I will be writing a formal letter if needed and attend any meetings that concern the traffic on Horseneck Road. I have lived here for 8 years. The first year at this address I cut down a huge tree that was located on the corner of Hollywood and Horseneck Road. I now regret that discussion. It has now allowed the view of the on coming traffic and allows those to go through the stop street. Horseneck Road and the corner of Hollywood Avenue is used as a high way. I have seen many accidents and near misses. Should this road be taken care of any less than Sand Road? When is the town and the County going to do something for us residents located on this highway?????? The town has not allowed me to make a larger driveway, therefore I have to back out of it and hope that each time that no one collides with me. Lets hope that my family stays safe. I have called several times and have brought this to your attention when ever possible. Maybe you can care for us the residents on Horseneck Road as you did those on Sand Road.
Look back in your records, and one officer told me "Well there has not been enough accidents", Well what fine answer!!!!!