Speed Trap Cameras In New Miami Boost...

Speed Trap Cameras In New Miami Boost Police Revenues

There are 227 comments on the 700WLW Cincinnati story from Oct 17, 2012, titled Speed Trap Cameras In New Miami Boost Police Revenues. In it, 700WLW Cincinnati reports that:

In the first 12 days nearly one-thousand violators of the 35 miles per hour speed limit were recorded for those going 11 miles per hour or over the limit.

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Utica, OH

#121 Mar 6, 2013
First time thru town and the last. 2nd ticket in 41 years. I tell every body I see to stay out of this Hell Hole. The reson I was speeding is because I wanted to get out of this shit hole as fast as I could.

Since: Mar 12

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#122 Mar 7, 2013
Screw 'em:

Elmwood Place's speeding camera's are improper, as stated by a Hamilton County Common Pleas judge. Based on one of the first posters here saying they were told to appeal to Hamilton County Common Pleas by the local magistrate in New Miami, I would say this sets a precedence that pretty much invalidates the same scam going on in New Miami - so get your hearing and use this as an example. Or, do what I did:

I got two Christmas Eve. I have ignored them. It's a civil fine, no points, after you get a warning you didn't pay, it goes to collections, then just dispute it on your credit report citing that it isn't a valid debt.

Good luck to all of you trying to avoid the NM money grab...what a black eye on the village. I'll be speeding thru there again soon....

Cincinnati, OH

#123 Mar 7, 2013
Attention New Miami Crooks masking as city officials: Looks like the gravy train is ending. The ruling in Elmwood should set a precedent. New Miami needs to get sued and hopefully a reasonable judge will come to the same conclusion about this scam. Hopefully the New Miami crooks will have to take a loan out to pay for all of the money they stole from unsuspecting citizens. Sorry boys, no more big nights out to Applebees......Back to Frisches!
not payn

New Richmond, OH

#124 Mar 7, 2013
Hey JBJ, I read the same article and agree with you. Did you dispute on your credit report? I wonder what New Miami will do now that Judge Ruhlman has stated that the whole thing is a scam.
not payn

New Richmond, OH

#125 Mar 7, 2013

Since: Mar 12

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#126 Mar 8, 2013
Hey not payin,

I have not even pulled my credit report. I was only "served" via mail 1 late notice and never even got one for the second one.

Given the history of this scam in New Miami, I am sure they, with the help of Optotraffic's lawyers and staff, will wait until Elmwood Place's ruling is appealed.

For the record, I tried to do the right thing. After seeing the 'emergency ordinance' used to create the cameras in town and how they matched, word-for-word Elmwood Place's language setting up the speeding fines, I was even more convinced of the scam and collusion with Optotraffic, the company that owns the cameras and happily collects fines.

So, I was going to go for a hearing even though I live a few states away. To get evidence of the invalidity of the cameras, I submitted open records requests to the chief, the mayor and village administration by fax and by certified mail. I specifically asked for documents related to the ordinance, contracts with Optotraffic, camera errors, tickets issued and time records of whoever reviewed the tickets. They received the mail. They had 30 days to respond. It's been 60. I have been ignored despite their requirements by law to comply with the open records requests. Screw them.

Fort Thomas, KY

#127 Mar 8, 2013
I was fined doing 47 in 35 just at bridge coming out of New Miami where it is not clearly marked where the 35 ends and where the village limits stop. I also agree with the boycott of business, but it will do NO good unless the businesses know we are doing this. So I am calling Couch's market, the gas stations, etc. and letting them know that I will not be shopping there until the detectors are removed,so that they will put pressure on their major. I am also calling to tell the major's office this.

Fort Thomas, KY

#128 Mar 8, 2013
Call the businesses to let them know why we are boycotting them so they will put pressure on the mayor!
not payn

New Richmond, OH

#129 Mar 8, 2013
Lawmakers trying to ban these types of cameras in Ohio:


Jasper, IN

#130 Mar 10, 2013
I also recieved 2 tickets. Got one and put in for a hearing. Never heard anything on it. Then I got a notice saying I hadnt paid a second one. Never got the second one. Called the people in Cleveland and told them. They said tough you now owe a penalty. I am going to ignore it and not pay. If they send Bubba to collect I will dispute it. Everyone should do that. Bunch of crooks. Have already called the market and the gas station and reds hamburgers an told them I wont come near their business till the cameras are gone. Did all my grocery shopping at Couchs. Nice people but war is war.

Jasper, IN

#131 Mar 10, 2013
Best thing to do is drive 15mph through there. I do it every day. Bet the pissed off people who fly past me get a ticket. Maybe I am doing the city a favor. Hope not. I have blocked a lot of cars. Havent been stopped yet. Never saw a minimum speed limit sign.

Cincinnati, OH

#132 Mar 13, 2013
just sayn

United States

#133 Mar 13, 2013
Hay bob better not hit no kids

Hillsboro, OH

#134 Mar 15, 2013
I got a 47 in a 35 going out of town just before the bridge as well. If they are concerned about speed through town, they would have not placed this camera facing out of town where the speed limit changes to 55. Are there any class action lawsuits going against this yet? Let's start one?

Hamilton, OH

#135 Mar 18, 2013
To anyone who has fought this blatant Speed Trap, either direction, what were your results?

This is clearly not about safety/reducing speed through their village. Otherwise they would have better signage about the sudden 20MPH drop in speed limit.

After driving to investigate the scene, I discovered there is a reduced speed ahead sign at the beginning of the Bridge northbound. All the wide open sights at the bridge makes it very difficult to garner attention.

There is a small 35 MPH speed limit sign at the end of the Bridge northbound into town. It is hard to see also. After driving by twice, I noticed it hs a small photo enforcement sign under it. Once again hard to see.

Also trapping folks as they leave town southbound is just as bad. It is not common sense.

I had to search very hard to verify there was any signage at all. Never having been there, makes it so obvious this is not about enforcing the spped limit. It is only about money.

How about you take a little of the millions in revenue and put up a Yellow flasher near the north end of the bridge? Put up some neon spinners on the 35MPH sign to catch attention if your goal is to reduce speed. These are things that would make their stated goal happen. When entering most school zones they have the Neon color on the signage, and or the lights to really advise you to adhere. Those are about safety, and achieving the goal. New Miami is just a bunch of good old boys stealing from out of towners who are clueless.

I am really cautious not to speed, and follow posted limits to the best of my ability. Not having a right to look down and verify you are speeding or not when a LEO pulls you over is the immediate feedback that you can either confirm or dispute. How can one dispute a speed they supposedly travelled two weeks ago? How do we know the calibration was correct?

Someone tell me how their hearing dispute process went please.
Richmond Bound

Aurora, IL

#136 Mar 18, 2013
I was unfortunate enough to have to leave Cincinnati and now live in Richmond, IN. However, I still many of medical professionals down in Cincinnati, and often travel on 127. I know better than to come down 127 south of Camden, as the State Troopers LOVE that area. So I usually enter Hamilton via 177. With a road closed, I was forced to detour. Having taken 127 a good many times, I figured this would work too, but just watch my speed! Since I had a FULL HOUR to make it to my doctor in Mason from New Miami, I was hardly burning rubber. I had not been on this part of 127 since well before the cameras went in. I have no problems with cameras in theory. Provided they are mounted properly. Provided they are calibrated often & correctly. I agree that speeding up to the 55 is unlawful.(Probably what I was doing.) However, catching people speeding in the last FEW feet of town? Just not "neighborly" as Sheriff Andy may say. And yes, I watch my speed through here northbound because of the up and down limits and slamming on brakes to get to 35 is far more dangerous than simply being 5-10mph over the limit for 30 yards or so. I had thought to myself on the way into the doctor "I HAVE to stop at this Red's place...I have passed it for YEARS and look at all those cars...must be good. Too bad I want to weigh less on the scale." All you New Miami people...don't be sarcastic...I meant that about stopping. Now? No! St. Clair/ New Miami, don't care. And don't tell me that St. Clair worker/business owners may not live in New Miami and vote & pay taxes...they too could influence the mayor. So no more last minute fill ups at Thornton's. No just a bottle of water at the drive through. Nothing. Turns out, it doesn't matter where the camera is posted. Turns out, it doesn't matter if I could read the fairly small sign posted (which I don't recall, but will trust a previous post that it exists in both directions). Turns out, you can superimpose your two photos. Measure your car. Measure your distance traveled. It HAS to be a certain distance in order for that three tenths of a second to be accurate. IT ISN'T. So, for all you haters that want to complain about us speeding and we just have to deal with it...enjoy getting caught yourself one day, and then paying for soemthing you didn't do.
Richmond Bound

Aurora, IL

#137 Mar 18, 2013

Maineville, OH

#138 Mar 19, 2013
Just got one of these in the mail. Wasn't even driving the car. I am not going to pay the fine and will tell everyone to avoid this area. Those cameras are a crock of Sheeeit. Let them come to my door an issue me a citation, Oh wait, I wasn't even driving the car! Ticket says no points or insurance notification. Sounds as if its a well veiled scam. Do we have any journalist in the group? Notify the local news, see if the Sheriff will get on camera and talk about the legality of this. With just a little research you will find that they really can't do anything to you if you don't pay it. What are they going to do, send a collector? Collections are quite expensive too. The one we received is going in the shredder. So are any other notices from this scam. If the person driving the car were pulled over and ticketed, they could deal with it, but with this, it does not even seem provable or legal.
Could anyone give the results of getting a hearing? Anyone else not pay it? What happened?
They are most likely too lazy to show up or have hearings, they probably don't even have a way to have hearing. That would require an person to get off their lazy buttocks and come to court.
little short fat guy

Astoria, NY

#139 Mar 19, 2013
Your right they dont have a court. Hell they just got there police force back if that tells you what kind of town it is lol. They dont have anything since the steel mill closed when i was a kid. Im sure they are loosing money but gainning from the tickets. The best thing to do is stay away from the place. I just go around it when i have to go that way. I got a ticket around christmas and now i do 25 if i have to go through that town. I dont buy anything at all there. If they want to help they need to get the drugs out of the place and stop wasting time on some one going 11 miles over the speed limit.

Wilmington, OH

#140 Mar 21, 2013
Just a fyi; I was through there yesterday and on the way out of town, by the cameras, sat a police cruiser....The first time I have ever seen one there and I unfortunately go through once a week (and yes, paid both tickets rec'd in one week till I caught on..).

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