I would just like for everyone to know that Colleen Robertson is doing better after the wreck she had with the 21 year old drunk that should at this time be behind bars! She was given a 5% chance at life. He (Aaron McNew) should be in her place and she should have walked away from that wreck the way that he did.

His family said they could NOT be concerned with Colleen and her condition after the wreck. It just goes to show ou why he has such little consideration for others, he wasn't taught to care about anyone other than himself, just as his family has taught him.

She is now living in a nursing home because she CAN NOT take care of herself. She can NOT go to the restroom, shower or put on her clothes by herself. She is getting better at feeding herself. I have yet to hear of any charges that have been brought against Aaron McNew. I would like everyone to keep her in your prayers!!!