City may redraw laws on graffiti

City may redraw laws on graffiti

There are 300 comments on the Tacoma Daily Index story from Jun 17, 2006, titled City may redraw laws on graffiti. In it, Tacoma Daily Index reports that:

Federal Way is looking at ways to strengthen its graffiti laws. But King County Council member Pete von Reichbauer says the entire region needs to work together.

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John Williamson

Seattle, WA

#1 Jun 19, 2006
The penalty for Graffiti should be 1 year hard labor
cleaning up their art. They should also return to jail at night and lose all freedom. Lets bring back the chain gangs. That will teach them a lesson they will never forget. Punishment should be very harsh. This might be hard since Washington is so week on controlling crime. But should we pay for cleanup. Its their crime and they should pay the price.
known graffiti artist

Tacoma, WA

#2 Aug 1, 2006
youre a flamehead. WA is so weak that a sex offender gets a less punishment then a graff artist. I pay for your parents welfare, least i can do is put my name on your property..You get a nice punishment for getting caught look into it youre figure it out.

Tacoma, WA

#3 Aug 5, 2006
that so much bull its amazing that people are so against graffiti artists when all we are trying to do is get art up, we aren't rich people we never went to art school so we are self taught and it is really hard to sell art unless you went to some fancy art school and it seems lie people would rather have us commit a worse crime then spray aerosol art. Only the dumbass taggers do it on peoples houses and places of worship most of us know that those are off limits,but public buildings that we pay for with our taxes should not be off limits, i know a lot of people that like to see graffiti when walking down the street it gives them something colorful and beutiful to look at instead of run down boarded up houses. Most of us serious graffiti artists do what i think amazing artwork, we just got delt bad hands in life so we couldn't go to art school. Also what the hell is wrong with you saying to bring back chain and take away all of our rights here is my take on what your saying you can take my taxes, send me to war, but you can't feed me, You are such a prick john, you can never know what it is like to struggle to make a living. peace and know your facts you prick!

Seattle, WA

#4 Aug 10, 2006
A tag is not art. In no way shape or form. There are some murals that are really amazing but thats only a small portion when compared to the 1000's of junk attempts at ghetto art.

The true artist will rise up and put their talent to better for making money rather than vandalizing the property of others.

Oh, you dont have to go to art school to make money making art. All you need is the drive and talent. If the art is good, it will sell its self.

I don't know its always easier to blame someone else I guess.
graff boy


#6 Aug 11, 2006
look Graffiti is way of expressing yourself like an artist would pick up a brush and create a work of art. i really dont see the point of punishing a kid/adult for expressing themselves thats just plain wrong, if you knew the time it took to design a Piece or a dub and and the money, you would see it at such a different angle.
To be honest you not gonna take on the world and your never gonna kill 'Graffit' in anyway shape or form!!
METROkings destroy

United States

#7 Aug 11, 2006
Grow Up

Fairfield, CA

#8 Aug 12, 2006
Who cares if you grew up poor and were dealt a bad hand. Live by the rules of society or pay the price. I don't want to look at your crude, bubbly chicken scratch anymore than the next person. Graffiti "artists" have the same mentality as smokers. Everyone else has to suffer your expressions of "individuality" and "talent". If you had any real talents, you'd get picked up by a gallery or museum. Until then, suck it up like the amateurs you are.
graff boy


#9 Aug 12, 2006
'lol' for your information i didnt grow up poor at all i had a nice upbringing, But for me Graffiti is a way of life, your only beefin on it because your jealous that you cant express your self in the same way that graffiti writers can or that you as a person are just dramatically boring and cant please the miss's
peace out
Stop Snitchin

Seattle, WA

#10 Aug 22, 2006
We've got a war that most of the public disapproves, a president that LIES (if not him then his cabinet.)and illegally wiretaps OUR people. A drug war in wich we criminalize people based on semantics (Chong was jailed for saying 'bong' versus 'waterpipe') and all these AMAZING ACTIVISTS are attacking their own people for art. I think that people writing their opinions on the wall is a symptom of the fact that our society still stifles expression and freedom of speech.
Grow-up you are pretty dumb, most famous artists die before their talent is recognized so you should keep talking like you know something as it discredits your retarded message.
Derf, art is personal expression, there is a black canvas in the Seattle art museum worth more money than some cars. Art is a personal expression.
If i was like John i'd make some drastic call to stop the nazi like oppression of people making judgements based on misinformed preconceptions.
Instead i'll let you discredit yourselves.

Seattle, WA

#11 Aug 22, 2006
You dont have to be dead to make money doing art. I do it everyday =D

Again vandalizing the property of others is not art. Some of it is cool, and I think what a waste and still its vandalism. Mostly its kids, who have no concept of art. They are just trying to be cool. In regard to this topic specifically the grafitti here in Federal Way is pretty bad looking. Not just that its on someone elses property but it's just plain sloppy and the "artist" should be embarrased to claim it as theirs.

Now that is not art......heh the cool thing about the black canvas is that I have the choice not to see it =P
street celebrity

Seattle, WA

#12 Aug 24, 2006
I personally am a graffiti WRITER...i dont consider myself an artist.....i suppose some cats do...i dont know. for me its always been a sort of release...graffiti doesnt need to be considered art, nor do writers need to be considered artists...i write my name, my crew, and often times where im from, on the wall...can i say why i do it? can an artist say why he creates? does it really require explanation? i realize i am not the definitive voice of this culture....but i think i speak for all of us when i say....graffiti will never stop. i know thats not the most profound statement....nonetheless....i love everyone who looks at/hates on/talks about/or even just notices my does not hate.

p.s. i think its beautiful...the city is an eyesore...which makes for a perfect canvas.....this world is grey...color the grid.
Joe Shmo

Bellevue, WA

#13 Aug 25, 2006
This guy clearly has a stick shoved somewhere that it shouldn't be. Did somebody hit your private business with a crappy throwie and this is your way of getting back. One year of hard labor. I hardly think that is possible. Keep fighting for laws that will deter artists from getting up. I'm sure some day you will get your way you gobble cockler.
John Williamson wrote:
The penalty for Graffiti should be 1 year hard labor
cleaning up their art. They should also return to jail at night and lose all freedom. Lets bring back the chain gangs. That will teach them a lesson they will never forget. Punishment should be very harsh. This might be hard since Washington is so week on controlling crime. But should we pay for cleanup. Its their crime and they should pay the price.
darn right

Renton, WA

#14 Aug 26, 2006
darn right

Renton, WA

#15 Aug 26, 2006
If I catch you painting something of mine -
I WILL blow a hole through you -

Bellingham, WA

#16 Aug 29, 2006
we need more walls. put a wall at every jh. and hx.

Bellingham, WA

#17 Aug 29, 2006
we need more freedom to do shit in the public so that way we don;t get in trouble.

Seattle, WA

#18 Aug 30, 2006
Why not tag skate parks? Now that is a place I would expect to see graffiti not my neighbors fence.

Really how many people get caught? Not many. No matter what laws there are, people won't stop but I strongly feel that if you do get caught, you should do the time, pay for and or clean up the mess. Why is that so unfair? If it wasn't risky it wouldn't be as fun would it?

Eventually you will all grow up =D Maybe huh?

Good luck all....
206 writer

Tenino, WA

#19 Sep 12, 2006
There are killers and sex offenders out their murdering the innocent and raping little girls. Shouldn't you pay more attention to that than a graffiti writer who makes a public building look better my painting it?
another graff writer

Enumclaw, WA

#20 Sep 13, 2006
im gonna aim this argument against graff.i guess i could understand why people hate graff to the extreme and why others defend it...graff is art no doubt..but in a real sence graff is illegal vandalism if done on property thats not even yours.most people with real graff skills dont go killing walls and tagging store fronts.what i mean by graff skills are people who can actually peice a wildstyle burner with hella colors or execute a can in a way that puts u above someone else..have some kind of flow. ive seen some good bombs some bombs deserve to stay up...but for the most part..its people trying to get up..peoples whos names arent gonna matter to knoeone except us writers...why the big ego from all these writers (if they really are writers) u knoe the law u knoe the consiquences thats the flow of society thats the game. but then again us graff writers gotta remmeber would if u or ur friends or family had a business a property or sumthin and some kid decided to paint that right in front of ur store or house..whats that gonna make u feel? Graffiti is an art ... only if u have the talent and devotion to take ur art to the next level and educate urself to become a better artist.


#21 Sep 22, 2006
i think graffiti looks good

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