Couldn't figure out why all Christmas and Halloween decorations, two wolverinens, special purchased duck, gifts and much more gone. Read terms again. You have the right to prohibit me from playing. Can't keep new plots cause you start the "refresh" game window and they go away. Can't buy anything that will stay. Why???? Two items in decorations, no mastery when anything mastered...on and on. WHY?? Only at level 36 because I'm tagged. You made me have to log in over and over and then am told am trying too often to sign in. WHY??? A little player with a big fat gift certificate for Christmas and can't use it. WHY???? Because you got real cash for the certificate. You got yours, but I get squat. Shame shame on you. Just cut me off totally. No where to go, no advancement possible. Who the heck put you in charge of demolishing a fun game for the little farmer??? Greedy money sucking Zynga.