I think people need to know about a nonprofit organization called Spreading Gods Gifts. They offer to help people who are having a bad time in their life and may need a little extra help. A friend of mine has a child who has to travel out of state for doctors visits then surgery and it has been very expensive for her. She was told to get in touch with this group. She is the type of person who does not ask for anything from anyone. The lady in charge (Mrs Davenport) of this organization was in touch with her and acted as if she may be able to help out a little. Anything would of helped. This lady has not been back in touch with my friend. You would think a christian would at least call back to check on a child that has a long recovery. I was informed that after the last benefit in February rhat was held this lady and her husband went to the beach within that week! Makes one wonder where the money raised really goes. Just think people should be careful with these nonprofit groups. They may not be helping people like they say they do. They are only helping themselves.