Roopville, GA

#1 Sep 13, 2012
I'm thinking about getting a dog for home security. What came to mind first was a Rottweiler, doberman pinscher, German Shepard. Do I need a breed dog like this or will a large mutt with a loud bark from the pound do as well. I did seek advise on this but got conflicting opinions. I'll be getting help from a good trainer but first I need the right dog. Please help!
Just wondering

United States

#2 Sep 13, 2012
Get a Chihuahua---mean,mean,mean---- the the one true devildog.

Roopville, GA

#3 Sep 13, 2012
Just wondering wrote:
Get a Chihuahua---mean,mean,mean---- the the one true devildog.
It would never work "just wondering" . Once my home insurance agent found out little "El Lobo" was roaming the home-front, my payments would go outta sight or canceled outright. Gotta be something safer.
i know

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#4 Sep 13, 2012
i would get some barking spiders. i heard they do a good job

Nebraska City, NE

#5 Sep 13, 2012
german shepherd hands down.... they areeasy to train, crazy loyal, and kid friendly. Law enforcement uses them and very effectively.

Mount Vernon, MO

#6 Sep 14, 2012
german shepherds are just as dangerous as pitbulls or boxers. they are just as unpredictable

Lincoln, NE

#7 Sep 14, 2012
Why don't you just ask the trainer your going to get. Seems any good trainer would know what you should get for what your needs are. And btw I've had a chihuahua for years and my insurance agent could give a crap. Just a note, a guard dog is one that will attack vs a watch dog that is the barkers. So decide if you want a biter or a barker.

Mount Vernon, MO

#8 Sep 14, 2012
i think cocker spaniels are excellent dogs. for protection and companionship
your dumb

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#9 Sep 14, 2012
whatever wrote:
german shepherds are just as dangerous as pitbulls or boxers. they are just as unpredictable
Your a moron if you think Boxers of all breeds in unpredictable!! I have been raised with boxers my entire life and own two! They are the best family dogs you can have! Maybe you should do your research before you try and give someone else educated advice!

Since: Jan 12

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#10 Sep 15, 2012
i know wrote:
i would get some barking spiders. i heard they do a good job
I'd be scared of them!!

United States

#11 Sep 15, 2012
Whiny1 wrote:
<quoted text>
I'd be scared of them!!
Right "Whiny"- Barking Spiders jumping on you at night while your trying to sleep--YUCK, twilight zone stuff!
boxer lover

United States

#12 Sep 15, 2012
I agree, boxers are very sweet. They have a deep bark though that sounds intimidating but the ones I've had are good with kids & think they are lap dogs. I would recommend a boxer or a German Shepard.

Manchester, GA

#13 Sep 15, 2012
boxer lover wrote:
I agree, boxers are very sweet. They have a deep bark though that sounds intimidating but the ones I've had are good with kids & think they are lap dogs. I would recommend a boxer or a German Shepard.
I agree "boxer lover"-- My niece has owned and raised two boxers without a bit of trouble. With no formal training, they seemed to know what she wanted them to do before she even told them. The German Shepard is my other best breed. It seems that litters of pups almost always has a blacksheep or two that's going to turn into the pet from hell no matter how hard you work with it. The tricky part is choosing the pup from the litter hoping it won't be the blacksheep. And for me it has to be a barker, no biters. In case of an intruder or fire He's to wake me, pull my butte out of bed and we are good.
Another Boxer lover

Baileyville, KS

#14 Sep 16, 2012
whatever wrote:
german shepherds are just as dangerous as pitbulls or boxers. they are just as unpredictable
How could you ever compare a Boxer to a Pitbull??? Our Boxer is the most gentle dog we have ever owned!!!! Hes the biggest baby, awesome with kids and yes, thinks hes a lap dog. BUT... He will let us know if someone is around that shouldn't be and protect us when needed. Wouldn't trade him for the world.
wow just WOW

United States

#15 Sep 16, 2012
and how to you compare boxers to a pitbul?? REALLY!!! I have a pit and she is 8yrs old!! WE get compliments on her ALL The time. She is VERY well behaved, listens better then my kids and my man. If you snap she will sit.. without you even having to speak!!
DOGS ARE HOW YOU RAISE THEM!! They are just like kids.. Some kids turn out bad and some are "normal" If they are nurtured.. then they will be devoted to you!! Pits are very praise oriented dogs.. all they ever want to do is please their masters!!
Dont judge a WHOLE breed bc of what you have "heard" that is stereo typing the WHOLE breed.. thats like condeming ALLLLLL asians bc ONE asian stabbed someone!!! Each person and animal differant.. if we were all the same it would be one boring ass world!!
I always say.. meet my dog b4 you judge her.. it is not her fault that the media has slammed all of the BAD about her breed in your face.. no one ever hears about the good things they do.. presidents, army, police, the sick, have all owned pits.. a pit is in the movie little rascals!!
Now.. do YOUR research EVERYONE b4 you JUDGE ANY BREED.. PUNSIH the BAD OWNERS for MAKING their dogs BAD!!
Dog person

Lincoln, NE

#16 Sep 17, 2012
All I have to say about the German Shepard is it's the only breed that I have ever been bitten by. Three times by different GS and each time it was an attack from behind. I've had a pit rescue and he was great but I did have to watch him around people who where darker skinned or who had been drinking, for as a pup he had been abused by an owner fitting that description. Never had a boxer but those I've been around have been big old friendly slobberboxes.

Smiths Station, AL

#17 Sep 17, 2012
Never been around a pitbull before until a camping trip with friends at the river. One of my friends wife brought a full grown pit with her and I was keeping my distance at first. That first night brought an awful storm, rain, lightning, thunder and the pit came from behind me in the tent, pushed it's head under my arm and scooted next to me. It was scared to death of the storm. The next morning being first up I started coffee and breakfast with the pit right next to me. She got the first big plate of bacon & eggs and we've been best pals eversince.
Dog Lover

Verdon, NE

#18 Sep 18, 2012
1st- Do you know that dog can live for 10-14 years or longer and YOU are responsible for its well being! Nope chain and dog house in the back yard is not good enough. They need exercise and interaction regularly or you end up with a nutty barking out of control pet.
2. They eat you pay, they are sick you pay, they need shots you pay, forget about breeding get it fixed you pay, they require a license you pay, and God forbid they bite someone you really pay. They puke, shit and pee you clean it up, they shed all over and puppies chew everything in sight and don't know what is expected of them. They aren't going to protect anything for awhile.

Don't get me wrong pets are great, but there is alot more to it than awe he so cute and maybe once he/she might be called on to protect you.

Think long and hard about what is going to be required to maintain this protection. I live in a rural area and have seen way to many "wanted" pets, dogs and cats dumped on me. Sorry have my own don't want your mistake. As an FYI dogs that aren't raised around livestock chase them, run the livestock through fences or kill the smaller ones. Most generally the farmer SHOOTS them because they are destroying their property. You aren't finding them a good home.

I don't think what kind do I get is he question, Try how much will it cost and what to do if I decide I don't like it anymore. Are you ready for this!

Tuskegee, AL

#19 Sep 21, 2012
Oh boy, I set out to get opinions of different breeds of dogs from owners that have lived with them. All I wanted was a starting point (breed or mutt) for security and companionship. The more I look the more mysterious and complicated things seem to get. I'm going to need an Indian guru before long. Until then I'm going to settle for a cold heineken and my lazyboy and take my mind off dogs for awhile.


Phenix City, AL

#20 Sep 24, 2012
Been reading about this new souped up outside motion sensor floodlights, and it's really neat. You can top it off with a boss burglar alarm system for the inside and all the complex dog issues are solved. About the companionship thing, there's this cute chick I know that lives in Philadelphia........

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