Murderers in Fairfield
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Scarsdale, NY

#22 Sep 1, 2011
Being this was a totally senseless act of violence that could never be justified by any means and the victims who were totally innocent are dead and can not tell their story and the perpetrators are alive and we know what they did because they admitted it. I think that says it all. My prayers are with the totally innocent dead.
Voice of Reason

United States

#23 Sep 1, 2011
So let's just forget about any children- they aren't important, are they? Still, two sides to every story, and fortunately you aren't privy to the truth because you'd probably misconstrue that too! Can I ask any of you that have posted- do you personally know these individuals? If not, then don't speak that you know of the truth. There are all sorts of innocent beings that were and are involved-you should give them all the same respect! I would assume this forum is finished?

Bayside, NY

#24 Sep 1, 2011
I doubt it...

Bayside, NY

#25 Sep 2, 2011
The children have a right to know. Sounds like murder is trying to be justified. Let's see was it peer pressure, shotgun held to their heads, drug alcohol abuse, bad parenting, mental illness or maybe self defense! The graphic photos of the massacre speak volumes of what transpired. If the public was misinformed by the police and prosecutors in the case then I would think you are in litigation to clear the names of the convicted. Good Luck!

Saint Louis, MO

#26 Dec 6, 2011
I hope these pieces of human garbage are cursed for the rest of their lives. I hope they suffer horrible diseases, financial disasters, the losses of loved ones (if filth like them can love anyone) and regret that one awful day for the rest of their inbred, corn-fed lives. I cannot believe someone would describe one of them as loving and generous. Are you people for real? By the way, does anyone know if this scum has managed to procreate yet? "That's my daddy! He tortures animals for fun! Ain't he great?! He gots me my very owned baseball bat!". What kind of town is this, anyway, where it's ok to kill animals for entertainment? They're just boys?? Why don't you townspeople move to Canada? I heard there's some baby seals still available for the clubbing. Rot in hell, Fairfield, city of intolerance and unspeakable cruelty.

United States

#27 Dec 9, 2011
You all were not personally involved in any way. Yes it is upsetting & a horrible act, no doubt. You do not know the punishment these individuals live with on a daily basis, no one ever will. You speak with such anger & hate, & it is completely disgusting that you speak of harm to innocent people in their lives. In gods eyes you are no different than they are, sin is sin, think about that. No one here knows any of you either or the horrible things you may have done in your own lives & i'm sure there is something, none of us are perfect. The situation was delt with even though the outcome will never have pleased everyone. Whats done is done, no matter how angry anyone is, it can't be undone. The people in this town moved on because they have to go on with their lives, this does not mean it is forgotten or forgiven by any means. Unspeakable things happen every second of every day all over the world, this will never change no matter how much we all want it to. Don't add to it with your hate.
Also a Fairfield Resident

Fairfield, IA

#28 Jan 6, 2012
I know one of these "boys" very well and he turned into a fine, upstanding citizen. He volunteers his time for great causes. I say, leave the judgements for God to handle - His are the only ones that count anyway!

Scarsdale, NY

#29 Jan 9, 2012
Sergeant Joe Smutz also showed the skin of a dead black and white cat that had been shot, skinned and paraded around by Lamansky and Meyers on a stick a few days before the actual cat killing at Noah’s Ark took place. The cat belonged to Lamansky’s mother and lived on their farm. It had been killed as a practical joke because it looked similar to a cat belonging to Meyer’s brother-in-law.
Ignorance Rebutted

Kansas City, MO

#30 Feb 3, 2012
I don't mind that people want to move on. Really, it's been 15 years. But to minimize what these sociopaths did as a "silly mistake" is a grave error. Slaughtering animals for fun is a sign of something rather deeper and more sinister. Feel free to consult any behavioral scientist on that issue.

Would I want any of these three twits babysitting my kid? Not in a million years. They were quite mentally ill. Whether or not they are now isn't something I can judge.

But Fairfield Resident, you're wrong to diminish what they did. Imagine coming home to your pets slaughtered with baseball bats. Think hard.

Ventura, CA

#31 Feb 11, 2012
You are right, these guys current mental state or place in this world is not for you to judge. People who are from this town &/or are close to this situation get defensive because they have to deal with people, such as those on this forum, who talk crap on a daily basis.
Everyone in this town live with the reminder & negativity day in & day out, without you all putting in your piece. So many people put down the towns people, even though they had no knowledge of this happening. How could someone not get defensive when they had nothing to do with this? You all don't need to tell them or remind them how horrible this was, they know better than you!
Fifteen years of trying to move on & all you people want to do is drudge it back up. Do you feel you are accomplishing something? Do you feel you are bringing light to something we all don't already know? No, you are meddeling & judging this way after the fact.
Yes it does make everyone angry, but your hate does nothing except add to this cycle that we all would like to end. Hate in any shape/form only contributes to things like these guys did 15 years ago. It will never end as long as hate & anger con't to be projected into the world. That makes us all guilty in God's eyes.
Are You kidding me

San Antonio, TX

#34 Aug 24, 2013
Voice of Reason who posted Aug 31 2011 is the voice of a pure idiot! These two vile individuals should be used for medical experimentation or worse. And their families? Please.....after what these 2 did there is no away around protecting "the families."

2 sides to every story? Even when the issues are black and white and the offenders admitted to doing what they did in black and white?

What if they had gotten ahold of a human in your family. Different story then right?
Smarter that you

Post Falls, ID

#36 Jan 3, 2017
Fairfield Resident wrote:
I'm not sure if you're involved with PETA or not but I do know that they can get ridiculously extreme and I wouldn't put it past any of them to do something stupid. I'm not sure what it's like to live in New York and apparently you don't know what it's like to live on a farm in Iowa. I would rather they spent their time advocating for children or hunger in the US than educating people about caring for animals....not a big priority. They've done their part to make up for the silly mistake they made as young kids by being productive members of society. This whole forum should be forgotten about, it's a waste of internet space. Honestly the fact that you had 9 posts and only 4 other people (only 1 that indulged in your ranting) makes YOU look a little crazy.

Move on to a more important subject that has at least happened in this decade.
Just because you think other issues are more important doesn't make it so, people that love animals are passionate about it, who made you judge and jury bitch. Crazy? what exactly is that term? there is no such thing as "normal" just different degrees of mental illness. I am declaring you schizophrenic.

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