Dog owner sues PetSmart after groomin...

Dog owner sues PetSmart after grooming incident

There are 86 comments on the New River Valley Current story from Aug 13, 2008, titled Dog owner sues PetSmart after grooming incident. In it, New River Valley Current reports that:

A Floyd County man has filed a lawsuit against PetSmart, claiming one of its groomers nearly killed his puppy.

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Clovis, CA

#22 Feb 23, 2010
Im a Groomer at Petsmart, and i think i know alot about grooming animals. like you, the training to be a groomer for petsmart is on-the-job training. i really dont think you need years of training to shave dogs. you learn from experience. alot of people think petsmart is all about money and making a profit.we all love dogs and cats and we love working with them. then again not all stores are the same. im proud of where i work, and im very confident in my grooming capability. thank you very much.
your mother

Ambler, PA

#23 Mar 25, 2010
carmenforu wrote:
I do not patronize Pet Smart. I have had issue when they gave shots to my kitten. She was so stressed,and they handle her rough. Once getting home, Zoe was still lathargic and blood in her stool.
That evening I took her to my vet. My vet stated that Zoe was stressed which caused intestinal bleeding.
I should have taken her to her vet orginally. The shots at Pet Smart were suppose to have been econonical.
So much for that theory.
Zoe is now grown and beautiful.
I also have a yorkie. I would not dare take my pets anywhere near Petsmart.
My yorkie is groomed at Petco. The groomers are great,and allow the parents to watch.
that is not petsmart that is bandfield they rent space from petsmart! all you people need to stop bashing an entire corp. because of the acts of a few stores. i work in a petsmart grooming salon. iv worked there for many years and i love my job. we are not all heartless monsters that you make us out to be!
Ticked OFF

Scottsdale, AZ

#24 May 3, 2010
I took my little girl for a spa day yesterday and ended up at the pet hospital. Her leg somehow was cut, which doesn't make since, since she does not get clipped or shaved. When I requested to have documentation on the incident Petsmart Corporate denied me any proof of injury saying it's policy. This is the last time I use petsmart! When I asked how to bypass this policy they said I had to either get the law involved or get a lawyer.
Wish to remain unkown

Pueblo, CO

#25 May 20, 2010
I use to work fpr PetSmart. That manager is a liar. PetSmart groomers and bathers are taught to recognize the signs of stress in a dog. A person can't work if they can't pass the test on that one. Like any profession you will get great people to work for you and some bad ones. It's the bad ones that should be weeded out from any profession especially where animal, also children, are involved. That is my opinion.
I am glad I had such an excellent teacher and a passion for what I do. I couldn't dream of hurting another animal.
Vet Assistant

Christiansburg, VA

#26 May 22, 2010
I was working at Town and Country Veterinary Clinic when Chester came in on emergency. This poor little dog was very near death. He was pretty much comatose for a seemed like he was at the clinic longer than 4 days...but he came around. You could tell that he had been traumatized...he didn't want to be messed with at all. He actually got a little nippy, but there is no reason that a dog that small should be restrained in such a manner that it causes the injuries that he had. If he was nippy, use a muzzle. If you are frustrated, walk away. Simple as that.

Since: Dec 09

United States

#27 Aug 15, 2010
I too lost my dog after a grooming at a Petsmart. He was fine and started throwing up within two or three days after his grooming. He had a perineal (sp) hernia and I have to wonder if this wasn't due to rough grooming.

Actually, what happened was he went into the hospital for three surgeries after the grooming and I spent $12K and lost him two months after that.

As I type this, I am waiting to pick up my Shih Tzu from grooming at Petsmart. I am really nervous about this and must be insane, but this particular groomer I found there seems to be ok.
Mike Vick

Norfolk, VA

#28 Aug 17, 2010
Who let the dogs out? Let me have your dog and I'll shape him up.

Rockwall, TX

#29 Aug 22, 2010
Cindy- as a "professional groomer" as you claim to be, you should know that petsmart does not offer only one month of training....I've worked there over 6 years, and I have learned things everyday along the way!!! You think that "PRIVATE SHOPS" are better than corporations? Well you are sadly mistaken!! big Names shops are taking over just for that reason. Do you know of any shops that have cameras installed to protect the right of employees as well as the protection of pets in our care? I can tell you that the reason I REFUSE to work in "family owned" shops is because the owners care about one thing....MONEY!!! The pets well being is not the first and for-most and that makes me sick. Pets get hit pulled slapped and harmed, and who's gonna tell. You people make me sick! Yeah maybe not everyone should be doing this type of work because it takes a VERY SPECIAL kind of human to do it, but knocking those who do and love their work is not right. So before you put us all in a "catagory" you should step back and take a look at your-self and be ashamed of the kind of groomer you turned out to be...
CindyS wrote:
I'm a professional groomer with 22 years experience.
I learned to groom on-the-job, at a small shop.
It takes a long time to learn how to groom dogs and cats properly.
I once worked for PetSmart (for a very short time) and I can personally say that PetSmart trained groomers only receive ONE MONTH of grooming training before being allowed to work on customer's pets.
This is not nearly enough time to learn how to do this job safely..!!
Based on my knowledge of how PetSmart trains their groomers, and also based on the fact that I have fixed so many bad quality PetSmart haircuts, and heard about so many dogs being injured at PetSmart, I would strongly suggest, as a professional groomer, that no one take their dog or cat to PetSmart to be groomed.

Rockwall, TX

#30 Aug 22, 2010
you know if you look up pets harmed in salons ALOT of private owned shops are noted in the threads, but you are only targeting Petsmart and petco? Why? we are all human and grooming is a stressful environment for pets. Take a look at yourself...Did i take "fluffy" in when he was young enough. did i brush him enough did i play with his feet and face to get him used to being handled? you can't expect groomers to work miracles after 7 months of no grooming and expect those to come out unstressed. Take a look at your self, and listen to you gut!!! DON'T ME NIAVE!!!!!
My dogs death

Frisco, TX

#31 Aug 27, 2010
My dog was seen by a vet 3 days before she was taken to petsmart for grooming. She was checked by a vet got her rabies shots and was great. She went to the grounded on sunday I noticed when we picked her up she was shaking and cold all week long she acted like she felt bad so on fri at 8 in the morning I rushed her to the vet and she died a few hours later. Her previos vet said nothing was wrong with her prior to the visit at the groomers

Prattville, AL

#32 Sep 22, 2010
I don't ever take my dogs to PetSmart for grooming, they gave me wrong dog back instead of Dusty, I got a female Westie.
Money Grubbing

Simi Valley, CA

#33 Sep 27, 2010
Well I lost my dogs to petsmart period. First of all they shaved my dog with dirty clippers and she got scabies! And then they were treating her for mites and it wasn`t even mites! So the petsmart company is just a bunch of Money Grubbin fools! And my doggies are gone because of them so you guys are MONSTERS!!! Heartless Jerks!!

Roanoke, VA

#34 Oct 22, 2010
My heart is just broken thinking of what has happen to this Yorkie! To have come from an abusive home, finally get a good home where he is taken to get groomed and once again is abused! I have Toy Yorkie. I know how they think they are big dogs but they are so fragile. I took my babie to a Petco where she experienced abuse. Reading all of these situations has made me realize there will be no more of leaving my baby with a groomer. If I cant stay with her and assure her safety than whoever I have chosen will not groom her. When you decided to take on pet you take on the responsibility to protect them and love them. Groomers need a lesson in compassion. If the dog is to hyper to groom than you say "no" rather than take a chance of hurting one gods creatures. SHAME ON THE GROOMERS WHO HURT CHESTER!!

Fries, VA

#35 Nov 2, 2010
It is NOT frivilous to sue PetSmart for hurting that poor dog-they obviously really did put this poor dog to the brink of death. It shocked me to learn there have been so many cases like this. Even worse, that they receive so little training! There's no way I will ever take my cats or dogs to this store for grooming or vaccines. I think the company should hire only experienced groomers that have recieved lots of training by a veterinarian, and that there should be a well-trained, experienced veterinarian on staff to supervise the procedures and furthur train the groomers. There's no sense in hurting an animal; if it's too scared or jumpy to be worked on, don't do the procedure!!!!

Dallas, TX

#36 Nov 17, 2010
II don't patronize Petsmart buy I just heard of a Groomer in Miami Oklahoma that left a dog unattended and the poor thing fell off a table and was hung by some sort of thing they put around it's neck to keep the dog still. The Groomer said she just was gone for a second. That was all it took I love dogs and am rethinking taking them to anyone we are cutting there hair at home now. And to the poster that thinks the law suit is frivoulous you are a cold and callous human being and I hope you don't have children or pets from that comment alone you don't have the heart for either.
All righty then

Mesa, AZ

#37 Nov 22, 2010
To Michelle, Veterinarians do NOT train groomers EVER, and if they turned down every animal that was jumpy or scared they would be out of work. Owners do not train their animals early enough and do not want to pay a Vet to put a animal under just for a grooming every other month. Grooming is stressful for animals, as is taking them out of their environment for any other reason, so if they have come in contact with a virus,it will manifest it's self because of the stress. Regular grooming does not make animals sick but being in a Vets office where other sick animals have been can, it was sick already.
With that said there may not be fully trained individuals working at the stores,but if the owners take the time to ask the questions and still leave their animals there part of the blame is theirs too. Yes it does take years of training to groom animals any twit can shave an animal,but it takes skill to do a good job and the poorly trained give the rest of us a bad name.
Accidents happen even to the best of us,you try using sharp scissors on a wiggly dog, where just brushing up against the blade might cut the dog and thats where the skill comes in.
That is my 2 cents.
just sayin

United States

#38 Dec 13, 2010
Jane wrote:
Another frivolous lawsuit...
I don't know this case in partifular however, if the dog was intentionally injured while under the care of a groomer I do not believe the lawsuit is by any means "frivolous". Too many people, myself included, I think of my dogs as my children. If my dog was under the care of a "trained" professional I would think he/she would know the limits. Just sayin, again not familiar at all w/ this particualar incident. However, I can say I have had my dog groomed at Petsmart on one ocassion and she came back scared to death and her skin was burned. She had burn marks and irritation so bad it required her to see a vet. I well say that I did NOT report the incident. But about 2 months later I got a call inquiring about her visit and was informed that the person who groomed her was no longer there and apologized sincerely for what happened. If it was I'm not sure what i would have done.


#39 Dec 17, 2010
I have a friend named Chris Roop. Is it the same young guy that used to work in a hospital?
dog lover

Roanoke, VA

#40 May 20, 2011
Anonymous wrote:
Read the article before you label lawsuits frivolous. It's a legitimate case by a legitimate guy, confirmed by a veterinarian.
You heard one very slanted side of the story.
dog lover

Roanoke, VA

#41 May 20, 2011
The article that was in the paper was one side and was very slanted at that.

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