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Fayette County Ambulance Authority

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Fayette Needs Help

Charleston, WV

#1 May 11, 2010
The people of Fayette County need to finally follow the lead of other County's and demand 24 hour 365 day a year EMS coverage. Anyone that knows anything about medical services, you need EMS within several minutes of an onset of several different episodes. You see, when you have a private company it is geared towards one thing first and foremost. Making money!! Jan-Care and General Ambulance are privately owned companies. The Fayette County 911 center and it's leadership are responsible for providing you protection as well as fire and ems services. You know why this County has not went, or even attempted to begin a County wide EMS service?? Payoffs!! That's right, the ole you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. To cut this short, stand up, I have on numerous occasions and asked why they continue with the private companies. Ask them why. Because if you don't, you or one of your loved ones may need an ambulance and you will have to wait for ems to
come from Raleigh or Nicholas Co. It's a shame, and all you have to do is call Kanawha County Emergency Ambulance Authority. Ask them how many calls they have had to run in Fayette Co. while these J/C or General Ambulances are running non life threatening calls that are guranteed paying calls. I know for one instance when a Kanawha County Ambulance had to move up to Fayette Co. all the way to Hico because of no coverage. That's ridiculous. I bet if you would talk to some of the dispatchers they would confirm this. But I gurantee if you ask any political office holder, the 911 director or county fire coordinator you won't get nothing but excuses. You see, money offers excuses!! You should demand results!

Lubbock, TX

#2 Aug 15, 2010
Would you vote for a levy that would provide the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS a year that would be required to run a successful authority??? It costs approximately $150,000 a year to run 1 24 hour ambulance. They HAVE to run the paying calls to support running the 911 end. As far as covereage.... I know on more than one occasion JanCare running calls up interstate 79 in KCEAA's area. So research before you bitch. Its not broke it does work maybe not to your liking but the thousands of 911 calls they run a year compared to the few times kanawha county comes into fayette..... Be part of the solution not the problem.
Fayette Needs Help

Charleston, WV

#3 Sep 1, 2010
Just checked my post after some time.

mmhmm???? On a very rare instance does JanCare or General run calls in Kanawha County BY request of Kanawha County. This is not about Kanawha County!! It's about Fayette County!! Kanawha Co. was only used as a reference. And while I'm typing this Kanawha Co. had to send a truck to Smithers for a very serious call. 9-1-10 @ 9:40 am. This is fact my friend, not fiction!!

As far as running calls on I-79, it would be more easily explained by just saying, they happened up on the calls, or they jumped the calls. It's a known fact with most of the employees of JanCare and General that they jump calls and even as of rescent, pulled up on an MVA in Kanawha County and began
loading a patient before even notifying Metro or anyone else of the MVA.

You should remember one thing before you
post your comment, this is about what is best for the citizens of Fayette County and the BEST emergency services that can be offered. Not private business making money!!

And once again, your wrong in regards to the cost issue. Remember,,,,,,,,I do know what it would cost!!

But most importantly, the citizens should know how much these private businesses are raking them over the coals for!!

Beckley, WV

#4 Sep 5, 2010
im fed up with all these people eating at the taxpayers trough!!!stealin thousands of dollars and little or no punishment...scratch my back,ill scratch yours and the hell with all the rest as long as we get ours.where or who do we see to get this service and other services straightened out??? this county could afford it,hell all you see is brand new suv"s and such with a sign on the side with county or somethin of that nature..
Former JC

Charleston, WV

#5 Sep 8, 2010
As a former JC employee of the Valley area (Montgomery, Gauley Bridge, etc.) I can't tell you how many times that we had to run calls in Clay, Nicholas, and Kanawha County to help them out due to lack of resources leaving Fayette County uncovered. There would be several hours at a time that the entire county would be void of ambulances and I'm not talking about a few minutes, I'm talking about HOURS at a time. It is daily that Kanawha sends a truck to cover the Valley, and sometimes several times a day. Yesterday they were there twice! A patient with severe shortness of breath had to wait nearly 40 minutes for an ambulance!!! It is insane, and personally, I would be more than happy to pay taxes towards having a dedicated county 911 ambulance service, just to have peace of mind knowing that they will be there to help, and not on a tote in Huntington!!!

Charleston, WV

#6 Sep 8, 2010
So are you all that are in favor of having a county ems willing to pay out all that money to have a ems? I'm not, every time I have ever delt with jc or general they have been fast, so what if it's a business they provide a valuable serivce to the county.
mr ed

Beckley, WV

#7 Sep 8, 2010
well i think if we would stop buying all these top of the line cars,jeeps,suvs,fire trucks,4 wheelers,buses we could afford other things. and start lockin up these thieves that steal thousands an get off very litely!!!i know we need some of these things,,but we could spend more wisely.
Tax Payer

Sophia, WV

#8 Jan 31, 2011
Dear Fayette Needs Help,
I am a tax paying citizen of Fayette County, and as such I believe that I am entitled to the Fire protection that I pay for, and the Law protection that I pay for, I would also be in favor of paying for the EMS protection that I, and my family deserve. Having worked for both Jan-care, and General I can attest to the fact that the automatic money from Dialysis, and Nursing homes are top priority. Neither service seems able, willing, or interested in fulfilling the promises made to the Fayette County Commission. Although the County Commission agreed to a mandatory three truck minimum at all times they can not honor this.
The time it takes to find a truck to pull coverage with, coming from Ral and/or Nic counties that is precious minutes needed for someones family. There is adequate money available in the county if certain items were restructured. For One, I don't see the need for a school levy when there are more than several buses sitting at the school garage not in use, teachers teaching past the burnt out stage, and not teaching our children, and a school board that is so loaded with excess fat that they can't even provide books for the kids to take home to do homework with, but yet we have a director for every department. Number Two, the county Firemans Assoc. could take the initiative and see the need for and expanded service, and throw in some cash. I know that the levy is for trucks, training, and equipment but Fayette County has much better equipment than our neighboring counties.
Like the saying goes, "where there is a will, there is a way", and if the taxpayers would get off their back sides and protest the so called "PRIVATE" "JED CLAMPETTS" Fayette County could run a premier non profit service that would attract only the best EMS providers. But, for myself," DAMN I WISH I COULD HIT THE LOTTERY."
Sure would be nice to see a decked out truck running up the road to save a life with the words Fayette County EMS. I personally would be the first in the hiring line. Along with several others. FYI----Jan Care just bought General. You thank coverage was bad, just wait. Thats more trucks for more totes.
You know whats sad, guess everybody forgot about the gentleman at Wal-Mart, how long did it take a truck to get there???? Sorry to offend anyone, but my family is here, some with major medical problems.
L Pierce

Hurricane, WV

#9 Feb 6, 2011
I'd gladly pay more taxes in favour of it. However, an ambulance authority wouldn't necessarily be the best idea, but rather the volunteer fire departments in this county purchase ambulances and provide EMS services as well as fire protection/suppression services. It'd be easier on manpower and taxes. I used to live in an area that is entirely made up of volunteer fire/EMS departments and you can always count on an ambulance at your house in a timely manner if you need one.

Mount Hope, WV

#10 Feb 6, 2011
Since Jan Care just bought General I am fearful that the quality of service is going to go down. We probably won't see it for months to come but gradually there will be fewer trucks running in Fayette County for emergencies.
I like the idea of buying trucks for the Vol FD's providing we have enough people to run them.
Yankee FF

Hurricane, WV

#11 Feb 6, 2011
Dash wrote:
Since Jan Care just bought General I am fearful that the quality of service is going to go down. We probably won't see it for months to come but gradually there will be fewer trucks running in Fayette County for emergencies.
I like the idea of buying trucks for the Vol FD's providing we have enough people to run them.
It only takes one EMT and one Paramedic to run an ambulance. The fire department I used to be a member of before moving down here had two ambulances (in addition to two engines, a ladder truck, a tanker, and a brush truck). We also had a crew-cab pickup that we called our "utility" which was used to haul equipment and manpower on fire calls and additional EMTs and Paramedics for EMS calls.

Most fire departments I know around here (which are F'ville, Oak Hill, Mount Hope, Ansted, Pax and Smithers) have 20-40 personnel with an average turnout of at least 50-10 on calls. I think the vollies around here can superbly run EMS.
L Pierce

Hurricane, WV

#12 Feb 6, 2011
I apologise, I meant to say that the county should purchase the ambulances for the FD's
looking for you

Seth, WV

#13 Oct 9, 2011
ambulance services, nursing homes are the two leading companys that commit insurance fraud....oh and all the worthless welfare bums that call a ambulance for a stubbed toe, our tax dollars are making these ppl rich, so why not controll our money because were sure not going to get it back ....i say YES to county services, at least our money will stay in the county and not to make one person rich and fat while they lay up on a beach.

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