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#1 Jun 17, 2012
Why are white people so intent on keeping racism alive? Im baffled.
And you're damn right I said whites are the ones keeping it alive. Im white. I know enough whites to form such a strong opinion. And I know enough black people to know theyre not nearly as hateful. Of course Im speaking generally, everyone is their own person, with their own ideas and their own morals. However, in my 34 years of life, Ive only experienced racism at the mouths of caucasians. Most of them using the "N word" in private and thinking its some kind of secret club, amongst white folk, where they can honestly express their views on blacks. Its disgusting. It happens in this forum, constantly. Look around, have you noticed a lot of evil black people here? I havent. But I do see a startling amount of racist forums against black people, likely started by whites. I just dont get it. What are you all so mad about?? Did I miss something??

What is wrong with YOU, that you cannot coexist?

hold fast

Mooresville, NC

#2 Jun 17, 2012
Are you trying to make a valid point? Are you claiming that if it wasn't for white racism that we would all "coexist"? That black racism is totally dependent upon white racism and can't exist independently? Because if thats the case, anyone with the sense of a house cat knows that's not so. Therefore, since we know that black racism exists, and even if the assumption (by you)held true, is that it exists in a smaller percentage, does this smaller percentage make the black racism less repugnant, or even permissable given your 34 years of experience? Have you, as a White, henceforth endorsed black racism provided it is sparingly administered in therapeutically appropriate amounts? Guess what? blacks have that same "secret club". You can't play when someone from the other race is present because... well, just because. Thanks for playing, better luck next time.

Oradell, NJ

#3 Jun 17, 2012
You're in the secret club aren't you? Where it's totally cool, well because, they do it too? Completely logical.
No, I am not suggesting that black racism is totally dependent on white racism but I am certainly suggesting that most of the white people Ive interacted with, whether you like how it sounds or not, have been more HATEFUL toward blacks than the blacks towards whites. Im also suggesting that most of the hateful posts in this forum are authored by whites who hate blacks. And not the opposite. Point made.

Thanks for your attempt at condescending, better luck next time.:)
hold fast

Mooresville, NC

#4 Jun 18, 2012
Just because you have never HEARD a black (or member of any other race) call a White (or member of any other race)a hateful name doesn't mean that it's not happening. You would have to be in THEIR secret club to know for sure, of course. Would crossing that line and escalating into confrontations of unknown level be better as a social norm to satisfy your curiosity on the subject? Maybe it's best that genie stays in the bottle. People of all races are entitled to their own opinions, values, and beliefs. Do you desire, henceforth, that everyone adopt your beliefs, without question? I am, however, curious how you are able to establish the demographics of posters on an anonymous forum though. How can you determine who is who? What is your system to racially profile these posters? How do you know - beyond the shadow of a doubt- what my race is? Is it possible that some posters are using deception in their posts or starting certain threads for the purpose of agitating or perpetuating the issue? Do you have a solution for the problem that you have identified? Or are you just bellyaching?

Monticello, IN

#5 Jun 18, 2012
yea but mixed folk don't have racism for whtites so you get rid of the pure blacks and get rid of white racism.. then they could co exist.. why did't you think of that..

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#6 Sep 2, 2012
I agree with the OP and kind of agree with hold fast.
Whites are more racist than blacks but only because they are the majority.
Blacks can also be prejudiced, notice I didnt say racist, behind closed doors. But most of the time we are so eager to fit in & please whitey (not saying this as a positive) that the hatred just isnt as concetrated or strong
. For blacks to make it in society we cant hold the same amount of hatred as whites. NOW, that said... the inside jokes about white people are just that jokes...same jokes that whites see from black comedians on television or stand up. Nothing hateful. If you want hateful from blacks go to a Black Panther rally (they have really become pathetic) or a Black Muslim meeting.
Unlike average blacks, more average whites think...speak...and type racism far more often.

Since: Sep 12

Fayetteville, NC

#7 Sep 2, 2012
Sorry, but blacks are'nt the inherently kind and noble creatures whom most self-hating white liberals believe them to be. In fact, blacks are just as bigoted as whites--I promise you. Many blacks use the word "cracker" and refer to white women as "snow bunnies" just as easily as the most hard-core klansman uses the n-word. While I'd prefer justice and equality for all races (I mean, I am a buddhist), I just don't see it happening. I know blacks whom hate whites, blacks whom hate mexicans, mexicans whom hate blacks, mexicans whom hate whites, arabs whom hate blacks...well, you get the idea. And for you blacks whom assume that every white is a racist whom spends thier lives thinking about you----think again. I encounter whites as well as blacks and others on a daily basis and go weeks or months wihout hearing racial slurs or even any discussion about blacks. With that said, there exists a big misperception that any white man whom cares about his people or culture is racist, and this causes alot of misunderstanding, but its expected because people(including many whites) have been conditioned by society (social engineering via media, entertainment industry and the govt)to think this way. Also,when some white people object to the double standard that exists in this society--it does'nt mean that we're racist. For example, some people are beginning to question the fairness of why blacks still have their own exclusive dating services, chat rooms, employment associations, interest groups, magazines, etc etc etc. Lets say I was to start a "white accountants association" ...could you imagine the outrage and back-lash? And then also you have black comedians whom have built their entire comedy routines upon making fun of white people...and I can go on and on. And then there are black-supremacist cults (like the black hebrew israelites) who stand on the corners up north and spew racial hatred and hand out pamphlets and they do this with very little opposition..and then you have black-panther party members doing the same, and yet such behavior is'nt tolerated if white people do it. In addition, there are re-occurring acts of racially motivated violence being committed against whites by blacks all over the country (I have a list of you disbelieve me) and this is getting very little attention in the media...and yet if a white dude doe's it (which is becoming increasingly rare, btw)it's head-line news. Now, of course there are blacks whom assume that they should be allowed to do whatever they want because of the atrocities commited against their ancestors...however I say that the creation of a truly just and civilized society can't be created if we allow this kind of stuff. Period. But anyways, racism and bigotry is'nt going to go aaway anytime soon, I can promise you. Even after this country becomes a mostly mixed race society, there will still be some idiot hating someone else because of the color of their skin or for cultural differences. On another note, one step in the right direction would be for us to put the brakes on the entertainment industry and media, because they are manipulating and destroying the minds of the people (both black and white) with this filth that they promote and glorify on television and in music. If we could break free from that and start thinking for ourselves, we could do a little a better. Peace. P.S--Lol, guarantee ya that someone is either gonna call me racist or at least think that I am, and this is--as already stated--because you've been conditioned to believe this way. That's all. Stop drinking the Kool-Aid people.

Apo, AE

#8 Oct 5, 2012
y do black think they r owed something because of someting that happend a 100 years ago no one still alive has suffered from slavery.GET OVER IT.

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