 2009
aaa wrote:
I have spent time with Mr. Kell.
I can say with certainty that he or someone else will recognize this post. I assure you he is not a coward. He comands, demands, and recieves respect. He does not lack courage or will.
And that means what to who? Oh and congrats on serving time with your idol, what else did he get from you?
Dutches by the Sea

Oostburg, Netherlands

#40 Nov 6, 2009
Well well, miss Chantal Jones, not a smart comment... Knowing that Troy hasn't had any visitors since he is on death row. Simply because that isn't allowed on the mile. Sandy has been released for a nine months now.... So your story is proven not te be true. Many people talk about him, pretending to know him. They don't. I can't understand why people seem to think that they might be more interresting by making up stories. At least make sure that what you're saying is true or don't post it at all.
What Troy did is bad, really bad. The killing of Cotton by Troy could have been his first and his last. I'm sure, would Troy have been send to a prison outside the USA, he wouldn't have taken another life. If the prisonguards would have stepped up to do their job, Blackmon could have been saved. No...they waited for minutes... Just long enough to make sure Blackmon was dead. The system in the prisons in the USA are of a sort that it seems to be a trainingcenter to become the worst criminal. You have to join a gang to survive. Or get raped on a daily basis. You have no choice in those prisons, the choices are made for you. Ofcourse, they are there for a reason and should be punished. But imagine to be raped and beaten every day. Who would you become? Yes, let's all judge what Troy did. But wait a while...take some time to find out why these things happen... And don't forget; I think it's terrible what Troy did. But I also think that a different kind of approach, a complete change of the prisonsystem as to what it is now, could have changed Troy into a better man, instead of the man he became. So judge me for my opinion....

Richmond, MI

#41 Nov 21, 2009
Listen, I've done 10 years myself and all those commenting on a situation & atmosphere they "KNOW NOTHING ABOUT" need to keep their little biased opinions to themselves.
First of all, it is very true that prison operates under a very different set of rules seeing that there is more crime in there than in the street & most fights can end up going the distance & causing you the loss of your life. "TRUST ME" when I tell ya' I been around the toughest guys & it's true that it's all about survival in there but "DON'T" some of you with reader comments try to portray this guy as the "REAL DEAL" or tough because you can't be a bigger coward than he because 1) he eeded assistance and 2) the man's hands were handcuffed behind his back....Give me a break.....In the old Wild west they had a proper name for guys like Troy and it was......."Yella" because that's what he is.

Mentor, OH

#42 Nov 21, 2009
everyone do you not understand,his feelings regarding racism begun in prision,he had to fit in so he would not become a victom himself,everyone is passing judgement,i'm not saying what he did is right because it's not,he took lifes and God shall judge him,not you,not me,GOD....why did'nt some one hand him a bible instead of hatered,pray with him instead of teaching hate...everyone will have thier judgement day,he was a boy when he went in,and now is a lost soul that no one believed in,so of course he turned to the devil our justice system is also the blame in this case they should have gave troy some type of counseling when he went in,these men who do crimes need to know the reason behind it..he is not to be thrown in an 8 by 8 and forgotten,he is a child of god as all of us....remember will have your day on jugement day and what will you say to GOD....
caro arroyo

Mexico, Mexico

#43 Dec 5, 2009
hi I am mexico have a question about when will the execution of Troy and if anyone knows if you can write to the prison; About the first we have to take into account that the life of the world outside is not the same as where him this are murderers, rapists are not for nothing is sure so maxima as he mentioned "a threat you can not take it lightly is your life or that of him" second when entering the jail was a child and although the comment had the idea because he did not know the gun had been the bone did not intend to kill what makes me think that like many suffered from family violence sandy I mention the fact that he always punished for minimal things that makes me think that only release the anger he carried within himself but he did it the wrong way and without thinking, I do not think the behavior is racist is someone who just has to be given respect for what I said where they are, I say all this not to justify it before we have to know 100% life in prison or know of a supremacist leader who can explain and tell you that some things do not like but had to have some respect of those who followed him, in the case of Troy is to keep them from hurt him, is this because I have enough friends to tell as a prison.
I only say that he is a victim but I like you and beaten by society, loneliness, ignorance and indifference of his parents and was in the least appropriate moment to download the fury ...
caro arroyo

Mexico, Mexico

#44 Dec 5, 2009
hello I wonder how I can write to troy I hope you know you can tell me
casey mcguire

Ogden, UT

#45 Dec 21, 2009
alot of u people have no idea how troy kell lives. Troy and i have talked some through doors in our sections. tho i wouldnt consider us friends i'm sure he'd kill me if i were to say something wrong to him.i too use to think he and his cohorts paul payne, and eric danielson were cowards and with the exception of troy i still think the other two are cowards. for some who choose to stay locked up that is their life, troy has chosen to stay for life cuz of the murder he commited.though he did kill this inmate others r to blame, where did he get the key to get out of his restraints? probably an officer most likely. To me troy dont deserve to die, he was only doing what any caged up animal would do SURVIVING.

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