Eureka Springs Changes Marijuana Laws

Eureka Springs Changes Marijuana Laws

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Ryan Denham

Rogers, AR

#1 Mar 4, 2007
Eureka Springs voters overwhelmingly decided to make marijuana the cities "lowest law enforcement priority". 63% voted Yes.

In Arkansas in 2005 we spend over 29 Million Dollars to arrest & prosecute marijuana offenders. In Fayetteville in 2005 405 People were arrested for marijuana violations.
Noname in TX

Grapevine, TX

#2 Mar 4, 2007
Pot makes you stupid, causes your hair to turn prematurely grey, makes you lose all ambition to do anything (except eat), deprives you of REM sleep and makes you paranoid; add that to the other things inhaling smoke does to lungs (very few people get their high eating the stuff) and it adds effeminent body curves to you if you are a male. Say whatever you want to my comment, but NO THANKS!!!
Ryan Denham

Rogers, AR

#3 Mar 13, 2007
Let me respond to each of your assertions.

Pot makes you stupid:
This is clearly false.

Some of the most intelligent people in the world smoke pot. Carl Sagan... do you think he was lazy? SMOKED CANNABIS
Louis Armstrong, One of the Greatest Jazz Muscian's to live.SMOKED CANNABIS
Mayor Michael Bloomberg of NY City?. SMOKED CANNABIS
The list could go on & on. Marijuana is far safer than alcohol & should be treated that way.

Yes smoking anything is not good for your health. I'll agree with you entirely. But you can vaporize or cook w/ cannabis in a very safe manner. Responsible users of cannabis are no different than people who drink wine.

And as far as the body physique comment. Didn't you know that Arnold Swatzernager used to smoke a lot of weed?

We are not endorsing the use of marijuana in any way, but simply stating that its unjust for America to arrest responsible abiding citizens for possessing a plant!
Blaine M

Onalaska, TX

#4 Mar 23, 2007
legalize it!

United States

#6 Apr 12, 2007
No, Texas makes you stupid.. just look at the president.
Noname in TX

Grapevine, TX

#7 Apr 14, 2007
Hmm, strange my second post disappeared... So much for polite replies to people who haven't done any deep medical research. ALL cigarette/cigar/pipe(pot or anything else that is put in them) smoke inhalation is BAD for yours and anyone else's lungs that are within breathing distance.

As for the chemicals in it, check it out on an authentic medical research site. I don't want that in my lungs, or in my system via my lungs, and I sure don't need the tar. If it has medical approval and the doc says I need it and here it is in a pill, maybe, but you can bet I'll check out the circular before I swallow any of it (just like I do all meds- and some I have refused after reading it). And I damn sure wouldn't drive a vehicle after taking it, if that's what I decided to do. And for the record, anything that has the effect marijuana has on people ought to be a controlled substance, like alcohol or hydocodone or any other narcotic. And like I said before, legal or not, freely available or not, people will do what people will do.

Don't you know how many police in backwoods communities are supported by making it illegal? LOL I know, I used to live in one, date a cop, and had one as a brother in law at one time.

As for Mike's comment- what was that for? You think just because a person's location is given as a certain state, they are there, or even more ludicrous they LIKE it there or like the president?

What is with the people on this board?
Noname in TX

Grapevine, TX

#8 Apr 17, 2007

Little Rock, AR

#9 Apr 18, 2007
i wanted to say that i think pot should be legal to grow and use. it has less dependency than other substances i can name, and is more effective at relieving stress. i don't necessarily think weed should be smoked casually or daily, but having access to it and the discretion for using it ought to be a personal choice. it was legal for longer than its been illegal. the legality has inadvertently jailed users and dealers alongside the likes of violent humans. so, if not legalization, than reformation is in order.
ps. i want a posting page for anti-income tax comments. the 16th amendment wasn't put to a vote and shouldn't be continued. its continuance funds the governments exploitation of moral rights.
Noname in TX

Grapevine, TX

#10 Apr 21, 2007
Hey Mike, I'd say Arkansas, especially Springdale, makes you an presumptous a$$hole...but then I'd be lowering myself to your standards.

And Claude old man (you too, Ryan & Mike), do me a favor and stay out from behind steering wheels while you're toking, eating or absorbing your illegal, immoral cannabis, OK? There's enough old people (no drunks so far) out there running into me as it is.

I'm off this thread, I got better things to do than try to get a bunch of "unable to handle stress" types to see the light...

El Paso, AR

#12 Apr 24, 2007
I would just like to say that I am from Arkansas and I have done none of the things you have stated. But I do agree with Mike up there. Damn Texans!
Noname in TX

Grapevine, TX

#13 Apr 25, 2007

LOL, why do you feel the need to defend it by attacking me? People who don't use it, don't really care whether they legalize it or not. You got something to hide???

BTW, I'm not a racist. And I'm not from Texas. I'm married to an Iraqi. Are YOU a racist?

And Mike, Texas doesn't make you stupid, but genetics and replacing oxtgen to the brain with carbon monoxide from smoking does...Oh, did you know that the area you live has the highest rate of incest of anywhere in the country? No, I didn't make that up, a Washington County social worker told me years ago. Look up the statistics yourself.

Hater, you buy yours or grown yer own?
Noname in TX

Grapevine, TX

#14 Apr 25, 2007
Pardon my mistype: oxygen
Noname in TX

Grapevine, TX

#15 Apr 25, 2007

After this post, I'm not going to cast pearls before swine. People who want pot legalized have a reason, usually selfish. From what I've seen, I'd say most of them want it for the simply "recreation", like alcohol.

The Bible also says that Jesus' followers are no part of the world, and he himself ran away when his people tried to crown him king, because, as he said, his kingdom was not from that source. that means that he didn't involve himself in anything political other than paying his mina when requested.

To answer your question directly though; it is immoral because it is currently illegal. Do you agree that doing something against the law is immoral? The majority of people who use it, use it because they like the blur it gives them, or they are self medicating, which is far cheaper than psychiatrists or M.D.s. Sex is good too, but if you're going to go by the Bible, ya can't do it unless you are MARRIED, regardless of what people's "modern" interpretation of that rule is.

Also, the Bible condemns druggery, which is using mind altering substances without them being prescribed by a physician, like Luke.

It's obvious that my simple posting of my opinion, which I'm free to do, has allowed people who have issues to attack.
I dissed a drug someone is attached to, and they feel it is their duty to insult me (wonder why?)

In closing, as far as my statement that pot makes men effeminate; Do you know enough about the chemical composition of the stuff to be aware that it mimics female hormones? LOL, there again, I know this by personal observation (very close personal observation). I'm quite familiar with the effects of female hormones or similarly composed elements.

Ya'll go on and do your flag waving. I'm still going to laugh at you, and your snide remarks.

Cya, wouldn't wanna Bya..

Noname in TX

Grapevine, TX

#20 Apr 28, 2007
You didn't say why you feel you HAVE to defend marajuana in particular. Do YOU use it? Are you irritated because YOU have to hide what you're doing to stay out of jail? LOL

Funny how some people go overboard on something they have a personal attachment to, and ignore other stuff that's far, far worse. How about ranting and raving about how murderers, child molesters and rapists get only a slap on the wrist, even when DNA proves they did it?

Who cares about marajuana? Violent crime is far, far worse. And you still gotta be insulting to someone who feels differently than you do about it. More snide remarks. Intolerance. Silence the people who dissent.

I don't care if it's legal or not, because I don't use it, and wouldn't use it. You on the other hand, obviously have some vested interest in it, or you wouldn't be so offensive to someone who doesn't agree with you. Still hiding behind an acronymn. Ever hear of live and let live? Ever hear of freedom of speech? Wanna get personal? I don't like your attitude. It sucks, and what's more, it "smells" highly of a pot user! How do you like that?

And since you think you gotta have the last word, have it. This thread isn't worth looking at or commenting on any longer. Hopefully, someone will form a MAHD organzation if it does get legalized after enough high "heads" drive through stoplights and kill everyone in the other vehicle just because they can have it legally, like alcohol. Civilizaton is in decline, or haven't you noticed? And you dare to quote the Bible in defense?

Cripes, what pot will do to people's minds!

Soma, soma, soma...they want their SOMA!
Don't get dizzy & fall off your podium...


Rogers, AR

#21 Apr 29, 2007
I feel I have to defend the all disinformation & misinformation relating to the cannabis plant & the faulty logic the government uses.

I currently do not smoke marijuana, but I have used marijuana responsibly for the last 8 years. Yes many people have to hide their use of marijuana so they stay out of jail, its really not that funny.

I do not think this is the worlds most important issue to discuss, but does that mean I shouldn't be discussing it? I don't understand your logic. Yes, I agree it is unfortunate that a child molestor/rapists/murderer will get less time in jail than a marijuana user. Our judicial system is really screwed up. I agree with you on that.

Noname said: "who cares about marijuana"
Well the government sure does! They arrest a marijuana user every 40 seconds. It is a huge problem. It takes away precious police resources. It's a waste of money & time.

Noname, because you don't use it, you don't care about it? It is a moral, social, & economic disaster. It does affect you. If America legalized marijuana it would generate 12 Billion dollars a year, make marijuana harder for kids to get, reduce the non-violent prison population, & give police more time to focus on real crime (violent crime & property crime). You don't have to smoke marijuana to agree that the War on Marijuana is a failure!

Walter Chronkite does not smoke marijuana, but he is now an outspoken ally of the reform movement. Senator Bob Barr doesn't smoke marijuana, but he now lobbies the government for the Marijuana Policy Project in DC. Milton Frideman (famous economist) didn't smoke marijuana, but he was a huge proponent of legalizing marijuana.

So you never answered my ? about the feminime hormone thing? Can't find any proof... Thought so!

Little Rock, AR

#23 May 4, 2007
amen to that

United States

#24 May 6, 2007
"Funny how some people go overboard on something they have a personal attachment to, and ignore other stuff that's far, far worse. How about ranting and raving about how murderers, child molesters and rapists get only a slap on the wrist, even when DNA proves they did it?" now I was really taking what this person wrote to mind on this matter but then as I read this I was lost, it seems this Texan must by his/her logic "go overboard on something they have a personal attachment to" like child rapists and murderers and the comment "even when DNA proves they did it" makes me think that they themselves have been a victim or possibly worse have committed them. Finally many more people are worried about the former statements made by this very confused individual, but they didnt go and search for a marijuana law posting page, they look for things like "Violent Criminal Law Enforcements" but you know it may just be me that see's it like this.

Cabot, AR

#26 May 10, 2007
how manny "STONERS" do you here about that cross the center lane, and Kill a family on there way home?Ban booze and sell pot in a controld setting...

United States

#28 May 15, 2007
Noname you are hilarious. You really had me going till your last post! Nice work imitating the mentally defective Bible-thumping hypocrites that fill Texas. I have a couple of tips for you though. Try to use extremely bad English, like you're typing with your nose and don't have a delete key. Like so: "in tdxas u cant smopke pot but mesikans fo so thar." That's usually how the forum trolls you're trying to imitate usually type. Also, a more morally strident tone is in order, like, "Smoking pot is equivalent to worshiping the devil while you strangle white babies." Or maybe: "You just wanna get high and rape school-children." Finally, throwing around data that you obviously pulled out of your ass is on the right track, but you stick to it as if you actually believe it. It's better to just throw out a bullshit statement, and then just defend it with another, totally unrelated bullshit statement. That seems to piss people off more. The way you're doing it might make people actually want to respond with reasoned discourse to attempt to enlighten you. You don't want that of course! A suggestion, "Pot doesn't make you feminine? Tell that to Sanja Gupta! He once bit the head off of a live chicken while under the influence!" Anyway, nice posts, really made me laugh. Have fun trolling.:)
Loup Garou

Bothell, WA

#29 May 29, 2007
Haw...whatta maroon...

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