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Planet Rc, Helicopters at Awesome Flea Market

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Buyer Beware

Lexington, KY

#1 Aug 7, 2012
Please be aware these Helicopters WILL burn your house to the ground. I bought one of these outdated helicopters from this guy... They are all discontinued, check for yourselfs. There is no contact information for the company, and he doesnt care, and he will not fix the problem... He doesnt warenty a helicopter that has been flown, he will look at it and give you a estamate to fix your product that isnt even a week old.. He doesnt stand behind his product, its all cheap junk. Please share and tell your friends I hate for a family to loose everything due to someone just trying to make a buck. the holidays are around the corner and all little boys like RC products but please buy QUALITY. If you would like to see this product please contact me. I can also post a picture of it.. I have a reciept that is dated 8-2
Buyer Beware

Lexington, KY

#2 Aug 7, 2012
There is a store across the street by the barn yard general store, as well as the same idiot has a booth in the awsome flea market. I have contacted the county attorney about this business

Since: Aug 12


#3 Aug 10, 2012
I'm sitting here at Love's waiting on a load and saw your post. I have bought from this guy before and everything was perfect. I travel I-65 a lot and stop at the Awesome FM whenever I have time. I have bought 4-5 copters from them over the last year or 2 and all were new and worked fine. In fact, the first two I crashed and he fixed them for $5.00 each. Plus he gave me free flying lessons. I also have told other truckers around here and on the CB about them and I have heard no complaints, only good things about them, the copters and the prices.

Plus he takes the time to explain everything about the heli's. They are always friendly and professional and have truck parking.
lennyfromthedepo t

Elizabethtown, KY

#4 Aug 10, 2012
i cant beleive someone buys that stuff from the flea market and then complains you get whatyou pay for

Elizabethtown, KY

#5 Aug 21, 2012
Exactly lenny he did the same for me exsplained everything offered lessons... wouldnt you if you sold garbage. Research the product. Im not saying every copter has a problem but mine burt up on first charge. I followed all instructions both book and paper. It was a defective charger. He didnt want to stand behind his 24 hour helicopter. Called manufactur and the FXD is a discontinued product. I paid 175we dollars for garbage. Ill probably hold a sign this weekend. I go to the flea market every weekend and show my melted product. People walk away.

Portage, MI

#6 Aug 21, 2012
Ive got 2 and havent had a problem out of either. Cant say anything bad about them. Work great for the low amount i spent


#7 Aug 21, 2012
Hey Hmmm. I am with you. Some nutty lady was there Sunday running down Planet Rc and when I asked her why, she said she needed the money back and he would give it back, because the copter was crashed. I also talk to the owner and he told me the whole story and another vendor there also said this lady is nuts. The owner, Jeff said she is actually helping his business, because the people she talks to want to know more and they talk to the workers and customers of Planet RC and when you hear the entire story, you will find out that this woman in on Welfare and wanted the money back, that her father spent on his grandson. She didn't even buy it. Some people just don't have a life,. Planet rc OFFERED, IN FRONT OF ME TO FIX ANY PROBLEM WITH THE COPTER, BUT SHE REFUSED TO LEAVE IT WITH THEM. I know of this woman and she is nothing but a fraud and a bimbo. Hey lady, why don't you spend your energy trying to get a job, instead of sucking the welfare/taxpayers money up. Also, after talking to you Sunday, other people you talked to are laughing at you behind your back. Planet RC sells the exact same helicopters that the mall has at a lot cheaper price. GO PLANET RC. You guys are the best for beginning RC Pilots and a very good price. Thank you !!! And don't let this kook get you down. She is pure white trash. I have family in Shepherdsville and they all say the same thing. They know her from a mock trail she was at, sponsored by Richard Breens law office. I wonder if welfare and Section 8 admin know she is making unreported money.


#8 Aug 21, 2012
By the way lady....Have you ever heard the commandment "Thou shall not bear false witness?". Or do you simply not care?

Shepherdsville, KY

#9 Aug 22, 2012
Anyone who say's Jeff in unfair or does'nt stand behind his products is full of [email protected] try's to help everyone, theres just some people who want something for nothing.


#10 Aug 22, 2012
I think he does a great job. he takes is time with you and answer all ur questions. He can't help it if you tear it up, but fixes them fast and cheap.


#11 Aug 22, 2012
I told this lady and her father that I thought the copter was a bit much for her child/grandchild, but they chose it anyway. It is the biggest and most expensive helicopter ($175.00) I carry. I spent about 30 minutes showing the child what each control does and flew the helicopter for him. It worked perfectly.

Anyway. this lady called me the next day and told me her son was doing a good job flying it ,and they really liked to copter. She said the battery balancer overheated, which can be cause by overcharging, however when she brought it in, it did not look like to me like overcharging caused the damage. She then told me she had left the battery balancer attached to the copter when it was not in use. I told her this can cause damage to the battery charging balancer, due to the reverse flow of power. I did not want to give her another charger without making sure she did not cause additional damage the circuit board and wall charging unit itself . She wanted me to work on it at that very moment and when I told her I would not be able to look at it until later in the day and she could pick it up in the next day or two she went berserk and started demanding her money back or fix it right then and there or she would sue me and ruin my business. It was absolutely crazy the way she started acting in front of her two small children, as well as other customers in the store

I am still willing to have her drop off the copter and I'll check it out for her from top to bottom and give her a replacement balancer free of charge, but she refused. She has chosen this type of behavior, as well as causing multiple scenes at the flea market instead.

I am very disappointed to see that this customer finds it necessary to belittle and lie about myself, my products and my stores. I sell the exact same helicopters that they sell in the malls,except my prices are much lower. I try and make sure all my customers understand the do's and don'ts and what to expect with each purchase. Plus I can not accept returns on used helicopters

I greatly appreciated all the people that have posted on here telling the real truth about me and Planet RC.

Louisville, KY

#12 Aug 23, 2012
I have been buying products from this Gentleman, for several years, they make great Christmas gifts and they are great fun! I have only had a problem with one of the helicopters and it was operator error! When I called up PLANET RC to get some help, I was received with a professional courtesy you don't see much of anymore. They not only fixed the problem cheaply and promptly, I got some great lessons on the does and don't. I have great confidence in this place and my purchases! They stand buy their products and go out of their way to make sure your happy with your purchase even after the fact, more so then most! I don't know what else a person could expect! Thanks Planet RC I will see you again this Holiday season

Shepherdsville, KY

#13 Aug 23, 2012
i purchased a helicopter from planet rc yesterday and this copter is great!!!!it flys good and it even shoots water!!!i am esctatic with my purchase. and the owner was extremely nice and offered me lessons for the helicopter!! he is the cheapest place i have seen for helicopters around. i highly recommend.
Buyer Beware

Shepherdsville, KY

#14 Aug 23, 2012
so what
young guy

Bardstown, KY

#15 Aug 24, 2012
i have bought 2 helicopters from this booth and they both work fine. the old guy greeted me with a smile explained everything and even gave free flying lessons. a few moments later, a hand shake, and a dirty joke i was on my way. i think this lady is mad because she was too stupid to fly it and wanted her money back. i would recommend anybody to buy from him!!!
no one

Louisville, KY

#16 Aug 28, 2012
Where is his booth located at the flea market
Buyer Beware

Shepherdsville, KY

#17 Aug 28, 2012
All your comments are fine, Eveyone has a right to his or her own opinion.As far as the so what comment that wasnt me. Nobody talked to me on Sunday at the flea market. I was at the fair with my famiy. My father did buy this helicopter for my son that did cost $175. The money wasnt a issue. I myself could of bought it. As far as the low ball insults about welfare and section 8 are false. This is typical of some bullitt county residents.Im not on either and live a good life My family are upstanding individuals and have lived in bullitt county our whole lifes. As far as me wanting the money back for myself, No I didnt. I was disipointed that the charger melted after the fist time charging it. I had stated several times all I wanted was a new charger. We had 2 batterys and the Helicopter flew fine. I felt that no one was listening to me. I never said Id ruin his business or sue him. When I read up on the product I did find out from Xheli and other online Helicopters that it was a discontinued model. However people can say what they want it may or may not be correct. It seems to work and is really besides the point. I noticed at the Kentucky State Fair that a man was selling the same helicopter at 225. I was able to order a new charger and the Helicopter works fine. As far as someone knowing me personally from a Mock Jury, Id have to beg to differ. It doesnt mean Im less then a person then your self because I was there. I know who the person is probably said that. Hey its okay you didnt care for me, I believe that the feeling was mutual. YOU were there with your wife correct, A retired firefighter ? SO everyone in life that we incounter we dont have to like but saying lies isnt fair. Everything I stated is the truth. He did offer to look at the helicopter, but told my husband that he would look and make a estimate. I didnt feel comfortable leaving a product with someone who was visibily upset with me... I only needed a new charger and was willing to buy one but he insisted on looking at the product alone. I didnt want to do that and that is my choice as a customer. As it was his choice as the retailer not to sale a charger. Im happy and not worrying about this issue. I however dont know who is making trouble at the flea market, I dont really shop or go there. I do agree there was a scene and any trouble making person from bullitt county who gets a rise from things could be doing it. Such as the person who posted Who cares under Buyer Beware Have a blessed day. If you always Tell the truth you never have to cover up a lie


Shepherdsville, KY

#18 Aug 28, 2012
May I add that it doesnt seem like she is saying anything to bad about the store. If the product melted after the first charge it melted. If the copter still flys afterwards then more than likely its just a faulty charger and any product could have the same outcome. Actually ive been told that it happens more than youd believe. I think making punches at a person is just low class. Planet Rc is a business and one person being upset due to a high dollar items charger being broke is understandable. And not going to put a damper on business. Its simply sometimes what a retailer has to deal with. I on the other hand dont think the lady is nuts. And I totally understand if she simply wanted to buy a charger or pick up a replacement and someone insisted on keeping my product for 1-2you days id be alittle annoyed myself. Just my opinion. People need to think about making comments about people being on welfare or section 8 first unless you know forsure. Someone made a comment about someones family knowing the lady from a servey well they just dont pick anyone so she must not be that crazy of a person. Have a great evening.

United States

#20 Feb 2, 2013
I have bought at least 5 copter from Jeff, & from #1 to #5or#6 Jeff has always stood behind his products, & has always been a professional, courteous businessman. One copter I bought had a battery in it that had a piece of masking tape on it with the battery # and it didn't hold a charge very good, he didn't have to believe me when I told him it was like that when I took it outa the box, but he never hesitated, not only did he exchange my battery, he also exchanged the copter just in case! I have the utmost respect for Jeff, not only because I love to fly, but I also like dealing with honest hardworking, down to earth people, who aren't just there to take your $! Thanks for all you do Jeff! Hang in there, you can't please everyone! I'm on my way to get #6or7,I'm not sure, be there when the doors open! Hope you have a 9116! Thanks Jeff!
Carly M.

Fort Thomas, KY

#21 Feb 2, 2013
I find it very disturbing that the owner of these RC copters got on here bashing a customer and making threats. He clearly has never worked in customer service. The customer is always right. To get on here and speak of this problem customer is unprofessional. It would be better to just buy these copters at the mall. For 20 dollars more you get a lifetime warranty. Doesn't matter if you fly them or not, they replace it if it's broken!

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