Widow of slain Federal Way cop will l...

Widow of slain Federal Way cop will lobby in Olympia for law enforcement

There are 15 comments on the South King County story from Dec 21, 2009, titled Widow of slain Federal Way cop will lobby in Olympia for law enforcement. In it, South King County reports that:

The Council of Metropolitan Police and Sheriffs announced the appointment of Federal Way resident Renee Maher as executive director of the organization.

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Kent, WA

#2 Dec 29, 2009
Mirror: Please remove this hateful and slanderous post from "pkm."
"pkm" from Temecula is a truly sick and sad individual. How anyone could make the very nasty inferences that this person has made is beyond the scope of my imagination. For this person to claim to know the length of Patrick and Renee's marriage, it is clear that they are the "family" they claim to defend. Renee and her son are also Patrick's family, and it does not matter if other family members like that fact or not - Patrick CHOSE Renee and Nicholas and their hatred and smear campaign is shameful.
Renee has never claimed that Patrick was Nicholas' biological father, but it is abundantly clear that Nicholas was very profoundly affected and influenced by the great man that Patrick was. I would think Patrick's family would be able to find some pride in the legacy that he left behind.

pkm: You might want to do some legal research. Your many postings across various media are becoming slanderous. Additionally, a tiny bit of legal research (or common sense) will show that the duration of their marriage is absolutely of no consequence, your arguments are completely without merit.
You should be ashamed of the dishonor you continue to pay to Patrick Maher's memory.

Seattle, WA

#3 Dec 29, 2009
As the widow of a police officer, I would like to respond.

My daughter informed me of Mrs. Maher's advocacy, and I am appalled by the comment by pkm of Temecula.

The length of a marriage is not indicative of the QUALITY of a marriage.

If Mrs. Maher is advocating on behalf of Washington state families, good for her, and by extension, good for those who will benefit from positive legislation.

My Ohio survivor benefits were rescinded when I remarried 8 years after my police officer husband died. I certainly could have used the benefits to raise our 6 children.

Clearly pkm is upset about the length of your marriage, Mrs. Maher, leading me to suspect she might be your husband's former wife. The law enforcement divorce rate is high, but it does take 2 to end a marriage.

Mrs. Maher, keep your chin up and continue the good you are doing.

Kent, WA

#4 Dec 29, 2009
pkm: Wow, just wow. Have you no class?

The only person who should be upset by the length of Patrick and Renee's marriage is Renee - she lost her husband when he was killed in the line of duty.
For someone to come to this site and degrade Renee, her son Nick and Renee's very legitimate efforts to enact legislative changes for Washington's survivors is truly a sad thing to witness. Despite pkm's outrageous claims otherwise, there is no profit in any of Renee's or Nick's activities. I know them well - they seek only to honor Patrick's service and sacrifice. And, I might add, they are do an exceptional job of doing so.
Renee - please follow the sage advice of Emily - keep your chin up and continue the great work you are doing!

Bellevue, WA

#5 Dec 29, 2009
PKM you are a ignorant selfish moron. Your not even from Washington! Obviously, you are some 16-year old kid whose parents dont love him and who has nothing to do. Get a life! Then get some respect for our law enforecment men and their families.

Since: Dec 09

Seattle, WA

#6 Dec 29, 2009
Wow pkm, you appear to be a very hurt and bitter person. I don't know what happened to you in life but I am glad this thread came to my attention so I can address you and defend Renee in a public forum. As Emily stated your comments smack of those of an “entitled ex-wife”. If that is the case or you know the ex-wife and she feels like you do then please see that you or she get some help before you completely poison your life and the lives around you. Life is far too short!

Renee has her current position based on her professional and life experience both before and after Patrick was in her life. I have seen her do nothing to profit from and is in a deficit both emotionally and financially without Patrick. I assure you that Renee as all of the other Survivors I know consider any benefits they receive to be blood money that they would gladly trade to have their loved one back.

As a person with first had knowledge of the proposed legislation I can speak from a position of facts. If this legislation passed as proposed will Renee benefit, yes she will and she deserves it. Do I think that is why she is doing it, absolutely not! It is a very noble cause and Renee has been nothing if not selfless. She has gone out of her way to make sure that the beneficiaries of the legislation are much greater then if she was only out for herself. She has taken her grief and channeled it for good positive action in support of survivors of line of duty deaths. I have seen use her personal pain and understanding of being a survivor to work in support of other survivors and law enforcement on multiple occasions.

A few more facts for you. Renee was his wife and Nick was his son. In short Patrick made his choice. You should respect and support that choice. Speaking out against Patrick’s widow and son is disrespectful to his memory and those that Patrick loved.

Now I can say I have seen firsthand what you have done to disregard Patrick’s wishes and disrespect his memory. What have you done to support Patrick’s memory, his survivors or law enforcement? Please challenge yourself then reconsider your words and make restitution. If that is asking too much then please keep your hate to yourself.

Gouldsboro, PA

#7 Dec 30, 2009
Ah freedom of speech, don't ya just love it? I can remember how poor pkm could voice his opinion without facing a lynch mob. As for my opinion, it's rather irrelevant, nothing can make up for the sudden loss of a loved one. I wish Renee and her family good luck and my deepest sympathies

Kent, WA

#8 Dec 30, 2009
Thank you for removing the original comment from "pkm" on this story!
Renee, I hope you realize that you are loved and respected by so many and you won't let the unkind words of one or two bitter people have any effect on you.

Gouldsboro, PA

#9 Dec 30, 2009
Was that a hidden shot at me? Don't worry, Cheryl, I won't request that your comment be removed...just kidding. All I'm saying is this pkm, whatever his name was, has the right to express his opinion, regardless of the fact he has the brains of a shoehorn. Whatever happened to the good old days when we called someone like him an idiot and moved on? Cops die all the time and as tragic as it may be, it's a part of life. We need to fix this freaking economy and give more money to the police and the fire department. Maybe if there was more of them to go around, people wouldn't keep losing their spouses so often.

Kent, WA

#10 Dec 30, 2009
Hey Liberty - my post was not a shot at you at all. It was an encouragement to Renee to not let the unkind words posted by PKM here, and by others who have posted on other media sites have any affect on her and what she is doing.
I am a strong advocate for freedom of speech and the right to express one's opinion. However, there is a difference between expressing an opinion and the hateful, slanderous posting from PKM. Renee is my friend, and when she is attacked and slandered, I will do everything in my power to stop that attack. Based on the other posts here, including portions of your own posts, I am not alone in feeling that Renee and her son were mistreated in PKM's post.
I find it interesting that you equate the response from myself and other posters here who denounced PKM's nastiness as a "lynch mob" - don't we also have the right to express our opinions? It wasn't any of us who removed PKM's post, the removal was done by the Federal Way Mirror's staff. Perhaps the removal was requested by PKM herself? I don't know, I just know that I am glad they are no longer on this site for Renee's son Nicholas to read.
I absolutely agree that we need more police and fire fighters.
Happy New Year to you Liberty.

Gouldsboro, PA

#11 Dec 30, 2009
I know that Cheryl, like I said before I was only kidding. I only made the "lynch mob" remark because every comment was against this person. As distasteful as it may have been, I would like to have read it. Then I could have made my own judgment about it. I still believe what we find inappropriate is a matter of opinion, but I do agree you have the right to defend your friend. I am pleased to see Renee has you to turn to during such an ordeal.....Happy New Year to you to Cheryl and try not to let all the stupid people get to you.

Bainbridge Island, WA

#12 Dec 30, 2009
I did not realize you had not seen the post at issue. You seem to be a reasonable, rational person, so I believe you likely would have found it to be inappropriate. Perhaps not. At any rate, thank you for your civility and your compassion. Life is far too short to be anything less. Be well.
Federal Way

Bratislava, Slovakia

#13 Feb 6, 2010
I knew her husband. He like the rest of the federal way police, a group of thugs that have absolutely no respect for the law that they were sworn to protect. As a matter of fact the federal police are more like the federal way occupation troops. Federal Way which has become more like a prison block with cameras everywhere and cops that roam the streets day and night in black masks and camo needs people to turn that police force back into a protect and serve force, and not a group of thugs that wear black to instill fear into it's citizens.

Gouldsboro, PA

#14 Feb 6, 2010
If you really knew her husband, how about showing a little respect. If there are such a form of police, I believe they were brought on by thugs that not only have no respect for the law, but for human life as well.
Federal Way

Bratislava, Slovakia

#15 Feb 6, 2010
What is it I am disrespecting? I am showing respect the utmost respect for the law and decency. The law enforcement in Federal Way have been caught conducting warrantless searches on a massive scale since 1997, long before even the patriot act, which is unconstitutional. They have also been caught watching people having sex and sending the signal to patrol cars of officers not on call so they can watch too. I'm sorry her husband was killed. You know, I don't condone violence of any kind, nor do I condone officers watching their citizens having sex in the privacy of their own bedrooms. Furthermore these officers will tell you to your face that they are trash collectors and if you're not one of them, well if the shoe fits wear it. Well friend my fellow citizens are not trash, they are good people who deserve to have life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. There is a reason why Federal Way has a hard time holding on to officers, many have a conscious and don't want anything to do with the crimes being committed against the population. Federal Way law enforcement is on it's way to becoming an international embarrassment.

Gouldsboro, PA

#16 Feb 7, 2010
Did you know this man, personally? If you did, you then make a good point. However, my impression is you're condemning this man because so many of these cops are a-holes. I can understand your fustration, this is messed up and these police should be stopped. But they won't be unless they are singled out individually. Get some badge numbers, report these cops, and keep in mind there's good and bad in both places.

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