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Marijuana Use = Disqualified For Air Force

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Bruce Deile

Bellingham, WA

#1 Mar 5, 2012
I attempted to join the US Air Force in 1985 after quitting alcohol and drugs (clean and sober since 7/18/85). They thanked me for being honest when questioned if I'd ever used marijuana (I explained I had), and told me that marijuana use alone was reason enough to be diqualified to join the Air Force as they consider anyone who has used marijuana to be psychologically unfit to serve. Here is the most up to date requirements found online:

"25 or more uses of Marijuana in a lifetime is disqualifying, and requires a waiver."

"In the Air Force, anyone who admits to smoking marijuana less than 15 times does not require a waiver. More than 15 times, but less than 25 requires a Drug Eligibility Determination (basically, a trained Drug & Alcohol Specialist will examine the exact circumstances of the use). An approved Drug Eligibility Determination is not the same thing as a "waiver," in that it will not preclude enlistment in most Air Force Jobs. 25 or more uses of Marijuana in a lifetime is disqualifying, and requires a waiver."

The drug dealers never told me that. When I decided to use marijuana, I was not making a fully informed decision. That's how it will be with Big Pharma when marijuana is considered a capitalist commodity. At least that's been their history to obfuscate pharmaceutical risks. Will people know a person will be disqualified to serve in the Air Force for marijuana use when they go to vote about legalization of marijuana in November? Quite likely not.

I was disappointed at being denied, but respected their decision because I knew marijuana had most definitely harmed me psychologically. And now at 46 y.o., lung cancer possibly from it. That too would adversely affect an enlistee.

Came to recall being denied entry into Air Force after being publicly humiliated yesterday in Haggen's by a man who shouted in my face that he fought for this country in the military (implying doing so involved protecting the freedom to choose whether one does or does not smoke marijauana). He made me look like a lesser citizen than he, like I was anti-American for opposing government plans to value marijauna as a capitalist commodity. See other thread (More Harassment of Myself) for greater detail.
Bruce Deile

Bellingham, WA

#2 Mar 6, 2012
Emphasizing freedom and liberty out of context is another reason we have lax DUI laws. We need much stricter laws to deter driving under the influence. Countries that have severe punishment for DUI do not tolerate the carnage we do. Why is this? Because those that emphasize freedom and liberty out of context tyrannize the system; "Don't Tread On Me", etc.

A similar thing is occurring with legalization of marijuana. Emphasizing the freedom and liberty to choose means once marijuana is legalized and taxed as a capitalist commodity more and more people will be disqualified from serving in the USAF. Once recreational use of marijuana becomes commonplace as alcohol, imagine trying to find an enlistee who has no prior use of alcohol (or less than 15X). There won't be very many. USAF will then have to lower its standards and accept individuals formerly denied as psychologically unfit to serve. This means the USAF will be less sound of mind and strong of body. So then, if fighting to make marijuana more pervasive in society (in the name of freedom and liberty, again, taken out of context) is not outright treason, it's clearly unpatriotic.

Or at least that's the argument I'm using to defend against accusations that I'm an unConstitutional villain for denying people's freedom and liberty by opposing marijuana legalization and taxation as a capitalist commodity.
John Doe

New York, NY

#3 Aug 4, 2012
Lung cancer from smoking marijuana??
please show the research that backs this up...
Jane Doe

Jacksonville, FL

#4 Aug 8, 2012
Bruce you're not an unconstitutional villain - you just like to cherry pick when to use the constitution, like many people tend to do. People that drink all the time vs. people that toke - I really don't want either in active duty. We know that people that drink heavily and very often can be very psychologically unstable. But no one harassed for not serving, especially if you've tried.
And John you are so right! Never has there been a scientific study to show a link between cancer and marijuana. I'm not saying that there's not some government paid studies out there. I mean ones that actually make sure there are as few variables as possible. Chain smoking cigarettes or family history, toxic environment and other predispositions need to be taken in to consideration. In thorough studies that follow the scientific method, it has not been shown to cause cancer. So good news, it's not your fault...
Jane Doe

Jacksonville, FL

#5 Aug 8, 2012
Sorry I meant to say " one Should be harassed for not serving.."
Sky Tripper

San Antonio, TX

#6 Aug 11, 2012
Bruce....No offense, but you were screwed for not being able to join the Air Force over such a trivial thing as past usage of marijuana. I have known plenty of drunks who served in the force. Former colnel's included. Not to mention the simple fact that there are plenty of alcoholics serving in the military who obviously can do so since alcohol is legal and not an issue with drug testing. I can understand the Air Force not wanting to enlist former acidheads, PCP users, meth freaks or possibly even those who like to snort LEGAL bath salts and piss on themselves or burn their neighbors house down because they think they are demons who wish them harm. But seriously, potheads are not a problem in today's society to the extent that they should not be able to serve in the military. Toking the weed is far better than knocking back way too many beers or shots and getting way too stupid to function.
Yeah, freedom is a touchy thing. Everyone has their own perception of personal freedom but when it comes down to, nobody can agree what that freedom should consist of and too many people have zero tolerance of other's behavior when it comes to altering your state of mind with any chemicals. Hell, you can't even smoke cigarettes anymore without being treated like a 4th class citizen.
What really defines freedom in America thesedays anyway?
The Constitution has been scrapped for the most part already and Big Brother has taken over this once....great nation.
Enslavement is all that is left and it comes in many different forms....but it is alive and well.
Toke up and forget about it, OK?

Flushing, NY

#8 Feb 26, 2013
I'm interested in joining the Air Force but I have a problem I have 4 misdemeanors on my record how many is to many and can I receive a waiver for them
Bruce Deile

Los Angeles, CA

#9 Feb 27, 2013
Thanks for bumping up...hadn't noticed those comments from Aug. 2012. Nonsense--propaganda--won't bother to reply and waste public computer time. Jerry Garcia (Grateful Dead) glorified pot smoking for many a year; died at 53 y.o. in a rehab clinic trying to kick a heroin addiction. Etc. (no way--tried to post this comment just now and it was prevented with a warning not to post profanity or offensive material. None of that applies to this post. Besides, look at all the offensive that appears on this forum--terrible stuff.

New York, NY

#10 Feb 28, 2013
I'm completely blown away by how people can still view marijuana so terribly. If one would bother to look, you'd see the enormous amounts of good it's doing for the world. Before I joined the Air Force, I used marijuana. For three months before enlistment, I stopped using with no side effects whatsoever (psychological or physical, and this is after being a daily user). My term ended a year ago and you bet your ass I fired up my vape the day it did. Currently, I'm an after-school athletics coordinator for various middle & high schools throughout NYC and I'm a perfectly functioning (some might say outstanding) member of society. Have I ever once thought of trying any other drug? Yes. Have I? Nope and I don't ever plan to. As someone who has been drinking much longer than I've been using marijuana (started drinking at 17 and using marijuana at 22), I've seen the shitty things alcohol can do to friends and family (and ANYONE who drinks has seen it), but the worst I've ever seen of what and how marijuana has harmed is this one time where I accidentally singed part of my eyebrow lighting up a bowl (when I still used bowls). The dose makes the poison, when it comes to anything. Let's properly educate our country so that its people can decide what's right for themselves instead terrorizing them based upon outdated and biased research and political agendas.
Bruce Deile

Los Angeles, CA

#11 Mar 1, 2013
Alcohol education works great doesn't it? Ever attend a DWI class where they show graphic photos of accident victims? Leave the class, and continue drinking and driving anyhow? I have.

And how well are people educated about Big Pharma drugs? When Big Pharma controls marijuana, the harmful side effects will be obfuscated same as other drugs.

Go to a treatment center and see the mental illness marijuana has caused young people showing up there. The suicide attempts, etc., etc.

I will never forget the Alaska Native I went through treatement with in 1985. He had a meltdown that's imprinted on my brain forever. He wasn't blame-shifting, but cried in the most anquished cry I've ever heard that he hadn't meant to shoot his grandfather in the face with a .22 rifle--"it was the marijuana!!! It screwed up my head so badly!!!". Etc., etc. Treatment counselors and ER staff must see such stuff all the time. And it is going to get far worse.

Scapegoat the mentally ill for gun crime in the U.S.? Legalizing and taxing marijuana as a capitalist commodity will increase mental illness everywhere.

Grand Prairie, TX

#12 Feb 20, 2014
Lets look at the situation surrounding the use of marajuana and the violence involved in those cases. There are a number of reasons from drug use. Curiosity in college, escapism, ect. Do you think that there weren't pre existing factors that led to any suicidal thoughts or violent actions? I've seen more violence occur from alcoholics than potheads and more death from alcohol poisoning than an individual being "stoned" to death. Habitual alcohol or drug use is a symptom of a pre existing condition, not the cause of it. Saying the marajuana made me do it is the same as saying the devil made me do it or the alcohol made me do it. It's easier than accepting that this characteristic was already inside this individual.

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