Review: Falfurrias Facts

Review: Falfurrias Facts

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Santa Barbara, CA

#1 Sep 9, 2009
Cookie Monster

United States

#2 Sep 12, 2009
nora wrote:
What about topix?

United States

#3 Mar 2, 2010
I say Ex-Falfurrias Guest -- for I been away for sometime and try to stay in touch with the community. In hopes that it would change -- where I could come back and make it my retirement place. But from what I read on the topix is not going to happen. Is that what you all really like to hear for people to stay away? Remember retire folks help the economy by spending money in the community and make donation to different organization.
Many retire people can be a great help to the community for they have time to do thing they could do due to working.

I readed an article on the Topix that stated When are you going to wake up - I read that and was impress with the writer and was hoping that it would change some of you after reading it, but I see where many of you all are more interested in matters that donít help the community but gives it a bad vibe and help retire people stay away from what could be nice place to call home ones again.

I feel so sorry for my old home town.

Brownsville, TX

#4 Mar 2, 2010
Ex-Falfurrias Guest. By reading your entry, you skipped school very often. You write like a mojado trying to learn English. Use spell check pendejo. Your grammar sucks!

Fort Worth, TX

#5 Mar 2, 2010
WTF, by reading your entry, I see your parents skipped the lesson on basic manners in your rearing. Ex-Falfurrias Guest is simply stating a fact. How he/she writes it is not as important as the message he/she is attempting to get across.
Ex-Falfurrias Guest, I understand your message, but what you have to understand is that not all Falfurrians are as rude and disrespectful as the few who actually post the negative comments on this forum. Most of the people do want a better community, but do not know how to effect that change. I believe we need more former Falfurrians who have seen how other city governments work to come back and share their knowledge and ideas with the locals. Do not feel sorry for our hometown, come back and help us change it.
Ex Falurrias Guest

United States

#6 Mar 4, 2010
Thanks for pointing out that my writing is bad
For my defense is that I had to working and support my family and got very little education and thatís a shame. But it worse when one has an education and tries to knock others down with the words they use. I know I have very little education but one thing I do have is respect for others and wish that you would do the same. I have work hard all my life to supported my family and I wish you would have walk in my shoes and than you would have pride in what ever work you do. Thatís even pushing a broom clean streets or restroom. I have though my kids the value of respect for without it, one is lost and you will not get far in life. My kids have become an asset to there community because the values I have bestow on them. Iím asking the writer to do one thing and get up and go say Hi to someone they havenít spoke for years and try to make friends with that person and in return you will be bless back many times over and pride will kick in with you soul. As for the second writer Thanks --- I have been asked to run for an official office within the community even if there aware of my education they still like to have me run. They see what I have done with the employees where Iím employed, I have had some employees that were really bad and know one else wanted them but I treated them with respect and they have become the best employee within the company for everyone deserves a second chances. First thing I did bestowed trust like I did with my kids and shown them respect, it wasnít easy for it took some time --- but they broke there bad habit and there a pillar in community -- for they learn how to respect other and have Pride within them.
You will have that same feeling if you trust in yourself and other & respect.
to Ex Falfurrias Guest

Corpus Christi, TX

#7 Mar 4, 2010
I say come on back home. Home is where you are always welcome. There are plenty of Godly people still left in Falfurrias. Find a church family you can connect with and see how many of your old acquaintances you will meet up at the grocery store or in church. Things are not as when we were young but we the older generation must keep our young people in our prayers and mentor them when you are able. We too raised my children to become responsible adults and they are doing well. They in turn help out their communities where they live. It is all about doing as we are instructed in our Christian upbringing to LOVE GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART,WITH ALL YOUR BODY, AND ALL YOUR MIND AND ALL YOUR STRENGTH AND TO LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF. The two most important rules to live by. So if you decide to come home, it will all be good.
fal female citizen

United States

#8 Mar 5, 2010
yeah i know some people dont know how to respect &its mostly how their mothers &fathers that raised them. this town is a shame &i do feel bad. for the ecomony, the people, all they do is fight not something to help the community. its stupid, and what PISSSES ME OFF IS WHEN SOMEONE "CORRECTS" YOU! you dumb piece of sh*t!if you know how to read it then ou understand it. so get over it. &understand HIS point! talking back acting "SMART" is actually stupid.
ex falfurrias guest, i hope you come back, and enjoy it. falfurias can definitely use all the help to get better. starting with.. manner classes :D

Portland, TX

#9 Mar 6, 2010
god bless you ex fal chick we need your help shanging our community lots of drug addicted people need your prayers

United States

#11 May 31, 2010
I too have longed to move back to falfurrias i have been gone for over 21 yrs. being both in the Army and now with the government but Falfurrias needs to open its EYES what fool would allow a highway to bypass downtown and close its famous plaza ( everywhere I have been people has asked me about the watermelon plaza) you can only suspect someones pockets really got big with that stupid highway, the city government needs to change they are not there for the city but only for themselves. I have been there for elections when you have people talling up votes using the electroic machines and not knowing how to work them and just giving the person they what in office the votes..there is something wrong......I would love to run for office and clean this town up!!!

Cotulla, TX

#12 May 31, 2010
The city has no control over where the bypass went. That was Perry's whole project. Nobody got money off of it.
If you can do a better job that by all means come and run for something.

Madison, WI

#14 Jul 20, 2010
WTF= wacha tus faldas I quess you need to be thaught to respect others if not you will be treated likewise.

Spring, TX

#15 Jul 20, 2010
Sorry, but if your smart enough to get out of Fal, be smart enough to stay out.

Corpus Christi, TX

#16 Oct 3, 2010

Dallas, TX

#17 Oct 3, 2010
Yay Jerry and noe are gonna get they're a$sholes turned inside out for pretending they're in a gang..... I hope they stay gone for along time, they had no right hurting those poor illegal immigrants..... finally our town is getting cleaned up..... poor Natalie she might not have a boyfriend by the time he gets out he's gonna like boys
arturo herrera

Muskegon, MI

#18 Jan 28, 2011
it is so sad to hear negative things bout Fal. I also have been gone for yrs.I lived in Alice for yrs and moved to Michigan many yrs ago.Today I sadly read bout Federico Salinas death,so sad we hung around together with many others guys,had good times as well as hard times,but it was a great live.
Eliezar Perez Vecchio

Grapevine, TX

#19 May 15, 2011
What in the world is going on in the beautiful city that I was born in?
Eliezar Perez Vecchio

Grapevine, TX

#20 May 15, 2011
What in the world is going on in the beautiful city where I was born.

Dilley, TX

#21 May 15, 2011
Eliezar Perez Vecchio wrote:
What in the world is going on in the beautiful city that I was born in?
That is what many of us are asking. Remember the people we grew up that were wild and fun to hang out? Well they never grew up and started to produce children who inherited their bad habits and it has been downward spiral from there. Everybody in Fal is related now!!! Some of these kids don't know who their dads are and some kids are dating their own half sibliings and have no clue. It is disgusting and sad to see our once beautiful town being destroyed by the losers of our community. The morale is low and it shows from the mayor all the way down to the homeless. Drugs are 10x worse than they were back in the old days. We have these gangs that are joining together because the don't know how to act like real men and fight their battles with their bare hands. We have city leaders that are involved in drugs, illegal activity and have had seriously broken the law in the past.
Would you consider coming back home and running for office to help better this once beautiful town of ours? We sure could use the help.
Need more gringos

Alice, TX

#22 Oct 5, 2012
The "g's" and I use a lower case letter cuz the do not deserve to be recognized are nothing but a problem from drug trafficking to human smuggling and MURDER!! They burn each others trucks and cause the fire dept to spend unneeded time and money and live off the government while collecting cash in dope sales I say hang'em high and let them swing I have yet to find a good use for any of them or anyone who associates with them

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