I had been taking my three kids here for about 2 years because it is fairly close to us & the kids liked Dr. Swan (who is now leaving).

We had no insurance and although their prices for non-insured are pretty high I always paid the full bill at the time of service.

The problem I encountered with Wild About Smiles (WAS) came when I obtained private dental insurance in 12/12. I called them and specifically asked if they accepted this insurance, Nevada Pacific Dental written through my general health carrier Sierra Health & life. Chancy at WAS said "we accept all insurances and just bring in the cards when you bring in the kids". I asked her if she wanted the specific policy information so she could verify coverage prior to their appointments she reiterated "we accept all insurances, just bring the cards when you bring them in".

I brought the three kids in on 3/20/13 for exams and about a half hour into the exams Chancy said "I called your insurance and they say they won't cover it because WAS is not in their network". She then said that she thought that the person she was speaking to was probably mistaken and that they would pay the claim.

Well, WAS is not in network & the insurance won't pay any of it (they would have paid 100% as preventive if WAS was in network).

I'm as much to blame as anyone for this as I should have verified coverage with the insurance company and not just relied on what WAS told me. My real problems with WAS are:

1) The misinformation that I was given when I originally called in 12/12 and the fact that they did not want to take my information & confirm my specific coverage.

2) They started the work on the kids before discovering that I had no coverage for WAS.

3) In light of #1 & 2 above I attempted to negotiate a discount/reduced rate for the three checkups. WAS steadfastly refused any discount of the full $420 bill.

What really upsets me is that I made every effort with WAS to avoid this exact situation from occurring. After spending over $1500 in the last 2 years at the full non-insured rate at WAS I am extremely disappointed that they were not willing to negotiate even a little bit on the final billing given the circumstances.

I have no problem with the dentists/technicians there, I assume that they are fairly competent. My problem with WAS is the way there front/business office is run and their business practices. Seems that they are much more concerned with money than with treating paying customers fairly & taking some ownership for the misinformation that they provided.