Missing Maine Toddler Ayla Reynolds H...

Missing Maine Toddler Ayla Reynolds Had Unstable Home Life

There are 35 comments on the KSFO-AM San Francisco story from Dec 21, 2011, titled Missing Maine Toddler Ayla Reynolds Had Unstable Home Life. In it, KSFO-AM San Francisco reports that:

Details of an unstable home life have emerged in the case of missing Maine toddler Ayla Reynolds, who vanished from her father's house Friday night.

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mom has no alibi

York, ME

#21 Apr 26, 2012
Trista is cagey, still won't tell the public where she was when Ayla 'vanished'.

she had her spokesman/stepfather/family friend post a timeline on one of her websites,(she has 2 sanctioned sites and several virtual bully pulpits with anon blogmasters), yet day 1, when Ayla was discovered missing is NOT included in her bogus timeline!
on top of that, she has 'revised' the published timeline every time new information surfaces!

Jessica..where are you??
it's time to make the donuts!
why did you have a lawyer present at the meeting for Ayla's temporary custody?
why would the aunt of the baby need legal representation and how could you pay for a lawyer when you were homeless at the time?
were you expecting charges to be filed against you??

some more details about that morning Ayla was reported missing:





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behind the scenes

York, ME

#22 Apr 27, 2012
a full time forensic chemist?
that does seem extreme.
i've never heard of a forensic chemist working full time on just one case?
"For example, Morris says one forensic chemist is working full-time and overtime just on the case of missing Waterville toddler Ayla Reynolds."
i would rather see full time investigators out searching for Ayla.
the evidence collected by forensics could go to a lab like every other case to be processed,(why not the FBI labs?) and should be given priority since there is a missing baby!
how much does this forensic expert cost?
we could better use that money looking for Ayla!
when will the public get an update on the status of this case?
the last official word came back in February, IIRC..
surely, the Police have more to add now?
maybe with 'items reported found' they will at least make an announcement?





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Trista Timeline ReTweaks

York, ME

#23 May 3, 2012
Trista Reynold's timeline is changed again..surprise surprise!
The Police will be releasing information soon that puts Trista in a bind, so she has to get her statements in line with the truth.
First, her Spokesman/Stepfather/Family Friend Jeff Hanson leaked to yahoo news that Trista was not in South Portland when Ayla was reported missing as she had previously told Nancy Grace.
Instead, a nebulous tale surfaced about a prison visit that 'happens' to entail driving right past Ayla's house when she went missing.
Trista won't say where exactly she was, or why no one in her family (whose various premises were being searched by police) called her for almost 3 hours to tell her Ayla was missing. She won't say anything about her itinerary for the 16th or 17th.
After this vague and sudden announcement,(complete with a yahoo news contributer's retraction for 'errors in reportage'), Trista's website, Answers for Ayla was shut down so Trista's father could 'take a break'.
The 'items recovered' were cited as the reason for privacy.
A rumor was floated that Trista saw photos of the items and they are a blanket and backpack or bag that was in (you guessed it) the father's possesion. There follows a long story about the significance of a pink blanket and it's sentimental value to you, Jess..(still reading here?), and of course how the pink blanket just illustrated perfectly how rotten Justin is because Trista SPECIFICALLY requested the return of that very blanket the first week? that Ayla went missing and many times since but he never gave it back..(to sum up her latest soap opera script in one run on sentence).
Interesting that Trista's new anonymous spokesman, superhero Wordman! can tell us so much about a pink blanket and nothing about where the heck Trista was when Ayla went missing!
Wordman had more information to leak that included another few changes to the timeline.
According to caped wonder, WORDMAN!!:
Trista pulls a Monica Lewinsky and says Justin's bedsheets have her blood on them because she was having 'an affair' with him and they had sex while menstruating.
I believe she is confiding this WTMI detail to us because the bedsheets were tested by LE and came out positive for her blood?
Her vigilante lynchmob,(one even tattoed herself: http://i45.tinypic.com/b80by0.jpg ), say Trista is 'incredibly brave' to tell us this intimate story..and I guess she just wanted to share?
Whether this is the same blood Trista has been shouting is 'more than a cup' and was Ayla's or not, no one will say.
But it sure seems like that 'blood in the basement' might have come back with a surprising result?
The timeline was changed to incorporate at least one more visit to Waterville by Trista on November 3rd. Whether that was when the 'blood sex' took place is not stated.
The timeline still does not account for Trista's whereabouts when Ayla went missing so what good is it?
Any thoughts Jess? When do you go to court on that warrant anyway?





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is Trista Pregnant

York, ME

#24 May 7, 2012
Rumors have been swirling for months that Trista Reynolds is 'preggers' with a third child.
While Trista certainly seems to be excessively girdled in her latest photos, many believe she appears pregnant.
A blogger who "calls things as {she} sees them" wasn't the only one who wondered if this was the medical condition Trista attributed as the reason she could not complete her polygraph:

Unlike most mothers of missing children who lose weight at an alarming rate, Trista has contrarily gained considerable poundage, fueling the latest unfettered speculation.
Many have perceived Trista as detached and unemotional about Ayla's disappearance, believing she knows Ayla's whereabouts. If this were true, perhaps Trista would not experience the worry and stress leading to the dramatic weight loss always experienced by mothers of missing children.

Trista's tar and feather fan club, usually quick to pounce on any salacious rumors, have remained uncharacteristically silent on the subject of Trista's obvious weight gain.

If the pregnancy rumors are true, this could prove problematical to Trista, who admits to 'using' as recently as October when she entered a government-run detox, following an incident when Police were called due to a drunken brawl with her sister.
Trista filed for full custody of Ayla the day before Ayla vanished.
Trista has declared that her children 'were always' a top priority in her life, regardless of her personal issues, including longterm unemployment and homelessness. That would be a difficult argument to support if Trista was gestating while admitting to substance abuse.
Wordman's 'leak' detailing Trista's Lewiston Lewinski has spawned speculation that she could even have been re-fertilized by Ayla's father.
Whoever the potential baby daddy #3 is, her 'fiancé is not the 'sperm donor', since conjugal visits are not permitted in Maine.
Trista's 'fiancé' Raymond Fortier, remains incarcerated. Baby #2, his one year old son, will be attending middle school before Mr. Fortier's earliest possibility of parole.
Wordman's 'leak' asserts that Trista is not monogamous.
Perhaps Trista's fiancé sanctions her infidelities and they share an 'open relationship'?
The usually media-hungry Trista, has not made any public appearances for more than a month.





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South Portland, ME

#25 May 8, 2012
Dear Auburn person with multiple screen names.........what's up with your obsession with Trista?
Raised Eyebrow Test

York, ME

#26 May 12, 2012
Will Trista remain in hiding for Mother's Day?
Will she let an opportunity 'to get Ayla's name out there' slip by without a plea for the return of her missing child?
Is her rumored pregnancy too far advanced to conceal?
Speaking of mothers:
Fortier said he was “tripping,” when he set the fire and said he had snorted prescription pills with his mother.
Is Trista's MIL a part of Ayla's 'unstable family'?
Trista was driving past Ayla's new home with her MIL's ex husband when Ayla was reported missing.
Weirdman's 'leak' about the pink blanket was no surprise retweaked..turns out Trista didn't 'actually see' photos of the items found,(so couldn't have a clue if its 'the' sacred pink blanket Jess so treasured)..she was only 'told about them'.*facepalm.
And final wrap up for the week:
Litigious Trista is planning yet another lawsuit, this time against the dad:





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Couch Pillow Unrelated

York, ME

#27 May 19, 2012
Jess, good news!
Your 'sacred pink blanket' appears to be safe and sound, impounded in the evidence room!
Maybe you can contact MSP and request its immediate return?
They'd love to hear from you, Hunnie!

Weirdman's bombshell leak last week revealed the lynch mob's smoking gun has no bullets.
Weirdman infers the headline-grabbing 'MORE THAN A CUP OF BLOOD', was in all likelyhood Mom's vaginal excretion DNA left behind on Dad's laundered sheets following messy sexual intercourse during menstruation.

Ouch. Eye Bleach!(-/-)
Couch Pillow Part Two

York, ME

#28 May 19, 2012
Some 'arm chair detectives' posit the preliminary DNA test on the 'blood' might have returned a mitochondrial match to Ayla that upon further more intensive testing stunned investigators discovered traced instead to mom's vagina, thus explaining the "some of the blood is Ayla's" cryptic MSP official statements.

Within 24 hours of Weirdman's sordid announcement, Spokesman/Stepfather/Family friend, Jeff Hanson reopened his bash blog and triumphantly reentered the public arena, apparently having sufficiently recuperated after his brief hiatus which he attributed to a 'need for privacy'.

MORE Updates:

Trista fans now concede that Mom 'might' have been in Waterville after all when her baby, Ayla vanished, even going so far as to hypothesize that she 'could have been' at the Waterville bus station, approximately 1.3 miles from Ayla's new home on Violette Avenue.
Small world eh?
What's the odds 'a that?
That the mom who claims she doesn't have transportation,(Trisa's long-standing explanation as to why she says she never visited her toddler with a broken arm),'might' just pop up a mile from her baby's last known whereabouts only moments before she vanishes into thin air, seems more than coincidental to many.

If Trista was not chauffered past Ayla's home directly from Portland by her FFIL (as theorized by fangirls) and did in fact take the bus.. in order to arrive at the Down East Correctional Facility,(the claimed destination), during visiting hours, Trista would have had to catch the last bus from Portland at ~8pm on the 16th and spent the night (somewhere?) before departing with Robert Fortier the next morning in order to visit convict baby daddy #2.
Trista's baby #2's family is rumored to have a home a couple of miles from Ayla's just over the bridge in Winslow; many wonder if 'mom' might have spent the night there?
A fellow prison-wife kindly blogged that visiting hours are held only mid day and are allowable only after following complicated policy protocols.
If Trista did take a bus, she could not have left Portland the morning of the 17th if she hoped to arrive during prison visiting hours.

Most intriguing, is the fact that Trista won't even confide in her own fan club where she was between 9pm December 16th and what ever time she arrived at Waterville PD on December 17th..the Tristaphiles are floundering for answers along with the rest of the suspicious general public.

Trista's tv appearance this week following a mum mother's day, even has her supporters shaking their heads in bewilderment.
Wearing an inappropriate sexy sun top and trowled-on Tammy Faye makeup,(rather than an unflattering, helpful Ayla is Missing Tshirt),'mom' desperately clutched a sofa cushion over her belly, inciting further speculation she is indeed 'showing' her latest pregnancy.
Many wonder if baby daddy #2, an incarcerated arsonist is concerned with the latest gossip that Trista has been inseminated by a #3 daddy.
it is rumored they have an 'open' relationship; that gossip being supported by Weirdman's announcement that Trista continued to encourage sexual relations with Ayla's father as recently as last October, just days before 'mom' entered substance abuse detox.

Trista's bizarre opening statement that she 'had already cried that morning', immediately informing the public not to expect her to leak a single tear during her interview and ruin her laquered geisha girl 'game face' struck some viewers as 'contrived'.
Indulgent commenters pointed out that even 'mom' got a little chuckle when l'il man objected to the weird placement of the clutched couch pillow and tried to toss it aside while the camera was still rolling:

United States

#29 May 19, 2012
Wow, you are obsessed with Trista, huh? What is up with that?
Couch Pillow Update

York, ME

#30 May 19, 2012
Trista says her hope is (only now after 5 months) dimming, but according to some, Ayla's mom had given up 'hope' only 5 DAYS after Ayla vanished.
If true, Trista would be entitled to a world's record trophy for "MIssing Mom's Giving Up Hope The Quickest That Their Baby Will Be Found Alive".
Mothers of missing children never give up the hope their baby is alive.
This MOM is still hoping after 29 years:
Many have questioned Trista's flat affect and uninspired pleas to find her missing daughter while marveling at her apparent enjoyment of media attention.
Most of Trista's tv appearances,(this one included), focus on her own feelings rather than that of her missing baby. It is 'Trista' who must say goodnight to a framed angel-photoshopped Ayla, not Ayla who must be either deceased or wondering" where is my mommy? "
Trista has NEVER spoken directly to Ayla on tv that i know of..never..like her father said through tears while directly addressing Ayla:..'baby we are coming to get you'..nada..not from day one, much less a 'hopeless' day 5.
Trista says 'I hope she is watching' but she never says 'Ayla! i'm right here! looking for you!"
Why hasn't Trista ever directly addressed Ayla on tv like other mothers of missing children?
Those hoping for the best, believe the mom is unconcerned because she knows her child's whereabouts, not believing Ayla's mom could be a cold blooded psychopath who decided if 'she couldn't have Ayla' then 'no one could'..though many red flags have been raised due to Trista's strange, possessive comments pertaining to her daughter and her history of mental instability and substance abuse.
Trista was asked her latest emotion..her answer:
Not heartsick, not ravaged with worry..
That says it all doesn't it?

South Portland, ME

#31 May 21, 2012
Mr/Mrs mulitple screen names. Your obsession with Trista is creepy.
Also, since you clearly know a lot more than most, I have tapped your IP Address and let the police know your location so you can help them find Ayla.
Moms Alibi A Mystery

York, ME

#32 May 23, 2012
Trista's online bully pulpit reposted her timeline with (no joke) a few more tweaks.
All of the latest additions and revisions appear to be of little consequence as pertains to Ayla's disappearance.
Trista's activities from December 16th to December 17th are still not included in the latest version of her timeline.
Those are the hours when Ayla went missing.
A 'rogue group' of Ayla's Angels, which appears to have schismed due to internal controversy, organized this walk through town 'for Ayla'.
The walk was touted in advance as a sort of 'olive branch' to bring peace among villagers caught in the middle of an emotional maelstrom, offering an opportunity for opposing sides to unite 'for Ayla'.
Immediately, following the walk, however, many of the walk's organizers published statements online accusing the paternal family of involvement in Ayla's disappearance.
Neither mom nor dad attended.

Temple, TX

#33 May 26, 2012
whoever you are from Auburn, ME...you are doing a great job here!
Tinkerbell Tattoo

York, ME

#34 May 26, 2012
time to pull down the tents..this circus is MOVING ON!
for the last show of the night, check out mom's smug smirk and coy calculated glances:

mom grabs Ayla's portrait and flips it over face down. hello?

yup, summer in Maine is fleeting and with a new BF..
i'm sure Ayla would understand..after all, they found 4 drops of her blood.
Tinkerbell Tattoo Fan


#35 Sep 19, 2013
Come back, we need you!

What can you tell us about Bob Russo?

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