Reco Jones killed 4 children and Yola...
Wendy in Oregon

Springfield, OR

#111 Apr 10, 2012
I would like to start by saying that I happened across this trial on Court T.V. some 14 years ago and have never forgotten it. Partly because I grew up on Rutherford St many years ago, but mostly because in my mind's eye, the picture of what Ericka saw when she peered through that mail slot has haunted me all these years. Ericka, I'm so sorry for your loss and the loss felt by all the your family members. I'm sorry also that people with no class at all have the indecency to write hurtful things for an already severely wounded family to read. For each person that posts here, there are probably hundreds who still think of you and wish you well. I pray for your entire family for continued healing and peace, until the day comes when your loved ones in Heaven greet you warmly with outstretched arms.

I personally think life in prison is a worse fate than the death penalty. Reco gets to contemplate the DECADES to yet to come, having to look over his shoulder and having to worry about bending over. His sentence won't end with his death, oh no...he gets to spend ETERNITY with satan and his demons, who don't care about Reco's "rights".

God bless all of you who are there to be supportive of the victims of this horrendous quintuple murder.
Larry in KC

Kansas City, MO

#112 Apr 17, 2012
Iwuz drawn to that case more than the O.J Simpson trail. I remember rushing home every day to watch it. My heart wuz so heavy bcuz Nate III looked like my nephew. I've always tried to get a transcript or video of that trial and just TODAY I wuz able to find this info it online. I wanted the prosecutor to continue to drill Reco on dat stand until he broke down and admitted it! He wuz so close!!!! I've also wanted to see photos of the crime scene just to see what that idiot Tamika ingrained in her own memory for life after helping clean up the scene. Erica's testimony of looking thru da mail slot and seeing that carnage breaks my heart to this day! What a tragedy of her sister ever meeting such a vile person! I see his sister is STILL in denial of her brothers actions after all these years.....wutta shame to lash out at othres....
Larry in KC

Kansas City, MO

#113 Apr 17, 2012

Westland, MI

#114 Jun 8, 2012

Westland, MI

#115 Jun 8, 2012
my prayers will always be with this family i was so heart broken when i seen this story on the news with love to this family

Brooklyn, NY

#116 Sep 3, 2012
I remember this case I watched it on court tv and I couldn't believe what this animal did. I hope he rots in hell I hope he suffers every time he takes a breath. Ur family will forever be in my prayers

Chicago, IL

#117 Nov 29, 2012
i hope this##$$$## still in jail cuz this some shit iwill never forget & I KNO MY DAUGHTER WONT EITHER.. CUZ I WAS A CORT TV ADDICT
ms L

Grand Rapids, MI

#118 Dec 1, 2012
It doesn't matter how long ago it was dumb ass he took innocent kids lives your a dumb ass clown and your slow and ignorant like reco retarded ass and if you call living a good life in prison your slow just like him

San Diego, CA

#120 Dec 5, 2012
Donna Freeman he is never, EVER getting out of jail. He is serving 5 life sentences.

Greer, SC

#121 Jan 28, 2013
My sister was fascinated by this trial years ago. Today she is the reason why i am on the internet surfing about it. She said that trial has been on her mind all these years. She has been trying to find it again. She said this is the only trial that she could never shake. So today i been on here trying to find a video of this trial to no avail. Is it anywhere you can find it? I noticed u said u have a video of it. Have u ever tried to put it on dvd. I would love to get a copy of it. I will pay for you having to put it on dvd and buy a copy of it.

San Diego, CA

#122 Jan 30, 2013
I got rid of a lot of my VHS tapes but I'm pretty sure I still have a few tapes from the trial. I will check and get back with you.

Ackerman, MS

#123 Feb 22, 2013
I watched the whole trial...can't believe so much time has past...I am truly sorry and disturbed by such a horrible loss and crime...I just hope that Mr Reco is getting his just desserts in prison and he's somebody's girlfriend.

United States

#124 May 5, 2013
Yes, I remember the trial. This loser got just what deserved. Words broke his weak sorry behind down. This guy was in his early twenties. At that age who kill babies. What real woman or demon would help this worthless man clean the murder scene. This was such a horrible crime. Reco I hope u rot in jail u dam wussy. I hope peace never find u. All ur days and nights should be restless. Ur worse than Charles Manson, Hillside Strangular & Richard Ramirez. U should be stoned.

Van Nuys, CA

#125 May 16, 2013
Reco was a very insecured boy. If Reco had so many women, y did it take 4 1 woman 2 verbally beat him down? Reco was p.a.b.(punk ass bitch). He was defeated by words. The so-called player commited a cowardly act becuzz he was verbally beaten down. He might not admit, but I know he's singing the ould've; could've, should've & would've. Too late P.A.B.!

Since: Feb 13

Location hidden

#126 Jul 13, 2013
I did not know the Bellamy nor Jones family, but the senseless murder of that young lady and those babies has always been on my heart. I sat and cried at that funeral like I had lost my sister, neice and nephew. To Yolanda'sister, I am so happy that you were able to honor your children by having more. I pray for you and your family that you continue to be blessed after such a horrible time in your life. I know it was not easy, and I know there are days that its still hard, but know that after all these years you still have a prayer circle of people that this tragedy truly touched. God Bless You

North Attleboro, MA

#127 Aug 13, 2013
Its been 16 years, and we will never forget this family. Rest in peace Yolanda and kids. Aug 13, 1997

United States

#128 Dec 30, 2013
So, I'm not sure who this Soldier person is, but I am Reco Jones REAL little sister. And I just ran across this thread when I was searching for my brothers case.

I would like to add MY OPINION about all of this, including the forum.

First of all, I really feel bad for what happened to the babies and Yolanda. I babysat her boys on many occasions and I treated them like I would treat a family member. Yolanda, was always sweet to me, I never had a problem with her. She even took me shopping a couple of times and treated me like a little sister. I was attached to her as a little sister than I was maliaka Martin for a number which I will share a little further into my post.

United States

#129 Dec 30, 2013
I really don't know what happened between my brother and Yolanda. I do remember their arguments about Maliaka and Yolanda not wanting Reco to talk to maliaka at all. I believe, when Yolanda and Maliaka were friends Maliaka slept with Yolanda's boyfriend or something to that matter. And I also remember my brother going to jail for 6 months because Maliaka and her people wanted to fight at a bowling alley.

And although, Reco is my brother I still can't tell you all rather he done it or not. I wasn't there, neither were any of you or the media, juror, court officials, nor police. So stop sitting here arguing about it. Because, in the end judgement is the lords and his only. And whoever was responsible, including Reco. And also those who aided in the cover-up. At least remorse should have been felt for the children and the accomplishes should have reported the crime and not helped. But, I am not the judge and I don't deliver fates. But, he who is guilty and those who didn't do the right thing from the beginning will reap the lords hammer.

United States

#130 Dec 30, 2013
Second, I am Soldier and as a Soldier I protect. I don't get on forums and talk ill of the dead. I will always keep my military bearings and stay faithful to The Lord. I am pissed over what happened. Especially, if my brother murdered these individuals because , that means he didn't think about who he hurt including me, my mom, and little brother and other family. People are quick to jump on the suspect and his/her family forgetting that if their family didn't aid in the crime then the suspects is almost as much of a victim as the victim his/herself.

I lost a brother, and since I lost my father as well some time ago I didn't have male guidance after he was convicted. I was 16 years old when this happened, and it was very hard growing up and at times it is still hard. Being that my older brother made national news for murder. That is not good or anything to bragg about.

United States

#131 Dec 30, 2013
As far Maliaka Martin I hate her. She is the reason why I was introduced to sex at the age of 13. Maliaka used to sign me out of middle school to take me over guys house who she was cheating on my brother with and his john Washington. I guess John Washington loved young girls, I'm sure you can tell I was young I never wore makeup and I was always dressed like a tomboy. I expressed that I felt really uncomfortable to Maliaka but she said it would be okay. And that I should enjoy an older man taking an interest in me. She also said if I ever told that she would kick my ass when no one was around. I can also remember her threatening to spit my brothers semen on me next time I bothered her. I can remember her carrying it in a cup. At that age I didn't really understand what it was or what it would do to me if she spat it on me.

Maliaka seemed mean spirited at times. I didn't like her at all. She never gave a good vibe. And it always seemed like she was in competition with me and mother for my brothers attention.

Lastly, for the person who is pretending to be me on this forum, I'm quite sure I know who you are. And if you are that person, I see that your jealousy has taken you pretending to be someone who gave up on you years ago to find something better. You disgust me. I would never mock the dead especially children.

Yes my husband is white bit, that is my preference and my business. Get a freaking life and stay out of mine. And FYI, I only have 1 degree but, thanks for the credit. Dumbass

God bless everyone, Merry Jesus Birthday and have a happy and safe new year.

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