WARNING: This rescue (Rescuing Wandering Paws) is a fake... She is making $900 off of "rescue" puppies. Her normal fee is $50, her pups are $150. She accepts donations, but hardly has any rescue dogs, and tons of her own. So you are pretty much just feeding her own dogs. The ammount of dogs she has, would be illegal, if she didn't call herself a "rescue". She also falsly advertises dogs. You think you are getting a housebroken, well mannered dog, you get him home, and he acts like he has never used the bathroom outside before, tears up your house, growls at your kids, etc. The catch is, you have to take him back to her and SHE GETS TO KEEP your $50!!! After she lied completely about the dog. How often does this happen? How much does she make off of one dog?