Letter: How many legitimate complaints about turbines?
September 04, 2013 12:00 AM
How many legitimate turbine complaints?

As a resident of the town of Fairhaven, I have a few questions to ask my Board of Health. We have been hearing quite a bit about the "400-plus" complaints lodged against our wind turbines. I am wondering if our BOH has done their due diligence in investigating these claims. The number of complaints really doesn't tell us how many people are affected by the turbines. The number of complainants would give everyone a more accurate picture of how many people are affected.

In an effort to assist the BOH in determining the number of legitimate complainants in town, I suggest answering the following questions:

1. How many complaints were made by real people? I personally know of people that called in complaints using a fake name and a real phone number to see if the BOH would follow up on the complaint. They are still waiting.

2. How many of these complaints were made by residents of the town of Fairhaven? If someone does not live in our town, they have no right to complain as they cannot possibly be affected by them.

3. How many complaints were made by people that live within, say, one half mile of the turbines? Someone that lives near the Oxford School or that lives on Main Street in the center really shouldn't complain because they can't even see the turbines, never mind hear them.

By weeding out complaints based on these guidelines, we can get a better picture of where the problems arise. Once we disregard fake complaints, non-residents and residents that cannot possibly be affected, we can begin to address the residents that have real problems. After we narrow down our complaint base, we need to answer one last question.

4. How many of these complaints are made by the same people?

Once we do this, we will know how many complainants there are and we can begin to address their issues. I believe that if we do this, the number of complaints will be drastically reduced. Only then will the town begin to see the real scope of the problem. It is at this point that we can begin working with the residents of the town that have legitimate complaints.

Melody Affonce