Livonia Soccer Club and Meteors

Cleveland, OH

#203 Jun 6, 2011
Why all of the hate? Can't you let it go?

Okay maybe the tourment victories were not in the top divison but none the less they won the tournament and three of the teams were B team's so they didn't belong in the top divison.

My guess is after tryouts the numbers will still be strong. You comment that I must be part of the club. I do coach in the club but it's a U9 rec team. I coach it with my son who's U17, I'm trying to have him give back to the sport and mentor younger players. It also gives us time to spend together which can be tough to do when kids get into the high school age.

If you're following the LCSC facebook you must still be interested in what's going on in the club. There was a negative comment on two points. If a coach is not invited back to coach a team it's probably because the Director of Coaching feels a change is needed. The cost will most likely go up but it's still much cheaper than other clubs in the area. I've seen the level of coaching really improve. My son's coach is on staff at U of M and has helped made my son and his team better. I have also seen other great coaches come into the club and help players develope.

I'm a parent that wants what's best for his child. Playing for LCSC has been a great experience for him, he has enjoyed it. I've seen him improve as a player and more importantly as a person. What else could a parent want?

Livonia, MI

#204 Jun 7, 2011
Its not hate, its being realistic. The club is going in the wrong direction and honestly I think more are starting to see it. You have seen some of the posts, not just mine

I know the coach who was being talked about on facebook and he has been involved for years, back when it was the Meteors. Even though I dont like him personally I know his players do and he has always been a good coach. the problem? He doesnt go along with the program I am assuming and isnt part of the good ol boy club that is the new way.

You can go along blindly and be of the as long as it doesnt affect me I am fine state of mind but in the long run it will and does affect you.

For the record I do follow the facebook page sometimes because I like to see the latest propoganda and what the club is up to. I read it and think how sad that it has gone from what the Meteors were to this. Obviously there is no communication from the club to the members either.

I wish you and your son good luck.

Cleveland, OH

#205 Jun 8, 2011
I don't go along blindly. I keep in touch with many families and players in the club at different age groups. The feedback I get is positive. I know there are things that need to be improved and I feel the club is addressing them. As far as the coach you mentioned I know he has his own style but if you look at what he has done with the U18's I would not give him a very high grade. Therefore the club probably felt they need to make a change with the younger team he coached.

Livonia, MI

#206 Jun 8, 2011
Nope I talked to a parent on one of his teams. It was nothing to do with that...obviously the info you are getting is what they want you to get.

Cleveland, OH

#207 Jun 8, 2011
The info I'm getting is not coming from the club, it comes from my observation. I know a parent on his U13 team. I don't think he does a good job of developing players IMHO.

Livonia, MI

#208 Jun 8, 2011
Haha well that is many of the current coaches actually. Just there for a paycheck

Cleveland, OH

#209 Jun 8, 2011
I stand corrected, from what I hear the club did a poor job of handling this coaches situation. This time of year is tough on everyone in soccer. Teams are looking to improve on the roster and sometimes with a coach. The coach deserved to be treated in a better manner.

Again I am a parent in the club, I have gotten to know many of the coaches and the coaches I know are dedicated and care about the kids and helping them develope to become better players. There might be some coaches who do it for the paycheck but you'll find that at any club.
soccer fan

Saint Paul, MN

#210 Jun 9, 2011
Where did LCSC Facebook page go? I cannot find it. Someone gives out information that the club DOES NOT LIKE and its gone WOW. What a joke. This club will never tell the truth. What have you got to hide LCSC . Let me see coaches pay checks they must be going up, the club is charging 200 dollars more so there friends wont have to get a real job. maybe someone else embezzled there money under there noses again. Where is the president of the club and who is he . No direction,no honesty ,no morales. other clubs tell the cost before tryouts and who there coaches will be does LCSC NO PEOPLE MIGHT STOP DRINKING THE COOL AID. There is way better clubs out there people find one.
Its all about the coach

Farmington, MI

#211 Jun 9, 2011
Some misinformation being spread here. The Facebook page didn't go anywhere, I just checked. My kid's team coach emailed the parents immediately after the coach's try-out prep meeting this week to tell everyone what they learned including that there will be a $150 fee increase (not $200) and the rationale for the increase.
For me it's all about my kid's team and his coach, not the club. And if you go to the coach page of the club web site you will see that they are adding some excellent coaches to their staff such as MB and GT. From what I know of these additions I expect those lucky teams will be very pleased.

Livonia, MI

#212 Jun 9, 2011
I'm glad your kid's coach emailed you but there are many who still dont even know about the increase. Some were told $150 and some were told $200 evidently and some werent told at all.

Premier fees did not go up that much to justify that much of an increase. Maybe the reason you are seeing whoever those new coaches are that are listed is because they had to increase the cost to pay coaches so they will come or stay. There are way too many who are there only for the paycheck. This is their living and they coach multiple teams. No personal touch there

And if you are only concerned about yourself that is part of the problem. The club represents you. If the club gets a bad reputation then it does affect you.

Matt, as far as the coach that got pushed out. This is so typical of them to do something like this 2 weeks before tryouts. Now where does he go if he wants to continue coaching and what do his kids on his team do if they are not happy about it? Believe me this is not the first time they have done this and it wont be the last. No class

Green Springs, OH

#213 Jun 9, 2011
I think you could some up several of the posts with the statement that there is just no regular/honest communication at the club level. They certainly have everyone's email based on infrequent blasts we receive. If they are relying on managers to relay the information, shame on them. We have played with this club for 3 years and yet we would have no idea about the fee increase if it had not been posted here and by an upset parent on the LCSC Facebook page. When they continue to hire coaches that work full time jobs and attempt to coach 3 teams, it is always going to end in disaster. There are not enough hours in the day no matter how well intentioned/licensed/seasoned the coach is. Bad for the kids and bad for the club. And most definitely shame on them for the way they handled the ousted coach.

Livonia, MI

#214 Jun 13, 2011
Looks like that post on the facebook page is gone. It would have been a good opportunity for the club to be upfront and tell everyone about the situation and new price...

Livonia, MI

#215 Jul 3, 2011
Wondering about any opinions on this years tryouts? I heard many teams were already picked before the 1st tryout and certainly after the 1st one. Did anyone who came to the 2nd one have much of a chance?

Fuzhou, China

#216 Nov 28, 2011
As someone who loves soccer more than anything and wants to see it progress into a mainsteam sport, I was excited to be a part of LSC's tryouts this year. I strongly agree with a lot of statements I read. Coaches look for something completely different than parents. this involves ability, potential, intelligence, and so many other things.
in a short tryout, it is easy to argue that there should be more drills and other tangibles. but that isn't always realistic. if in an hour game a kid only has 4 or 5 touches on the ball, maybe it's intelligence or what i say 'soccer iq'. so many factors. i think rather than looking for excuses, it is maybe better to look for improvement sometimes.
one thing i wasn't a fan of was that a lot of the teams did seem pre-selected. in some ways, i was disappointed. but i also understand coaches knowing players they previously had. if all is equal, is it fair to argue that they shouldn't take the existing player? coaches know the player, their attitude, and their parents. i was annoyed to hear coaches say things like 'He/She isn't tall enough'. that was the one thing that was really unfair to me, and i let other evaluating coaches know.
Now i'm about 30. when i was younger i was cut from the 'Wings'(now LSC). for a while, i made a lot of excuses. but bottom line I wasn't good enough. over time, i developed the work ethic i needed through the setbacks. i developed true skill, and i got a college scholarship (not a full ride, but good) and was able to continue my passion.
so disappointed or not, i hope all of you help your children progress and understand soccer, life, and themmselves rather than look for excuses.

Evansville, IN

#217 Sep 9, 2012
Im a parent of a U13 girl player. Not sure how to read schedule. Are the LCSC Elite and LCSC Strikers select or premire teams??
Just looking

Livonia, MI

#218 Sep 9, 2012
I think those are both recreational teams. The other ones are just called Meteors.

Westland, MI

#219 Oct 4, 2012
If your want a future in soccer ad are seriuos about it stay away from livonia city soccer club its a joke and they're losing all there kids to differnt programs seriously look how many teams they lost there has to be reason?

Rochester, MI

#220 May 20, 2013
I agree that decisions are often made prior to try-outs. My daughter has played for Canton Celtics for 3 years. Overall we've been happy with the organization. She loves it. However, the price is increasing by $400 to $1900. We are open to possibly changing leagues but having a hard time finding the cost of other leagues. I don't want to venture too far from home because any amount I save in up front costs will be spent in gas and I have to consider travel time.

Can anyone tell me the cost of WAZA this coming year or Plymouth Reign?

Livonia, MI

#221 May 20, 2013
Some websites for clubs do have their costs listed or at least last years to get an idea. you can also email a contact from the website. They shouldn't be afraid to tell you what you want to know. I am pretty sure Waza is expensive too
livonia soccer no more

Dearborn, MI

#222 Mar 18, 2014
Wow LCSC is selling away there program to AC Milan. What a shame how greed has happened once again in this area. They will tell you how great it is and we will do this and that. THE ONLY THING THAT WILL HAPPEN IS MORE COST FOR SAME COACHING. MORE MONEY IN COACHES POCKETS AND WILL CALL OURSELVES NON-PROFIT WHAT A JOKE. People save your money . The cheapest sport in the world will cost you your house. Save the money for your kids education . You will be able to play much cheaper somewhere else. Look around there is always cheaper to play. Your kids will not be pros and yes they can still get college scholarships. lOOK AROUND AND SEE DO NOT BE BLINDED.

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