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Tiff Burke-Bad Role Model

Tarkio, MO

#1 Aug 22, 2009
The judges sure didn't have a clue. Tiff Burke must have really put on a show. The talk at the fair was about what a bad role model they had picked to represent Fairfax.
Then her mouth got her in a fight by using the F*** word, right in front of the community she is to represent.
I am starting to see that maybe Randall Sly might have got a bad deal after hearing and seeing what this family is all about.
Ya Think So

Tarkio, MO

#2 Aug 22, 2009
Ya think so? While I agree she can be a mouthy little twit that is going to end up in big time trouble mouthing off to the wrong person, BUT R Sly is just as bad in my opinion. He can be a jerk as well, so NEITHER of them have any business representing Fairfax..however I would nominate both of them to be the poster child for holier-than-thou-egotystical-s elf-righteous-troublemakers.
They are both quite personable as long as people are watching, but let them think they can manipulate a situation to fit their needs, and they will in a heartbeat!

Tarkio, MO

#3 Aug 23, 2009
Live and let live!:)
country girl 55

Tarkio, MO

#4 Aug 23, 2009
what does that mean?
right all along

Tarkio, MO

#5 Aug 27, 2009
After seeing what happened in the park during the fair, guess the Fairfax superintendent isn't the only one that thinks Tiffani Burke is a bitch.

Tarkio, MO

#6 Aug 27, 2009
*LOL I don't know her but I'll take your word for it. Is she at least hot? ;)

Tarkio, MO

#7 Aug 28, 2009
well right along i think you are one and if a member of the school is saying this he needs to get in trouble, what happen in the park was not her , she tried to walk away, i always say walk away if you can but if you get hit, hit back, would you just stand there had get hit,
country girl 55

Tarkio, MO

#8 Sep 4, 2009
You are so wrong. Tiff mouthed off to her, like she does to most people, and she got what was coming to her.
She should have the crown taken away from her for that fight and the words she used. There needs to be some rules set as to who can participate. You don't want someone who is mouthy, drinks and does a lot of other bad things to represent the town.
Look at her dad. He is a drunk that hardly ever attends his kids' events. Look at her mom. I want you to watch and see how many times she takes Wyatt any where. I bet you can count it on one hand. That poor kid never gets to go to any of his sister's games. Because Traci is to much into her self and Wyatt would get in her way. Everyone feels so sorry for Wyatt and for Traci's mom.
You Dont Have A Clue

Warrensburg, MO

#9 Sep 4, 2009
wow.. so ppl really need to stop talkin bout Tiff and her family like they did sh*t!.. they werent the ones who did a thing.. so get that through your thick head... and secondly.. V.B. was the one who Called her a B*tch, During Miss practice!.. wow.. so you should be going out for miss b/c you talk like that???.. dont think so.. and also.. just b.c someone lives in the town doesnt mean they are "Part of the community"..and anyway.. you werent there.. you arent even from Ffax.. so do go talkin crap bout ppl you dont even know!
In The Dark

United States

#10 Sep 5, 2009
Whoa!! WTF happened?? I wasn't there but I know the fam of the girl who won. What did she do????

Jefferson City, MO

#11 Sep 5, 2009
Again, I am here to set the record straight. This "story" has been falsified by someone who has negative feelings towards the Burkes (I wonder who that could be?)...The story occurred as follows:

T Burke was harassed during Miss Fairfax practice season and ultimately, the girl who was harassing T Burke removed herself from the competition.

The night of the competition, when T Burke won the contest, the harasser Boo-ed loudly and shouted "You suck!" towards the stage. When people of the community looked back to see who was heckling the new Miss Fairfax, the girl shouted "That's right, bitches! I said it!" at the community who was clapping and cheering T Burke in support of her after all of the things she has been put through and is being put through still, by the self-righteous Sly family.

Later that evening during the dance that follows the Miss Fairfax competition, T Burke and some fellow cheerleaders were pleased to hear the song they were scheduled to dance to the next day being played. The girls decided to dance without any hesitation. During the dance, V Bolton, who was reportedly (but not proven) drunk came up to T Burke from behind and started grinding her hips to the backside of T Burke in an obviously-negative display. T Burke, in defense, told V Bolton to back off using strong language. Yes, the "F" word was used, and probably could have been avoided. Though, with everything that T Burke had been through with the alleged bisexual heckler V Bolton, the word slipped...

Once V Bolton was told to back off, she then threw a punch at the new Miss Fairfax and successfully hit her in the mouth, resulting in a swollen lower lip that was unavoidably displayed during the parade the next day.

In defense of the initial, fight-starting punch delivered by V Bolton, T Burke only had one option which was self-defense. She knew that if she didn't fight back, she was helpless. The fight ensued and T Burke took V Bolton to the ground before it was split up by C Graves, a local boy.

V Bolton then fled the park, knowing what she did was wrong. The police were contacted and went in search of V Bolton. She has been charged with third degree assault and has to undergo psychiatric evaluation.

That was the entire story. This topic was obviously started by someone who has negative feelings towards the Burke family. Their feelings must be so intense that they felt the need to misconstrue the facts so much as to make it seem like T Burke initiated the fight that ensued.

I am here merely to state facts, which is why I am stating now that the following is just my opinion and not proven fact.

I believe that the person who started this post is a Sly.

I also believe that RPgirl in the initial "Randall Sly causing problems?" thread is Connie Minter, who works for the school and was the one who brought up the falsity that stated the superintendent, her boss, called T Burke a bitch. I urge you all to reread the posts made by RPGirl and judge whether or not those are professional things to say about your boss.

I also believe the Slys are posting under different aliases in these posts to make it seem as though they have more support throughout the town then they actually do. People see through them now that the truth is pouring out and they don't have nearly as much respect that they once had.

The following is truth: No member of the Burke family has EVER posted on topix. Contrary to popular sly belief, the Burke family refuses to stoop down to their level to post anonymously on this website or any other website regarding this topic.
country girl 55

Tarkio, MO

#12 Sep 5, 2009
where you actually there and were a witness. I was and Casey G. was not the first one on the scene and older man was. Sounds like you need to find out true facts before you start showing your ignorance again Fair Facts.
FairFacts or FantasyFacts

Fairfax, MO

#13 Sep 7, 2009
FairFacts, if you are going to state the "fair facts" you need to get both sides of the story and present them from a neutral point of view. The "facts" that you have stated, are all hear say and you need to remember that. Were you one of the members of the community to look back and see who shouted, "You Suck!"? If you weren't there and you are going off someone's word, you need to state that in your "facts." Also, what does being bisexual have to do with the story? Unless V. Bolton was flirting or coming on to T. Burke, this detail has nothing to do with the situation. You must find it intriguing that she is allegedly bisexual and have some fantasy about it, otherwise you wouldn't have included it in your "facts."

Maryville, MO

#14 Sep 7, 2009
Setting the record straight again, C Graves was the one who was trying to break up the fight. Thankfully. Most people would watch in awe but he took action to avoid injury. There is report that there may have been an older man (B.V.) who also helped stop the fight but the detail was minor. The fact that anyone would complain about such a small detail says something about your personality. I am sorry that you have no better defense.

And FantasyFacts, the way that V Bolton was grinding on T Burke was vulgar and could have been directly related to her sexual preference. Burke was merely defending herself from the unwanted sexual display.

Since the occurrence, V Bolton has publicly apologized for her actions, admitting her wrong-doing. My posts are not anti V Bolton, they are to set the record straight against the words by the original poster who is attempting to shift the public eye from the wrong-doing of the Sly family and their irreparable actions onto one of many of the victims of their cruelty.

If anyone was upset that this story was posted, I urge you to find out who the original poster of this topic was and to express your displeasure to them. I felt the need to post the story in order to set the record straight and avoid any mis-direction the original poster was trying to put onto the community reading these topics.
Thank God

Tarkio, MO

#15 Sep 7, 2009
Thank God I do not live in Fairfax, it sounds like a mental ward was released there, ffs this is just insane!!

Tarkio, MO

#16 Sep 8, 2009
The name of this discussion is "Wake Up". Wasn't that the name of a store at Rock Port a few years ago?

Maryville, MO

#17 Sep 9, 2009
Very good point. "Wake up and save" was the name of a store in Rock Port, owned by the parents of the mother of the Sly twins. Could the "Wake Up" title of this post have been subconscious?
get a life

Tarkio, MO

#18 Sep 9, 2009
Chase, you really need to get a life!

Maryville, MO

#19 Sep 9, 2009
It was over until someone decided to start another thread.

Maryville, MO

#20 Sep 9, 2009
Untrue stories were swirling around the community and I felt the need to set things straight. I'm not the kind of person to sit back when an innocent family (T Burke's Family) is being picked on and unfairly humiliated by lies. The Burke family took the high road and did not post a single post on this website. I took it upon myself to give them a voice against the hatred in respect for their decision not to sink as low as the Sly family, which is a lot more than most people would do in the same situation.

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