This mad scientist got mad when I changed my mind about a vein procedure that was on my face. As I was trying to explain why I didn't want to do it, he cut me off in the middle of my sentence. He started talking over top of me saying well we can do it. I paused for a second in shock that he he just did that to me. The he turns around, points at the chair and loudly said sit back! It was so loud and stern I jumped in the seat. I don't know why but I froze and did what he told me to do, wishing now I ran for my life. He shoved a numbing shot in so hard air came out of my right eye. I was hyperventilating/having a panic attack throughout the procedure. Not once did this doctor or his nurse asked if I was okay. I have suffered a nervous breakdown from this man. My family has suffered from the pain I have been in. I'm not the same person after this traumatizing experience. What this doctor did to me is inhumane and very wrong. I will never get over what happened to me. He obviously was money hungry. There's no other excuse he would run over a very young female. So sad what some people will do for a little money.