do not buy from jones junction used cars

Newport News, VA

#24 Jan 5, 2013
Sorry for typos, Damm auto correct on cell phone, hope you got the point!
Harvey W

Street, MD

#26 Jan 9, 2013
Thinking of purchasing a used Ford SUV from Jones? Looking for feedback. Anything I should be aware of? Good/bad?

Washington, DC

#27 Jan 19, 2013
I inspect car for a dealership you can't fail a car for a plug in the sidewall under msi! It's a crappy thing to do but you can't fail it. Its a moral call, I tell the sales manager and if he has enough money left for profit they'll let you repace it other wise they don't have too!

Hyderabad, India

#28 Apr 4, 2013
I think you guys had a bad experience with this guy.....try united car exchange...recently i sold my ford their, they buy and sold used cars...Good luck and have a great experience.....
Dont buy at Jones

Coronado Ntl Forest, AZ

#29 Apr 15, 2013
All of these stories and then some are legitamate. DO NOT GO TO JONES JUNCTION IN BEL AIR, MD for any new/used cars or service. They are not a dealership/service center, they are criminals and crooks!

Chesapeake, OH

#30 Apr 30, 2013
Yes don't go there for real.if u like jones now you won't when something goes wrong with your car or truck they told me 200$ for a air filter when the other dealers only 40$ n if i go some where else I broke the contract lol they think we r stupid they over charge everything by 100 of dollars 2 make up for when they make your engine blow up they r a joke I'm stoping goin there for my free oil changes god knows what they r but in my car
Amy - Forest Hill- MD

Severna Park, MD

#31 May 13, 2013
I wanted to purchase a used Tahoe for Jones....Went through majority of the deal with a finance guy but when he couldn't get the numbers to where I needed them I said that it was fine and I'd just keep the SUV I had.(I wouldn't have even wasted my time if I hadn't been told "oh sure...we can get to that number over and over in the last hour) That's when he brought out John, the finance manager to speak with me. The amount I was able to pay each month hadn't changed but John thought it was a good idea to use a belittling tactic to get me to "just agree to a few more dollars each month".$53 more each month isn't a few first of all!...2nd of all telling a client "Well you shouldn't be looking at $60,000 vehicles if you cant afford it" is BEYOND unprofessional. I reminded John that I was looking at a USED $30,000 vehicle and to hand me back the keys of my current SUV! I will NEVER deal with Jones Junction and made sure I told the owner of my experience. The owner actually told me this isn't the first time he had the same complaint about John but he promised it would be the last. I'll give you one guess as to who still is the finance manager at Jones. Any business that feels superior enough to belittle their clients should not be in business at all. All around rude and unprofessional if you don't behave and just sign on the dotted line.

Stewartstown, PA

#32 Jun 12, 2013
I dont understand how jones was able to take my previous vehicle which was under only my moms name and let me buy a new one. She wasn't with me and didn't sign anything?? Oh and I understand why oil changes r free... they say every 7500 miles...I don't agree! Any thoughts??

Stewartstown, PA

#34 Jun 12, 2013
Oh by the way... after my family bought 5 cars from them in a month the financial manager sexual harassed me in front of my 12 yr old son and wouldn't stop. Then he trashed my husband as he wasn't so shocked I don't know what to do...

Abingdon, MD

#35 Jun 15, 2013
I saw a part on the Mopar (Jeep's parts division) web site that I wanted to buy. I could have purchased it on line, but I live 5 minutes from Jones. Usually the price you see on the Mopar web site is the retail price and that will be the price you will pay or less at the dealership. I went into Jones to buy the part and they were charging double. I drove 15 minutes out to another Jeep dealer and got it 10% off of the Mopar listed retail price. I didn't buy my car there because I had had trouble with them in the past, but I figured you could at least buy a part at the retail. Typical.
Ryan c

Bel Air, MD

#36 Jun 19, 2013
HashSlinginSlasher wrote:
I bought a used car from here, i got it at the beginning of september. Seems to be running good so far but the employee salesmen were absolute idiots and the manager was a scumbag. The one man i think his name was John, he thought he was sneaky about the way car sales in maryland work. luckily my dad is well informed and he put the seller in his place, basically the dude backed down after he realized he couldnt play that shit with me and my dad. He also randomly brought up his past profession? I have no idea why he thought we wanted to know about his life, claimed he was a doctor or something from a prestigious school but I dont buy it considering hes a goddamn car salesman. Especially the fact that hes trickin people in order to gain commision selling a car. The manager is also a scumbag, he refused to sell a car that was clearly available, and badmouthed me with his office door wide open and me sitting right outside. Bottom line these dudes are BULLSHIT ARTISTS
this is completely messed that you say someone is a goddamn carsalesman they are people trying to make a living and you put yourself on this pedistoll that your so perfect. Way to sound so ignorite and immature

Aberdeen, MD

#37 Jun 21, 2013
I can't help but to notice a lot of prospective "buyers" of used automobiles always blame the "dealer" or the "sales guy" for the bullshit, when you should ALSO be blaming yourself for your ignorance.

Come on people, it's 2013. Looking at a Carfax isn't in the end all decision maker, but it's a step towards correct due diligence and apart of the buying process... LOL @ Not even getting one from the dealer/used car like Tom a few replies back. They should give you one for FREE, since just about every car dealer that's worth anything has an account with Carfax, or the other vehicle history sites that may or may not be accurate enough. There is a lot to be desired, but anything "major" could show up on those vehicle history websites.

Plus, you would be naive to believe that the manufacturers/dealers don't keep their own electronic RECORDS of service history networked through the internet that is most likely a printable piece of paper(s) if you show up with a VIN and ask for the "service history," any active recalls, etc.

I'm not a fan of ANY automobile dealers, every employee you talk to is there to MAKE MONEY for themselves, and the company they work for. They aren't there to be your friend!! They all should providing GOOD customer service on the other hand.

I always find it humorous that the sales guy always has to go to/heed advice to the 'upper echelon' employee with some sort of worthless manager title.

Flat Rock, MI

#38 Oct 16, 2013
My husband and I were looking to buy a gas economical vehicle from Jones. Our credit is great but Jones wanted to give us an interest rate double the advertised rate, they said it was because it was our third vehicle that was going to be financed. We left without buying the car went to another dealership the next day and were given a 0% interest rate for 3 years. Their finance department is very shady and if you aren't an informed buyer they will take you to the bank laughing.

Bensalem, PA

#39 Oct 17, 2013
Well it seems I,m on the list of satisfied Jones customers. I recently purchased a used Ram dually form Mike Shrader at the Chrysler dealer. Nice guy to deal with at the time.He made the deal happen. So signed all the papers and 28,000 plus tax and tags I left the dealership at 11:15 pm. Ahh what a nice feeling tobe cruizzing in my new truck. So I get on 95 to drive 125 miles to get home. Started to get a little chilly so I decided to flip on some heat. It seems the the heater control is broken because if fell on the floor as soon as I touched it. So the very next day I called Mr. Shrader to explain that the heater control was broken. He said he would get back to me. After that sent him two pictures of the broken piece. Multiple phone calls,voice mails,and speaking to him again at one point. Still no answer. So I called Miss Keramidas and explained the problem to her. Her card that she gave me said that she was a customer relations manager.Very nice women on the phone said she would have Mr Shrader call me. Well that never happened. I called her the following day and got her voicemail. Left a massage and asked for a call back. Waited 24 hours no response. So I called her again. She answered and said that Mr. Shrader was to have called me and take care of it. I told her that he hasn,t called texted or emailed me. She said she would get the used car manager to call me. I even offered to put the part in myself that I have been an auto tech for the last 30 years. She asked if I would come back down if they wanted me to. I said which ever way is find with me. I just want it fixed. Well another 24 hours has come and gone and still nothing. I have worked at a few dealerships in my life and never have come accross such a non caring type of place. I purposely bought a truck from a large dealer because I thought I was dealing with more stand up kind of people. I have purchased two cars from small dealers over the past 5 years. One in fla and one in Rhode Islandand was treated with the upmost respect. I can,t understand how this place and Chrysler can let this type of behavior continue. It is very unfortunate we live in a society we customer satisfaction is not of any importance. Well I wish Mr Shrader only the best. Remember Karma. I guess I,m the fool in the end for not researching this Jones Chrysler before I bought. Another lesson learned
very disappointed

Abingdon, MD

#40 Oct 22, 2013
I believe what happens quite often at Jones, in any of their 6 dealerships, is a bunch of unprofessional money grubbing men who treat car sales like its fantasy football on crack. They rush the deals, cut corners to save time, use manipulative words and round about conversations that make you think you're getting the deal you asked for, so you say yes! Then at the end of the month, when they have reached their special little number of sales, they all get fat bonus checks and install flat screens in their bathrooms at home and walk in closets in their 10 car garages. Then a few weeks later, after the deal goes through all its processing, they will find there are little bits and pieces missing from your deal. Then, there's a mad scramble to make up for it and you might have to come back unexpectedly to sign something you should have weeks and weeks ago. As a customer you will hopefully not get any wind of this, but if you are an employee purchasing a car, you could be in for a $$BIG$$ surprise! But at least they still won their little fantasy car sales game. If you want a car from Jones, there are great vehicles available, but I highly suggest using straight CASH! And if possible, learn the process of buying a car because most likely your salesmen has never been shown a real honest deal.
Liar Hater

Baltimore, MD

#41 Oct 23, 2013
I purchases a 1995 F150 XLT that was EXCELLENT looking, lift kit, 33x12.50 tires on Gambler alum mags, black n silver w/leer cap. The only flaw was the hood release wasnt working properly and I was "quarenteed" it would be fixed and the latach replaced. That never happened, they bent the hood trying to fix the latch. Then after all the papers were signed and everything, sitting for several hours they lied and said the repl part had to be ordered and then jerked me around for 2 months only to tell me they wouldnt replace it. The windshield had a slight crack on the driver side that would not pass inpection and after having the vehicle 1 month i luckily checked the squealing brakes i had complained about to find otu they NEVER legally inspected the truck. the front brakes were completely shot and i had to replace. less than 500 miles since buying the truck.

3 yrs later I am in the market for another vehicle and test drive a 2007 monte Carlo with bad brakes all the way around and the power steering hyrdraluic line blows off before pulling off the lot and the idiot salesman says they will fix it when they inspect it, although it had an inspection certificate on the window, go figure another fraud inspection.

My current vehicle is a Dodge and thanks to the idiocy in govt, they have me on their list now since they are the "authorized" Dodge dealer closet to me and they are offering parts and services above and beyond the prices of other Dodge dealers in the area, including the dealer I purchased the vehicle from. Needless to say I have not and never will deal with Jones again. they are liars and thieves.
very unhappy person

Troy, MI

#42 Nov 4, 2013
poor service and watch out for the strip boult lie they do this alot to get more money when they work on your car .my car was there 6 times for the same thing had to call nissan corp
very unhappy person

Troy, MI

#43 Nov 4, 2013
bolt sorry
no name

Halethorpe, MD

#44 Nov 23, 2013
Jones will give you the Bonz.
S Shreiner H Shreiner

Lancaster, PA

#45 Nov 25, 2013
My wife and I purchased a 2012 SCION TC brand new we had it about 6 months and my wife was in a accident the car was towed to a local garage that had the tow truck that towed it. We decided that we wanted the dealership to do all the work on the car. So they had their tow service they use pick the car up from the local garage it was sitting at. They took the car to Jones Junction Body shop. The Sunday after they picked it up my wife and I went to the dealership to see if our car had made it to the dealership it was sitting there with parts taken off and alot of markings. So we left and let them do their work. We thought the car should of been totaled they came back with an estimate that was about $4000 away from being totaled. When they finally called and told my wife the car is finished she went to pick it up the outside looked great couldnt even tell the car was ever wrecked. My wife went to get in the car and the interior was jacked up mud on the seats the floors car didnt go in like that. So my wife walks back in and asks what the hell happened to my car the guy tells her that there tow service had an order to take a Scion TC to the auction but he took the wrong tc. Our car was taken to the auction ransacked things were stolen out of it come to find out fuses were missing the horn and a few other things were no longer working but they were going to give us the car back and not fix there screw up nor tell us about it. There were scratches all over the interior the value of our car had already diminished from the accident and now the interior was fd up diminishing it more. They said they would fix the interior and anything else that was wrong including the fact that when she drove it there were awful scraping noises in the front end but they told her it was all done ready to go. We had a family member that worked there he was a salesman so he got us a meeting with Steve Smeltzer. He gave us a few thousand towards a new tc so we went ahead and got a 2013 TC. We heard that the 2012 was sold to another dealership and that dealership went over the car and found that the frame was bent which would have put the car at a total loss this dealership should have known the frame was bent but in my opinion purposely left it out so that they could do the work and make the money from the insurance company.

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