Lyon county has 5 commissioners and a county manager that are NOT doing this county a favor because they don't think complying with the codes for a decent community warrents ANY money to work with.
There is no code enforcement officer for Lyon county. There is no money alloted in the 2014/2015 budget for this necessity. Any person knows that to increase the tax base revenues, the community needs to be appealing to new residents and businesses. The question is, why can the county pay to build a multi-million jail and not budget ONE employee to enforce the county codes that are on the books!
If you or if you know anyone that will run for these offices and replace those that are in charge now, please do so. There is no need for those in charge now to be paid big bucks to do nothing to get this county up to speed and proud enought to draw a better life for its residents.
Educate yourself. Go to the county web site and check out the proposed budget and voice your opinion. We need action and pressure on those that control our lives.