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Westerville, OH

#1 Mar 30, 2010
What a waste of skin! nasty b*tch! Someone needs to get those poor kids away from that meth mouth dopehead!!!!

Dresden, OH

#2 Mar 31, 2010
damn right but i dont know if its meth someone told me that she does that dog or whatever its called. u know someone is straight up a peice of shit when they r doing shit like that when they are pregnant. TRASHY ASS POOR EXCUSE FOR A MOTHER

Schiller Park, IL

#3 Apr 1, 2010
her last name is bruin. what do you expect?

Westerville, OH

#4 Apr 1, 2010
yea well its not thati expect much from her...but i expect someone to step in and take those dam kids from her! throw her ass in jail for all she's caused those poor kids!!!!!!!!!!

Westerville, OH

#5 Apr 1, 2010
And i believe it's can she the tracks all over her! but im sure she would do whatever she could get her hands on!

Since: Apr 10

Cincinnati, OH

#6 Apr 4, 2010
I am a Bruin and just because u people like to talk shit about someone that is also a Bruin does NOT mean they are all like that and y is it that people have nothing better to do than b backstabbing low life mother f ers gettin every body elses business startin stupid shit worry about ur own fucking lives and I am NOT Shelby either but I AM a BRUIN and damn proud of it just clearing it up so u dont think shes the one commenting back

Lexington, KY

#7 Apr 5, 2010
ok so first off y arent any of you big enough or strong enough to stand behind your opinions because i can see that you are all hiding behind fake names. thats real mature or are you just afraid to put your name out there in fear of what people may know or think they know about you. my children should be none of your concern i am a very good parent and your opinion on that subject does not matter to me. and for your information no one can take my kids from me there is nothing that i have done for anyone to take them from me.and instead of plastering your hear say and bullshit all over the internet be mature enough to say it to my face cause i can bet you wont. but if u want to continue to write shit on here fine by me put your real name by it dont be scared

Port William, OH

#8 Apr 6, 2010
All people make mistakes, if she has made mistakes in the past, i'm sure they are no worse than ours.

Live and let live

Port William, OH

#9 Apr 6, 2010
Rather than putting this woman down, why don't you lift her up in prayer?

Don't forget, she is human too and each of us our poned to make mistakes.

Jesus died on the cross for her too. Maybe you need to worry about your ownself.
grandma to these babies


#10 Apr 12, 2010
well shelbie is RIGHT about one thing why hide behide the computer tell her to her face i am in no way takin up for her but this is the problem people sticking there nose in the wrong place if that is the way you feel then tell someone who can do something about it not the whole town!!!! futher more my grandbabies are here in my home and they are taken care of and apparently you dont know what goes on in my home cause you would not been saying these are you perfect? no not by far or you would not be running someone down for there past mistakes and i have lived in this messed up town 11 yrs and yet to find anyone get your facts straight before you talk about something you dont even have a clue of what is going on my son loves his childern with all his heart they are his life and soul and i know shelbie does love these babies as well so i think if you know them and are so familiar with what they use to do you must be as guilty as them because all the people they know do the same things as they use to do so ya might want to think about that what kind of person are you? MY GRANDBABIES ARE FINE SO FIND SOMEONE ELSE TO RUN YOUR MOUTH ABOUT!!

Westerville, OH

#11 Apr 13, 2010
Hmm well that wasnt the case when she was drivin those babies around a few weeks ago higher than a kite!! My facts are straight im not goin on what ive heard...but what ive saw! Im not putting then down simply wondering why people are allowing these children to be in such a situation...
Ive done it with her

San Marino, CA

#12 Apr 15, 2010
I used to hang out wit shelbie and yes I'm sorry shelbie I agree your kids need to be taken from you and you did do heroin while you were pregnant and look at the result of it. I feel so sorry for that baby it is horrible all cuz you could not step up and be a do you go to sleep at nigt knowing your addiction hurt your baby you might as well of gotten an abortion if you were going to continue to do drugs ..atleast then it would of been with the lord and not living a life of pain an misery. as far as grandma to those babies

I'm sorry to say this I don't know if you are in denial but shelbie does do drugs she is on heroin and pot and she is the reason your grandbaby is going to have the hard life it is..if you loved them babies you would get them away from her..i quit my drugs for my baby boy so should she she is selffish
grandma to these babies


#13 Apr 18, 2010
well i guess i will say it ONE more time apparently it just dont sink in the babies are fine they are in my home and like i said you have no idea what goes on in my home if you know you would stop the post but just like MOST of the people not all in this town or others that use to live in this town and moved they love drama.if you were so concerned about the babies you would leave your comments with someone who could help these babies.and those of you know there parents know me and i know all of you know how to get a hold of me cause half of falmouth knows where we live or our phone number so if there is a concern i think i need to be contacted or a other family member cause all of you that hang out with them know all of this topix is no place to post these things if you are really concerned about the babies but as we know that is not your concern it is just to run people down and talk about them.if you were so concerned about them you would have contacted the right people to handle the problem.and as far as a abortion that is really heartless the baby will be fine since you have such a kind heart and are so concerned she will have a normal life she just needs surgery not to be killed because she a cleft lip and palet is if your child needed surgery you wish you would have had a abortion? wow !!!! but you have no idea what is going on here if you realy need to know stop by or call you know me brads mom you know where to find me since you are so concerned!! LOVE MY GRANDBABIES AND KIDS NO MATTER WHAT PROBLEM THEY MAY HAVE THAT IS A MOTHERS LOVE !!!


#14 Apr 18, 2010
it goes to show how much you know that the reason for my babies cleft lip is not because she was doing drugs and im pretty sure i know who is talking all that s**t and you just like anybody else never quit doing drugs AND I WISH LIKE HELL A MOTHER F****R WOULD HAVE ENOUGH BALLS TO SAY THERE REAL NAME. You want to talk s**t about my family and my kids come say it to me, i just wish somebody would because i would love to knock somebody's head off woman or man and if you got a boyfreind send em to me and tell me that.


#15 Apr 18, 2010
ok for all of you that would like to talk about someone and their children. i am a big enough person to admit that i have made mistakes and at times i was not the best mother but for my children i have changed and i know that i am the mother that i used to be. i had an addiction yes that is no lie and yes i did do drugs in the first part of my prgnancy and any addict knows that you do have a hard time leaving the drug alone so yes i may have relapsed a few time through out my pregnancy. and if you were so concerned for my children why didnt you step in and contact someone when i was pregnant and doing drugs. but instead i think that make you a worse person than me. and if you know me and hung out with me then you probably also have kids and did drugs too either while you were pregnant or in front of your children. so as you know there is a saying that people who live in glass houses shouldnt throw stones and that is probably why you are too afraid to post your real name. it doesnt bother me what you have to say about me your opinion doesnt matter to me in the least bit but when you bring my children into it that is a whole other story. i do love my children with all of my heart and no matter what i did i was always there for them and thats more than i can say about most of falmouth. and my daughter does have a cleft lip and pallet but it was not caused from drug use. maybe you should be educated in the topic you are discussing before you make your self look stupid. i mean you do have time to get on the internet and bash me do something more productive with your time like some research. and as far as getting an abortion goes i do not believe in that no matter what would have been wrong with her wheather or not it was caused from something i did or genetic which it is in her case. a few surgeries throughout her lifetime is nothing to me compaired to her never being here. so there you go i put it all out there and i admitted to my wrongs now i would appreciate it if you would leave me and my children alone. or just my children they are innocent in all of this and should have never been brought into it but i guess that shows how ignorant the people are that are posting all of the nonsense.

Westerville, OH

#16 Apr 18, 2010
thats good to hear hope its true...dont let everyone get you down people will always talk nothing you can do bout that. live for youre kids and no one else
grandma to the babies


#17 Apr 18, 2010
real wrote:
thats good to hear hope its true...dont let everyone get you down people will always talk nothing you can do bout that. live for youre kids and no one else
it is true and thank you and i would not let none of this scum bring me or my babies down!! people like them dont have a life and dont know what it is like to have a good caring family behind them !! thank you
quit bein nosey

Erlanger, KY

#18 Apr 18, 2010
hey brad dont let these [email protected] mofos get to you like dat man. you are better than that bro...they are very jelous people that dont have nothin better to do except getting on the net and dogging people.they probably dont have a job,nor do they have friends. better yet it sounds like they dont have a life.they are just on here trying to entertain themselves.and they will never post there names on here because then they know they will have a problem to deal with and they wouldnt have noone to protect them.people do make mistakes all the time thats the only way to learn, is from ur own mistakes.this mofoshould come forward with there name so we can show this [email protected] how he/she will learn from there mistake by getting on here running there mouth about people.from ur good friend,gary and johnna..

Louisville, KY

#19 Apr 20, 2010
People in this town need to mind their own business. Clean up your own act before you try to ruin someone else's life. Hang in there, Shelby and family.
grandma to those babies


#20 Apr 21, 2010
thank you we are doing fine and so are the babies!! i know people in this town dont have lives so they start there drama but we are a very close family and we can get thru anything thank you for your concern!!

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