That Fernley’s new WTP is federally mandated is true. But the Feds did not mandate the site, or the original flawed and later corrected, hazardous, arsenic drying-ponds design, or the later flawed and now being corrected waste disposal system. This incompetence in our local government is costing all of us lots of money. The WTP cost is now well in excess of $80 million and has more than a $150 million bond payoff. This cost is entirely borne by the unfortunate citizens of Fernley. Think… how much is that per person, per wage earner??? The WTP is high-hazard industrial facility built on property zoned residential within a unique and formerly desirable west Fernley area. Area property values have been hugely damaged. The site at the extreme west edge of Fernley was illogical from the beginning. A centralized location would have made far more logistical and monetary sense. We expect more from those people whose salaries we pay from our hard-earned resources!!!!!