what do we think of fort drum soldiers

Schenectady, NY

#25 Nov 14, 2011
I feel bad for these dudes, you got women who prey and feed off soldiers. Suck em dry or get knocked up so they can collect child support. They should have a list of women that do this so the guys arent blind sided and fooled by them. I know one that should be on the list. I feel bad for the guys because she plays so innocent and hooks them quick. Stays with them a year or two then after married soaks them for all they're worth and kicks em to the curb. Then on to the next victim.

Fullerton, CA

#27 Apr 30, 2012
I can't believe the trash that comes out of so many of your mouths. As a former military wife and a native of watertown I see both sides of this. First of all, just because a few miitary men and women behave in a bad way does not mean that all of them are the same way. If you opened your eyes to reality you would see that these things happen with or without a military base present. Bashing people in a demographic is just ignorant. Remember there men and women put there lives on line for us. Hero or no hero, i don't see any of you volunteering to take a bullet to keep our country safe. Why don't you lose a loved one to 911 or to the war and then tell me how you feel about these brave men and women.
Both sides

New York, NY

#28 May 30, 2012
I can understand some of the hate going on, however let me point some things out to those of you bashing.

1) I have not met a single person who is or ever was actually happy to be posted here. Soldiers don't generally get to choose where they are stationed. Trust me if our family had the choice we would be back in Savannah so fast heads would spin.

2) Being a military spouse is not all about " laying on our backs dumping out spoiled brats and getting a paycheck". That paycheck is not earned as easily as some may think. Marriage is hard in or out of the military. I know I was married to my husband prior to him ever even thinking about joining the military. You have your bad seeds on both sides, civilian and military. You also have the naive individuals who believe marriage is nothing but popping out babies.

3)As for the rent prices. I would not blame the soldiers but blame the greedy a$$ local landlords who want to bleed out every penny they can. Soldiers don't have the choice to move away from here unless they want to get in major trouble for going AWOL. Once again if our family had the choice we would be out so fast heads would spin.We do not want to pay the ridiculous rents anymore than ya'll do.

4) Military members and their families have just as much right to help programs as any of you. They put their dollars into them as well.

5) This area is not so different from my hometown. Accept responsibility that the only way a community will change is if the true residents ..aka locals stand up and speak with reason and clarity about the things they want to see in there community in a reasonable manner.

6) I do agree being military does not automatically make you a hero. In some cases it is just about being able to take care of their families.How does that make them any different than you? I imagine you want the same thing.. to be able to take care of your family. The thing is they are doing a job that I do not see you who are complaining willing to do. They go and they risk not only their lives but their very sanity to do a job someone has to do. You have douche bags everywhere in every line of work so quit with the rose colored glasses and grow up.

7) You as civilians have more freedom than any military member and you do not even realize it. I bet you do not have to ask permission on the weekend if you want to take a flight and go visit family? I bet you do not have to ask permission to pack up on a four day weekend and go to the beach. I will even bet that you do not have to wait for permissions and paperwork to clear before you can go see a dieing family member. So the think about this .. the people who fight for your damn freedom have fewer freedoms than you yourself do. Talk about ironic. How many civilians have to to put in paperwork to be able to even be in the country when your wife gives birth? How many of you have sat in a foreign country with no way to get back to the states while your wife is in ICU and you have no idea where your children are because your crappy "boss" does not deem the situation important enough for you to be able to fly home and care for your children? So many have a glamourized idea of what being in the military is. Grow up.

Military and civilian really are two different worlds. One fights for the freedom while the other receives those freedoms. So the net time you want to assume all military are just spoiled look at it like this you actually have the right to speak your mind regardless of what clothing you may be wearing whereas a military member has to be careful what they say because it could be a reflection of the military so they have essentially lost their freedom of speech I hope you enjoy yours.

United States

#29 Jun 16, 2012
This has to be one of the most disgusting topics I have read on this site. I understand everyone is entitled to their own opinion but you can use better choice words.

I haven't lived in Upstate New York my whole life but I have been here for some time now. My father is retired Air Force and my husband is in the Army. So I support our troops. Yes, it is their job and they get paid to protect our country. But this isn't a 9-5, 5 day a week job. Their are certain sacrifices that go with this job and one of them is dealing with ungrateful people.

Just like any other group of people as a whole, their are going to be some bad apples that end up labeling the rest of the group. I am an "outsider" in the Upstate New York community. So when I moved here this is what I thought. A majority of people in upstate new york : Don't graduate high school and if they do, they don't continue their education. Upstate New York has one of the highest teen pregnancies rates in New York State. Everyone is somehow related and quite a few families are even incest. People are extremely judgmental and openly racist.

But as I have lived up here for awhile, I know that their are only a a small group of people that those statements really apply too.

And just in case you forgot, back in 2001-2002, your government you voted for, decided to declare war on terrorism. As a country we had to expand our military and our military bases to fight this war. And we are still fighting this war, 10 years later. Maybe you shouldn't complain about shelling out your tax dollars to soldiers when they are just doing their job, ordered by the government, the government you voted for. Funny how that works right?

United States

#30 Dec 25, 2012
@ Jeff. Your comment is so sad and pathetic it actually brought me to laughter to see how uneducated you are. First off you can not classify people all in one category due a few of their actions. If so I would call you a dumb uneducated hick :) but lets not call names because that is just not nice. But you see how I can have a conversation with out curse words that is amazing isn't it. I am a wife of a solider and I was married to him before he was in the military and we have four children that are not brats, which I guess according your post is a miracle. Also I like my job as a nurse so I think I will just not be a whore but thanks for the suggestion. But I will pray for you and hope you get some Jesus in your life.
you mad bro

Rome, NY

#31 Dec 28, 2012
Awe whats wrong did a soldier get you knocked up and have to leave.. Try closing your legs and stop wishing one would marry you and take you away from this run down town!

Fulton, NY

#32 Jan 25, 2013
mls wrote:
all ft drum soldiers are pigs and get girls pregnant?? maybe she should kept her legs closed. guess she wasnt taught so well either
Are you serious!? Obviously you need a reality check!! Maybe they need to learn how to close their legs!

Saranac Lake, NY

#33 Apr 2, 2013
This place has been here for longer than a lot of you have been alive so how are you able to say it brought all the problems here. Is it just a easy target and label to throw hate on when you get pissed at the government or did a guy break you little heart who just happen to have a particular job

Since: Mar 13

Livonia, NY

#34 Apr 2, 2013
Ft. drum is ruining the north country.It has brought more out of state meth,oxycontin,and gagns to the area than any other factor.This is true of all military bases the federal government has admitted it is a serious problem.Many crime synddicates have been flooding the military to train soldiers and expand their areas of influence.They know if someone in uniform gets caught in acrime that local police forces have to hand them over to the base for punishment were they will be slapped on the wrist because they need that soldier.It has also destroyed the tourismm in the area.Few people want to vacation in an area with helicopters and constant surveillance not to mention the fights and destruction caused buy out of state men and women who are looking for an outlet of their frustration in aplace they have no connection to and could care less about.I apologise to those who are not in these groups but this is fact.

Since: Mar 13

Livonia, NY

#35 Apr 2, 2013
Hmmmm wrote:
This place has been here for longer than a lot of you have been alive so how are you able to say it brought all the problems here. Is it just a easy target and label to throw hate on when you get pissed at the government or did a guy break you little heart who just happen to have a particular job
Did it not used to be camp drum,close,then reopen as ft. drum?

Since: Mar 13

Livonia, NY

#36 Apr 2, 2013
It is entertaining though when they go to Alexbay run their mouths thinking they are the baddest mofo around,run their mouths,and have their rears handed to them by locals
Watching them get taxied home black and blue,bloody,and ashamed(all because of their own dumb arrogant behaviour)is classic.

Springfield, VA

#37 Apr 2, 2013
Look you guys are upset cause you did not have what it takes to be a bad ass Soldier hey here is a hint for you people who talk smack about ft drum !! Ft Drum has Infantry Soldiers there Army Rangers the best of the best is there real bad ass men so why talk shit on a computer? ask yourself are you man enough to go through the ft drum gate and tell a Infantry guy he is a peace of shit probally not !! You would get body slamed in 15 seconds or less the only thing you punks have over us Soldiers here on ft drum is we are not allowed to smash your faces in because the judges dont go for it and the army wont go for it take away the laws and a ny brave man who says something smart to a Grunt will get his ass kicked with no worries so just be glad the Army does not allow us to stomp your face in the dirt because if you are not standing behind are Soldiers now in a time of war why dont you come to Afganistan and stand in front of us and get wiped out with the rest of the scum!! and ladies love soldiers tough sexy bodys and we know how to have great sex so bang there ya go talk more smack about ft drum dont be a hater cause you are not a real man and you live at home with mommy and your sister got knocked up by a guy who wanted to have fun maybe your sister should have said hey put on a condom please but no she did not so deal with it you lil bitch

Springfield, VA

#38 Apr 2, 2013
Soldiers steel all the ladies away because the ladies know we are real men and will protect there needs and wants Like the local bums what do you have a 10 dollar a hour grass cutting job working for uncle bob lmao Soldiers have everything bad ass trucks nice cars big dicks and hot bodies i would pick a soldier over a local guy in a heart beat sorry boys i love me some soldier dick get over it girls will always fall for soldiers they are brave and can put food on the table if need be !!!

Sierra Vista, AZ

#39 Jun 14, 2013
Jeff wrote:
im glad you feel left out you should, this is not your home this is our home and it was taken over by soldiers there slutty wives and spoiled kids. I'm not saying this areas didn't have drugs or whores before drum but fort drum realllly brought it out in our community soldiers nowadays are disrespectful, they wear their uniforms out and about and wonder why they don't fit in hey asshole your pt uniform isn't getting you laid anywhere but at carthage high. so if they want to fit in so badly turn down their faggot music, put a muffler on their vehicles, stop sleeping with underage girls, and stop talking shit about the people that live here!
and as for you a military wife...only 2% of you marry for love. it's an easy paycheck fall on your back for the first dipshit in camo to put a ring on it after only months of dating, they get shipped overseas while you sit on your asses dumping bratty kids out, fuck their buddies here at home and ask for military discounts while buying your boytoy condoms with your husbands credit card. i see it happen all the time.
I really don't care if i offended you either, im tired of this fort drum bullshit and so is everyone else you wanna start being a part of the area and fit in well then stop seperating yourself from "civilians" because civilians don't call eachother civilians, armywife.
<quoted text>
You are dumb as fuck and not worth the air you breathe. I am about to move to Ft. Drum, and if I come across your ugly face I will spit right in it. If it's such an easy paycheck, join up. It's not, but pieces of shit like you don't know any better, I guess. "Civilian" privilege is no excuse for hate and ignorance. You make me ashamed to have been born and raised very near Oneida, where you are apparently from.
From Here

Camillus, NY

#40 Jun 16, 2013
I am a wife of a United States Soldier but that means nothing for how I treat people. I treat everyone with respect and expect respect in turn. I am from this area and met my husband because of Ft. Drum stationing him here. Being that I see this place from both angles I have to say it only takes one person to do something so stupid on either side for me to want to recant my association with it. I don't understand this argument of community members vs Army members. Aren't we all Americans? Quit arguing over who is worse and start volunteering and make this place a better more safe environment for our children to grow up in. As for tourism I do believe Ft. Drum has brought a lot of attention from businesses and introduced shopping centers and stores that would otherwise look over this town. Can't we all just get along? As for the comment about us all being on food stamps and public assistance I have never once used WIC nor EBT we do not own brand new cars nor do we live on base and personally I have never used any type of drugs so I'm definitely not the one bringing drugs into the area. We live within our means by living off base saving a few dollars so that we can live a happier life. Now as for the term hero, I do believe my husband does fall under that category not because he signed the dotted line it's because I see him day after day work 14-16 hour days when he's home and god only knows what hours overseas and he's not once given up on providing for this family. We do not have a ton of kids but just one child that I stay home and raise for the time being and if one day I need to work I will do so just to stay away from public assistance. Not once have I ever cheated on my husband nor has the thought crossed my mind. My marriage is not under special regulations because he is military. Our commitment is much deeper than a piece of paper. We were (according to this post) actually one of the few that are excited to be stationed here because our families are just an hour to a few hours away. We have been stationed in way worse places than here so instead of bickering appreciate each other work with each other and make this place better. As for the term civilians that's what us non-soldiers basically are. I am a "proud civilian" married to a United States Soldier this does not grant me rank this just makes me a proud wife. Besides there's no place like home nor does any other place have Jrecks subs.

Syracuse, NY

#42 Sep 14, 2013
Wow so much hate.. we are all human and make mistakes.. I am so glad I don't know any of yawl..and thank god your not the judge thats judges me.. I'd go shoot myself first.. shame on yawl to be pointing fingers at each other, when its clearly everyone thats at fault. Oh let me guess this is where and who can we shift the blame on the most to a certain party..i guess .. if it only makes yawl feel better. My suggestion is every single one of yawl needs to volunteer at a community project thats beneficial..:) That will make you feel so much better then bickering and saying who's fault is who's. For life is not fair, but you can always make it better.

background: born in a third world country, adopted, became a military brat, served the military, and now a veteran and a military wife.

Silver Spring, MD

#44 Jan 16, 2014
I just got stationed here. Two things: army wives, calm down. And the soldiers here are kind of obnoxious. Just saying.

Potsdam, NY

#45 Jan 19, 2014
They suck because they leave the baby momma and steal baby mommas, that's why I never joined I would never join them no place in this country for a moniority army person real talk!

Rome, NY

#46 Feb 12, 2014
Just makes me want to blare my no muffler chevy engine throughout Watertown even more now. Thanks!

Canton, NY

#47 Feb 15, 2014
I think there are a lot of bad soldiers giving good ones bad names.

Joshua Waldraff for instance got married to a woman....and slept around and now the poor girl is left alone with a baby..... Horrible man!!!!

Other soldiers go to clubs and cause trouble, get drunk and get sent to jail for the night. Thus why we have the Courtesy Patrol. But it seems its the SINGLE soldiers causing the most problems not the MARRIED ones....

No One seems to see this!!!! Leave the soldiers be. They provide us with a service. They protect our country and unless you want to get up off your butt and do it. SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!

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