Asst. Principal Held After Pot Bust

Asst. Principal Held After Pot Bust

There are 53 comments on the WXIA Atlanta story from Nov 2, 2007, titled Asst. Principal Held After Pot Bust. In it, WXIA Atlanta reports that:

The assistant principal of a Virginia elementary school has been arrested on charges of growing marijuana.

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Brian Bennett

United States

#43 Nov 8, 2007
To those who argue that "it's the law" I have a few questions:

Where in the Constitution have "We the People" assigned the power to void our free will to our government? If someone wants to do something to their self, how exactly are any of us empowered to call forth the tremendous powers of the state to void and punish those choices?

Where in the Constitution have we given our government the power to declare lifeforms illegal?

Our government has absolutely no legitimate power to outlaw the flora and fauna of Earth, nor to hold accountable to it those who act directly upon themselves.

The Constitution is the "Supreme Law" -- and there is no abdication of our freewill indicated therein.

So the question we much each ask of ourselves and our society is a simple one: how do any of us have the "right" to punish another of us over what we do to ourselves?

What is the "message" you want to raise your children with: blind obedience?

Our nation has completely lost its collective mind over the use of intoxicants other than alcohol, and it's damn well time to wise up and start acting like we really believe that we are a nation of "equals."

What we are doing right now with regard to drug use is called "tyranny." There can be no greater tyranny than to punish people for doing things to themselves. And, as the original commenter pointed out, there are "laws" that can be used to punish people who have sex the "wrong" way. Huh? Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you people?

The way forward, as usual, is to get educated. Once you look at all of the literally decades of data related to drug use, it becomes readily apparent that we have no right to be waging war on our own citizens, and that we actually have no reason to either.

Start your education process here:

and to see just how absurd we are acting with regard to marijuana itself, look at this:

The truth can set us free -- but we have to actually look at it and stop traveling on the path of blind obedience.

Today it's the dopers -- but who is next?

The "damages" associated with drug abuse pale in comparison to the damages we are inflicting upon ourselves in the name of zero tolerance.

The future of mankind is in no way threatened by intoxicant use -- but everything our nation is supposed to represent is threatened by the fear and stupidity that form the basis for the drug war.

Haymarket, VA

#44 Nov 8, 2007
what are all the swat team members with the fancy weapons gonna do if we legalize drugs? their whole life revolves around it.
Paula Dorfman

Miami, FL

#45 Nov 8, 2007
Who- in the UK – from your cited website “Studies show that approximately 6 to 11 percent of fatal accident victims test positive for THC. In many of these cases, alcohol is detected as well”. What do they mean by many? Could they have said most? Probably. And what was the THC concentration in their blood? That number is as significant as is the blood alcohol level in a DUI. That study does not quantify it, and since THC can be detected in the blood for up to 30 days after use, this is a completely useless statistic. Thank you for pointing out that you can find anything you want on the internet to agree with your point of view. If you want some valid U.S. government statistics, check out the links in Brian Bennett’s post. And, I brought up sex because that is a vivid illustration of a ridiculous law that people break all the time.
Growing marijuana is a hobby just as home brewing beer or winemaking. Three little plants in a closet hardly indicate intent to distribute. What’s poignant here is that had he kept his stuff stashed away in a drawer- had the plants not been out in the “open” for whoever reported him to see, had he not had a fondness for horticulture, he’d still be the assistant principal at the school where he’s been for 14 years. And that school, like most other schools, would probably have to fire a lot of teachers if they randomly drug tested them.
People find it hypocritical that Lenny participated in our country wide Red Ribbon (say no to drugs) Week. Because an adult engages in certain behaviors or actions doesn’t mean they condone, approve or suggest it for children. Most adults drink alcohol, and many smoke cigarettes. And yes they are legal. But nobody wants his or her child to start drinking, smoking or drugging. Not ever. And nobody wants their children to become sexually active (until they’re ready for grandchildren of course). We don’t vote until we’re 18, and we don’t drive until we’re about 17. There are decisions to be made in our personal lives and as citizens of our country that we are precluded from making until we reach an age that is considered appropriate. Finding irony in his “say no to drugs” message is just another cheap shot at slandering him.

Macomb, MI

#46 Nov 10, 2007
Brian, you rock! Everybody should check out Brian's site. Too bad the ONDCP doesn't have anybody working for them who knows how to truthfully represent statistical data.
springfield mom

Washington, DC

#47 Nov 10, 2007
I am disgusted that the Fairfax County police department is wasting time, money, and officers to seek out citizens growing a little pot in their closet. We have plenty of dangerous criminals in this county. I would trust Lenny and Jinny Marsh with my children one hundred percent. For many years, they have been very active community members, who give more back to this community than most of us ever will. The police should have told them to throw the marijuana plants away and don't do it's no big deal, and certainly not worth ruining these people's lives and careers and reputations.
oh well

Ooltewah, TN

#48 Nov 11, 2007
Paula Dorfman wrote:
<quoted text>
On my planet we have an amazing resource called the internet which affords us the ability to peruse endless amounts of information. I have been unable to locate a single scientific study on my internet which demonstrates that drivers with cannabinoids in the blood are significantly more likely than drug-free drivers to be culpable in road crashes. If you can find any scientifically proven evidence on your planet, please enlighten me.
As far as the legality, yes it's illegal. So is having sex in anything other than the missionary position Washington D.C. and Maryland. And if you've engaged in oral sex in Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, Virginia or Washington D.C., you have broken the law.
Finally, it is so true that growing a marijuana plant could only be for profit. Who in their right mind would grow a vegetable or flower garden simply for their own use? That's just ludicrous.
LOL. 99% of the info on the internet is cpmpletely bogus BS. Keep tokin, stoner. The world needs ditch diggers and burger flippers. Your reasoning is the same as that used by pedophiles and chrisrian cult members. Now pay attention! I wanted cheese and no pickles! Try again or you'll never get promoted to french fry mgr.

Haymarket, VA

#49 Nov 11, 2007
oh well wrote:
<quoted text>
LOL. 99% of the info on the internet is cpmpletely bogus BS. Keep tokin, stoner. The world needs ditch diggers and burger flippers. Your reasoning is the same as that used by pedophiles and chrisrian cult members. Now pay attention! I wanted cheese and no pickles! Try again or you'll never get promoted to french fry mgr.
anyone who thinks that 99% of the info on the internet is bogus is retarded. I'd rather be a stoner than a retard. you shouldn't believe this story then, it's bogus bs. and you are about 25 years late with the burger flipping comment, way too overused in 10 years ago, perhaps a bong hit could spark some creativity in ya?
Paula Dorfman


#50 Nov 12, 2007
oh well wrote:
<quoted text>
LOL. 99% of the info on the internet is cpmpletely bogus BS. Keep tokin, stoner. The world needs ditch diggers and burger flippers. Your reasoning is the same as that used by pedophiles and chrisrian cult members. Now pay attention! I wanted cheese and no pickles! Try again or you'll never get promoted to french fry mgr.
During my seven years of college I learned that in order to do well on exams, I had to read all of the assigned material. Skimming through it or just reading part of it isn't wasn't going to get me the "A". I also learned from writing all the research papers that my facts had to be cited in a bibliography. I couldn't just make things up.
You really should have read the rest of the posts before commenting. It's funny how you try to make someone else look stupid but it backfires and the jokes on you!! Now who's LOLing?? Finish reading the posts, visit the websites for yourself, serve yourself up a little knowledge.(I hope you can stay focused long enough and it's not too complicated for you). And when you're finished, please list 20 more occupations that you think are suitable only for idiots.

Dobbs Ferry, NY

#51 Nov 12, 2007
JMO wrote:
<quoted text>
"Upstanding citizens" don't grow pot in their homes.
Most parents don't want pot-growers for assistant principal at their kids' schools.
It's illegal - regardless of your opinion.
You're either very ancient or very misguided_ either way you have NO IDEA -Most Parents of (current students)are worried about far more serious issues than marijuana (can you say academic insufficiency ?no books or school resources_ YES they're aware for instance that marijuana is not the 'gateway' drug but "LIQUOR' Is !-
BTW, I would prefer my school administrators not drink alcohol either,or pop pills- but whats the chance of that happening !!!?

Baltimore, MD

#52 Nov 25, 2007
Whether we talk of Tobacco, Alcohol, Firearms, Tobacco, Drugs.... There is always going to be debates.
In this case, we have good people who got arrested for something considered illegal. They obviously took a risk for something they considered OK for themselves.
Many people like to drink, and it is legal, so no chance of getting in trouble. Unless, you do something not allowed while using alcohol. There are others that do not drink, and never will. These two different groups may not see eye to eye. However, if what the drinkers are doing is not harming the non drinkers, and vice versa.... there should be no problems. Laws should be made to protect us from others, and maintain our freedoms. Not to dictate who we are.
We have many poor laws in this country. In a time of prohibition, people battled for alcohol and won. In todays day and age the battle has changed, the numbers show, but yet the government will not let up on the marijuana issues. Very stubborn! We need to get back to the basics of our constitution and review/revise. Lets not argue the who is right and wrong on this issue because both sides have their facts and opinions. Lets find compromise on how we can live together. It is already happening, just one group is being punished.

One other thing I wanted to touch on, was earlier someone stated that doctors and pharmaceutical companies will be out jobs. I find that very hard to believe. We will always need doctors. And marijuana is not a cure all for everything. For some people it may not even work. Yes, it would cut into pharmaceutical profits which are not good for investors. It may cut into cotton profits and paper companies with the use of hemp, and may even cut a little into oil profits, since fuel could be manufactured from the plant. But, it will never grossly hurt any of these industries. If legalized people could grow their own, but lets face it. People have the ability to grow their own produce, but how many have the time or know how, or even a green thumb. It would just be a new industry and I believe a profitable one at that. By legalizing it, is not putting it into the hands of our youth. Poor parenting is. On the contrary though, great parents fail at keeping alcohol, tobacco, drugs, even sex out of the bodies of our children. No matter what, we just need to find a way for the children to understand any of those options is a lifestyle choice they should wait until they are adults to make.

One last note, sorry! If you read this far thank you for your time, I appreciate it. The note: All over the world people are preparing to smuggle drugs from one place to another, and make lots of money illegally because the risk is worth the dollar. If we took something like this from these risky businessmen, we could bring jobs and tax money that could really be invested into things like health care and education. Lets not cut money from one man to go to another, but yet discover new ways to fund all the issues.

Your Fellow Countryman

Falls Church, VA

#53 Feb 2, 2008
I do not throw stones. I know Mrs. Marsh. She has never been anything but kind and wonderful!
jizzle da dro man

Eugene, OR

#54 Feb 27, 2008
Its illegal Federally where he is but in states like mine its legal. and if you don't like your local laws and think the states shouldn't have the right to govern there own then, hell you'd probably been a confederate soldier back in the day. Cannabis is an herb a medicine, i tell you what, take an extreme amount of good cannabis, and eat or smoke a pound, the next day go and take 20 aspirin or tylenol or a pound of any over the counter sh*t and see if you dont die, god didn't make aspirin, he made the tree it grows on, just as cannabis, and a person can drive on weed even though its wrong and not have any kind of accident they have done tests to prove it look it up. and what you dont realize is over half the people driving around you are on perscription drugs driving not to mention alcohol, people drink 3 beers then go home and wreck. someone smokes 3 bowls and drives home to see another day. don't let the ignorance that your parents passed down to you trickle over you see us young folks are tired of your volountary belief in a system that has been proven wrong and you still don't go with proof. thats why Hillary doesn't have a chance and the new generation, us younger and new minded individuals are going to be the new breed and were going to get you old thinkers that base things on everything but reasonable facts out of here. we'll start on the house and senate next since we see how voting is working for Obama, now pardon me while i smoke this blunt... man please a closet tree can only produce a 2 week supply maybe. how many kids said he smoked or gave it to to them, well then, he's a decent guy. ALL Fruit and Seed baring Plants, herbs and trees for man to use.

Fairfax Station, VA

#55 Aug 18, 2008
Angela wrote:
As wrong as his actions may have been, Leonard Marsh, who was my sixth grade teacher (I am now a senior at Virginia Tech), is to this day, one of the best teachers I have ever had. I sincerely hope that this arrest does not ruin his career.
Leonard Marsh, my 5th grade science teacher, was one of the meanest teachers I have ever had. You'd think some of that pot would mellow him out, but I knew a girl he made cry because he was so mean and negative towards everyone unless you were one of his few favorites

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