New Fairfax Hospital

Tarkio, MO

#1 Mar 2, 2009
I was wondering a few things about our new Fairfax Hospital so I thought I would ask here, if you can answer them all the better!

First off WHY did we rebuild a new hospital in Fairfax? Wouldn't Rock Port have been a much better choice? I mean Dr. Burke LIVES in Rock Port..and the interstate is within a couple of miles from Rock Port. The roads to the interstate from Fairfax are not all that great and can be horrible in the winter months.

Secondly...what is the Hospital building committee doing wrong to get Dr. Burke so upset?! He needs to have a HUGE say in what happens to that new building...HE is the one who will have to work in it for emergencies and surgeries and what have you. If he feels that the building committee is doing things wrong then they need to sit down and listen to him, he after all has the experience of working in more than just the Fairfax Hospital and his input on its construction is priceless!

Does it seems strange to anyone else that they would spend so much money to locate the new hospital in Fairfax?! The logistics of it just do not make any sense
Just looking

Jefferson City, MO

#2 Mar 3, 2009
Doesn't seem strange to me. Fairfax has always had the hospital. I am not sure the town could survive without it. The few businesses that are left in Fairfax benefit from the patronage of the hospital staff and the patients that come from all over for their clinics. As for Dr. Burke whom I adore, he should have a say but lets hope we can get more doctors to come to area as well! Rock Port has the county seat, Tarkio has Hy-Vee and Pamida, just seems right that Fairfax should have something too.

Lohman, MO

#3 Mar 8, 2009
I agree, Fairfax was a VERY poor choice, Rp would be a better place for the hospital, we can't think about the town surviving when human lives are at stake. I do understand though because Atchison county is the most screwed up county in Mizzou. Our schools are among the worst in the nation, I'm glad they hire hadicapped teachers, their fun to watch. hahahaa I'd like to now where most got their degree.(some) voted in people at the courthouse are just as stupid as some of the teachers, they are all there for the pay, NOT the best interest of the kids or the people of the county. All in all Atchison county is all about GET THEIR MONEY!!! a big waste of farmland, we need to coze the county in and start over, get rid of the people in Gov and schools who (only think) they are better then everyone else, it will be a cold day in hell when I give anything to this community!
dolphin gal

Tarkio, MO

#4 Sep 14, 2009
the reason the hospital is located in fairfax is so regional hospitals are spread 30 miles apart. and there is already one in auburn NE and Maryville MO and there is one in Hamburg IA. So Fairfax is the best place whether the doctor lives there or not.

Tarkio, MO

#5 Oct 18, 2009
I know Fairfax had a doctor living here not too long ago. I don't know if Dr. Ireland live here or not, but Dr. Hunter did. So if we don't have one now we did. So the arguement that Aaron Burke lives in RP so the hospital should go there is just absurd. Dolphin gal makes a good point and I believe that could be right. I also agree that in planning the new hospital that Aaron should have been involved in that, but not just him, every doctor that is going to work in the new hospital should've been asked their opinion.

I'm not sure if it's right that the hospital in Fairfax or not, especially since it's going to be taxing the poorest city in the county(that is my opinion nothing more). I believe that the entire county should pay for the hospital not just one town.

I agree that we needed a new hospital, especially from what I've heard about how poorly maintained the old one is. However if it wasn't going to be in Fairfax, it should've been in Tarkio not Rockport. Just to add another reason it's probably staying in Fairfax is there is land for it. I was told that Keih donated the land for the new hospital to be built. Can Rockport or Tarkio say that they'd give the land for that in a location that could be easily accessed and not a 40 mile drive from Craig, Corning, or Fairfax (and exaggerated number but makes the point), Fairfax is in the middle of them all.

Sweet Springs, MO

#6 Oct 19, 2009
The Hospital should have been built closer to the Y in Tarkio or so it was the same distance for all surrounding towns. You can't even get there if the road floods and etc. I'm just thankful we have one close period. But somewhere in the middle would have made more sense. Just my opinion of course, but that road does concern me.

Tarkio, MO

#7 Oct 19, 2009
Fairfax, Tarkio, and Rockport are not the only towns that the hospital serves. It also serves Craig and to an extent Mound City. So if we were to put it at the Y would it be in the middle anymore.

Sweet Springs, MO

#8 Oct 20, 2009
I said at the Y or so it was the same distance for all surrounding towns. Ok lets put it this way. It needs to be anywhere that has easy access for everyone to get to. That road is not a good road never has been, and so they could be taking valuable time off of someone's life by having to take the long way there. That is my point.

Tarkio, MO

#9 Oct 20, 2009
True, but again it's the same way no matter where you put it. However it's being built where it's being built.
Burke pt

Clearmont, MO

#10 Jul 15, 2010
The location of the new hospital is not the problem. The fact that Dr Burke lives in Rockport is also not the problem. There are however several other problems;
(1)The growing problem of insurance coverage. When the national healthcare coverage debate was going on our elected official (yes I mean Sam Graves was quoted as saying that we did not need the gov. involved to insure the uninsured because people that do not have insurance qualify for medicaid. HELLO, has he looked at how absurdly far below the poverty guideline you have to be to qualify? Another thing if your employer offers a group plan that takes half your take home pay to cover that is not plausible. So why again did Mo opt out of the health plan at the cost of millions of dollars to the state? Well you could ask DR Schaaf, but good luck with that. The local hospital administrators are seeing costs rise due to the uninsured now having to wait until they have catastrophic illnesses instead of manageable ones. Keep in mind preventative versus attempting to manage the out of control or pretend that it does not exist.
(2) Fairfax hospital currently has only a few doctors and nurse practicioners to deal with their patient influx, and they do an outstanding job. In very few communities do you find physicians willing to sign on for this burden and be so caring about the welfare of their patients, they know them by name and they are not just another number or disease. We all owe Dr Burke and his constituents a heavy thanks for all of the sacrifices they make to help keep our community healthy and safe. We can look to another county over, say for instance.........Nodaway with over 20 physicians. Call over there and see where it is easier to get in to see a doctor.
The new hospital will an asset to the community.
Thank-you to Dr Burke and all the hours you devote to the community, never asking for recognition, you just do it!!

Rock Port, MO

#11 Jul 15, 2010
isn't it a little to late for this discussion.

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