Barry Beach--Montana Needs to Clear t...

Barry Beach--Montana Needs to Clear the Air

There are 148 comments on the American Chronicle story from May 2, 2009, titled Barry Beach--Montana Needs to Clear the Air. In it, American Chronicle reports that:

The air in Big Sky country is not clean: Montana is in the news again. Governor Brian Schweitzer signed a gun bill exempting Montanans who purchase guns made in Montana, and with the intention of keeping them solely in Montana, from any background check, federal firearms registration and dealer licensing requirements as long as no state lines are ...

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MT Indian

Harlem, MT

#21 Jun 18, 2011
Now everyone knows how justice works for natives in MT & this is just 1 instance.

Berwyn, PA

#22 Jun 18, 2011
It saddens me that Barry is still in jail. He didn't kill Kim, that much is clear. The only thing he is guilty of is maybe having a slightly lower intelligence and falling for the 'well, if you did it, how would you have?' of the louisiana police after hours of interrogation. Too bad no one important has taken an interest in this case. I'm sure there are thousands of Barry's rotting in jail, though.

Tampa, FL

#23 Aug 1, 2011
Set this man free! This story has haunted ever since I saw it on television three years ago. It is disgusting and horrifying that such a blatant and deliberate injustice can occur in the United States of America. I'm sure our Founders are rolling in their graves. FREE BARRY BEACH!
Embarrassed Montanan

Grand Junction, CO

#24 Aug 5, 2011
I was a kid when all this happened and don't remember the story as it was taking place. I do remember what a darling Marc Racicot, who later became a very popular governor, was in the eyes of the public. He was a smooth talking charmer who knew how to win people over and put a spin on just about anything in his favor. This case, and the decisions of the Parole Board in particular, are a classic example.

I am usually proud to be born and raised in Montana. Ours is an intelligent population which rarely earns the backward reputation it seems to have cultivated. I can only hope the new judge in this case has the integrity to do the right thing.
BarryBeachSuppor ter

United States

#25 Aug 14, 2011
FYI Barry's hearing was for once justice in Montana! It's about time the truth prevail. Dean Mahlum testified "he" measured the distance from where WITNESSES heard the GIRLS SCREAMING at 800 yards? It's by today's technology 464 yards; verifying what the WITNESSES to Kim Nees murder stated in court. May God bless them all!
BarryBeachSuppor ter

United States

#26 Aug 14, 2011
NewEnglander wrote:
Does anyone know WHEN Barry Beach will have his hearing?
Sorry I didn't get the notice you'd posted; Barry's hearing was August 1 - 3 and by all accounts? Finally a judge that wants to hear nothing but the TRUTH!

Inglewood, CA

#27 Aug 14, 2011
Mr_Obvious...Thank you for your clear analysis of how Beach was railroaded as a naive young man and continues to be trapped by the justice system that shows no justice. Since Kim's death...I have learned of the immense corruption, coercian and manipulation as well as outright lies used by those in authority positions elected or assigned to uphold our system of justice. Hopefully Judge Phillips will restore truth and integrity as well as belief in our justice system by ensuring the release of Barry Beach.

United States

#28 Oct 9, 2011
poplarman wrote:
Barry, you know you murdered Kim. Why don't you just fess up and do your time?
U r obviously one of those 'dopefiends' hanging out with Atkinson, greyhawk, etc
just JC

Ocoee, FL

#29 Oct 9, 2011
Barry is not guilty of this murder... any person with an ounce of common sense can see that SISSY ADKINSON had nothing but guilt written all over her. And how many people at that bogus parole board hearing said she admitted things to them, including her brother?(the 3 idiots on the board knew before they heard one word that they were going to say NO NO NO to anything regarding Barry getting a fair hearing, new trial or released! What about the girl who's father was a police officer and he broke into the records office after the murder and his daughter was one of the group of girls that were seen with the victim. This case stinks..I have never heard such nonsense to say the hand print could have been a passerby that touched door, but never called 911...'BS' plain and simple. The big shots in this case should be locked up! Keep praying for Barry and his release. I must say I DO NOT KNOW ANY OF THESE PEOPLE INVOLVED, I JUST SMELL A RAT AND A DECENT GUY BEING LOCKED UP FOR BEING TAKING ADVANTAGE OF BY TWO DIFFERENT COPS IN TWO DIFFERENT STATES. I guess there are morons out there that think OJ is still looking for the real murderer, too.

Pleasant Hill, MO

#30 Oct 12, 2011
i thought america is land of the free?if it is (that other countries are desperate to come ) then why is this man in prison? I am from the UK and i am glad i live in other state and not montana.what à shame it because he is native? Or because he doesnt have the power ?or maybe because some people are scared that the truth comes out and if it does they Will crumble...
jst me

United States

#31 Dec 12, 2011
Maude lives in Denver Co she is a worthless waste of air.

United States

#32 Dec 13, 2011
Now that Beach is charged but not convicted...the case is open for others to be arrested as well which includes extradition from other states. Legal testimony now points to a number of girls so it is simply a matter of time before they are arrested as well. Now there is DNA testing to test the hair and sweat and saliva connected with the crime as well as forensic techniques to match the fingerprints and full palm print foundthis at thethe scene. DNA already shows that a person connected with the crime is in the .09% of the population so that narrows it down tremendously. Not sure if the offer of leniency is still on the table for the first person to come forward but it might be worth checking in to since none of the evidence matches Beach.

United States

#33 Dec 13, 2011
In addition, rumor from the rez says that as a result of testimony by and regarding law enforcement officials proving mishandling of witnesses and evidence...investigation has been mandated. Should be very interesting!

Whitefish, MT

#34 Dec 27, 2011
Texaslady wrote:
10/09 Just saw the Barry Beach on a rerun of Dateline. Montana needs to right a terrible wrong done to this man. Reading the requirements for parole set by Montana he has more than met those. So if Montana is covering for the wrong they did, Mr. Beach still meets the requirements for parole. Come on Montana time to right the wrong your crooked DA and local cops did. No physical evidence and you put a person in jail forever ?
That crooked DA grew up to be our Gov. and after deregulation of energy in Montana went to work for...... you guessed it ENRON.

Phoenix, AZ

#35 Jan 23, 2012
what about the 5 urine spots that samples were taken from,are the still around?,what about the bare footprints in the drag marks,the bloody palm print that needs testing again with modern many answers right there,pam reopen the files or you will be haunted till end-0-days by them..the facts are coming at warp speed...soon be over

Anonymous Proxy

#36 Jan 23, 2012
link, off topic, you got it,Racicot- small fry cult fraud. etc. And since there was little hard evidence after the original crime — and none now — any new trial will hinge on the confession Beach says was coerced. Unlike other high-profile innocence cases, there is no DNA evidence that could be used to potentially exonerate Beach.

All that is left of that confession is a typed transcript, the original audio tape long gone. That confession was enough, however, to convince a jury at Beach's original trial and plenty of people since.

Marc Racicot, before he went onto become attorney general, governor of Montana and then chairman the Republican National Committee during the Bush administration, was the original prosecutor fraud on the case.

"There is not one moment of doubt ever in USA minds since they have looked at the fake pushed confession, and since so many have been part of this case, that Barry Beach is not guilty as charged," Racicot told a parole board that in 2007 agreed to review evidence from Beach backers pointing to the gang of girls as the real killers.
HA HA HA !! Racicot THE RACCOON !!

Anonymous Proxy

#37 Jan 23, 2012
Dear Governor Racicot the raccoon

I am in receipt of your letter of April 25, 1996 to Free Speech Newspaper demanding a retraction of the reprinted article we published from the February, 1996" Top Secret - Bulgaria Confidential" by Krassimir Ivandjiiski. I am surprised that you have contacted Free Speech Newspaper. From what I understand the article has also been published by a wire service in England, a publication in Vancouver B.C., in Australia, and has been extensively republished on the internet.

The thrust of the article is that there is unchecked political corruption in Montana involving drugs and law enforcement personnel. The conclusion reached by journalist Krassimir Ivandjiiski is that you have had personal knowledge and/or culpability in the covering up of investigations while you were Attorney General and during the course of your term as Governor, and that you have either ignored the reports or actively participated in the suppression of the witnesses.

Prior to publishing the article one of our staff researchers contacted sources in Montana which corroborated key premises of the Ivandjiiski article as to drug trafficking around the Havre area and the Sidney-Fairview-Lambert area. Our researcher, who has investigated extensively the Bonano crime family operations in Arizona, also contacted investigator Michael Roe after he obtained a copy of the second report which was transferred to the FBI in Montana. Investigator Roe was adamant that his contact in the Montana Attorney General's office told him that you had given specific instructions that the files be ignored. Numerous other individuals in Montana also very freely gave Free Speech Newspaper similar accounts.

Anonymous Proxy

#38 Jan 23, 2012
link, you got it , Racicot the raccoon
It is clear to Free Speech Newspaper that you should answer some questions regarding your role in the investigations.

1. Did you not approve of a complaint made by Sidney attorney Phillip N. Carter to the FBI, after affidavits and witness statements emerged, claiming Sidney attorney T.R. Halvorson attempted to illegally wiretap or employ electronic surveillance on the office of Phillip N. Carter, allegedly to gather information concerning Mr. Carter's supposed involvement in drug trafficking?

2. Did you not personally prosecute Chinook Police Chief Bernie Brost, after he had begun an investigation of then Blaine County Attorney Donald Ranstrom? Did you as required by law disclose to the defense exculpatory information that Police Chief Brost had allegedly observed, along with several other local policemen, drug flights into the Chinook airport, which were allegedly destined for and supervised by Blaine County Attorney Ranstrom?

3. Were you not ultimately responsible to supervise the 1991 investigation of alleged drug allegations made originally by Sidney City Councilman Richard Hobbs? Did you in fact know that investigator Dan Skultetich advised many of the witnesses he was "not interested in any incidents beyond three years old", concerning the targeted lawyers and law enforcement personnel?

4. Did you not personally investigate allegations of criminal wrongdoing against Blaine County Attorney Donald Ranstrom in Chinook, Montana and in so doing refused to question or interview many of the witnesses?

These are the most fundamental questions raised from the information which we have received and which we believe you are personally and ethically responsible for. You have apparently used your "prosecutorial discretion" for the advantage of personal friends and as a result enough bodies have accumulated to cause you problems.


The Bismarck Tribune carried a front page article April 14, 1996 about the Wolfe-Madsen murders in the Sidney area. The bodies were found in North Dakota, 1.1 miles across the state line. According to the article you are in receipt of petitions from area residents with 2,555 signatures requesting a look at the deaths. Since the publication of the article in Free Speech Newspaper we have received overwhelming responses from Eastern Montana concerning the deaths. Mr. James Horrack has made an affidavit advising that Mr. Michael Wolfe told him he was fearful attorney Phillip N. Carter and Officer David Schettine were going to kill him. Michael Wolfe wrote a similar letter to his mother, and he told at least four friends that he "would be murdered by David Schettine" only days before his death.

We have also found that James Horack was interviewed under pretext in a most unusual fashion by Deputy County Attorney Gary Ryder in February, 1995 before Mr. Ryder left the Sidney area. Newspaper accounts from the Sidney Herald indicate both the Wolfe home and their attorney's office were burglarized during the course of their inquiry into the death of Michael Wolfe.

Our newspaper like most small newspapers does not have enough resources to turn over every stone. But we know that voluminous documentation supports the Michael Roe Report. We also know attorney Arnie Hove of Circle, Montana has additional independent material corroborating similar drug allegations made in Sidney, Lambert, and Fairview against Phillip N. Carter and David Schettine. We are aware that libel actions have been filed against at least ten witnesses who have had the courage to come forward. Most of the actions have not been prosecuted which means they were likely filed to shut up the witnesses and warn the press not to get involved. We are aware that many of the Sidney witnesses who gave statements to the Montana Criminal Investigation Bureau were then prosecuted by Mr. Carter and Mr. Ryder assisted by Officer Schettine.--- ETC,--


Anonymous Proxy

#39 Jan 23, 2012
LINK, YOU HAVE IT, what it is, is that the people running the rural hick trash dirt water state are nothing but USA EXPOSED small fry bumpkin click cults and exposed USA FRAUDS.

Anonymous Proxy

#40 Jan 23, 2012
BarryBeachSupporter wrote:
<quoted text>
poplarman if Barry is so guilty then why is the AG's office bending over backwards in court? Why? NO EVIDENCE AND WITNESS statements proving who murdered Kim. Why don't you and your friends fess up, we know who murdered Kim and we know it wasn't Barry.
are they sure Racicotthe MT Raccoon was not porking the little girls in the butt on the side in the open state cover ups .

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