Cheating Bingo Halls

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#254 Oct 16, 2012
Let me just start out by saying that I have been going to bingo for the past 20 years and since it has become electronic yes there are a lot of Bingos who cheat! I also know that with any type of gambling you are taking a chance and any moron knows that! But for those of you who think it's all about luck let me give you a few examples of cheating, if I go to certain bingos every night of the week such as ( charity, J town, new silver heights, and hi view and the same people are there and they bingo every time how much luck can 1 person have in a week? Not only that but I am playing 4 packs and they are playing 1 and I can never bingo!
I'm sorry but no 1 is that lucky when it comes to gambling! If you have any common sense then you know that the packs are programmed in the system
Which is how they check your bingo with the number on the pack so why is it so hard to believe that they just program certain peoples packs to win!? It's not that hard to figure out and I wouldn't be so upset if it only happens every now and then and not all the time!
Bingo Player

Dawson Springs, KY

#255 Oct 30, 2012
Just me wrote:
<quoted text> I AM A BINGO WORKER AND I CAN TELL YOU NO THEY ARE NOT in the same place! They were years ago but that stopped a long long time ago. The machine mixes them at the factory and then they are mixed again before the session starts. Either get your facts strait or keep your mouth shut!
So why don't they mixed them up in a basket and instead of placing them on a table in an order how they want to place them??? I was playing once and the comissioner was there they mixed them up. When he left they went back to placing them on the place table in stack right out of the box. This was the Okolona bingo at the Highview Bingo hall. They have since moved to Sunshine bingo and have bingo every morning! I say they cheat!!! ALso, can you tell me how they are paid when it is against the law to pay them. The same girls have not worked this same charity for years for nothing. I think "Just Me" in one of those workers

Lake Worth, FL

#256 Nov 4, 2012
hi i have a question im from fla but every time i go to one of them big bingo i cant win and i just spending my money up and other people could go there and just win big money like 800 to 10,000 i wonder why and the same old winners

Louisville, KY

#258 Dec 18, 2012
bingo haters wrote:
i have no idea what ev1 is talking about can not cheat at bingo is all in the luck....and the way i see it if you think its a cheat then dont go...!!!!!!!
You must be one of the worker player

United States

#259 Jan 31, 2013
Someone needs to check out the bingo halls in jackson, ms. Bingo depot, and Bingo rama. The same balls come out every game and the same people win over and over. I believe the gaming commission need to send undercover workers in those halls then they can decide for themselves.
Bingo Worker

Fort Smith, AR

#260 Mar 7, 2013
I also am a bingo worker/caller. There is no way you can cheat at bingo. It does not mater what card you have. Its all about the balls that come out of the machine. One of the reason the same ball may be coming out is because the balls are dirty and need to be cleaned if one ball is dirtier than another one the cleaner one is lighter that is why it will come up more. Trust me most bingo workers work on tips and if we had are way the only people that would hit would be the 10 percenters. I just hear all day about how its rigged and the same house players win. Some people are luckier than others even at the casino so are you telling me that people who win at casino all the time have the casino rigged some how No. So just because you are a big spender does not mean you are going to win.
Bingo Worker

Fort Smith, AR

#262 Mar 7, 2013
serious wrote:
<quoted text>if you believe that you can not be cheated with them machine's you are not in the real world.when you bingo is your card not put up on screen from your computor to verify your bingo.well go figure how they do that.if it can be brought up then, it can be brought up anytime.all those caller's need to know is your card number or your machine number.certain people in eastland bingo win practially every night they are there.there is no way no one is that lucky.if they are then move to vegas and become rich.i sat and watched a caller's family win every night they came night they won 7 out of 14 get smart and smell the roses
You got to be kidding me do you know how many diff. card numbers there are 1000's. You are telling me that a work has the card numbers memorized and can watch the balls coming out of the machine and in their head know when there a bingo that matches the numbers that would be on that card number. Its not possible maybe with a savant or someone with a photographic memory.
felicha stone

United States

#263 Mar 10, 2013
Yea here in cctx. They tex the # they need on. Feb 3 13 the caller was jessica and licha the one selling the pull tabs well licha would stand next to this lady and with her fingers up letting the caller know the # she needed that lady kept winning a lot untill I got up and told the lady at the front counter what they were doing. And they stop for that day but they keep doing it this happend at the mercado night bingo on airline st .
cant win with cheaters12

Bastrop, LA

#264 Mar 31, 2013
the Bingo I go to in Monroe, La (Bayou Bingo) also cheat. The workers be given players papre to play when so many balls have already been called. The callers family members sit right in front of the caller while the caller be looking at down at their paper so they can win. Can't buy pull tabs for they selling to family members first.
richard burnette

Charlotte, NC

#265 May 5, 2013
i was playing bingo the other night is south carolina and hit a 500 dollar game on the ted machine the only problem is there was 182 winners and the bingo hall only holds 300 players how is this possible there were alot of pissed off players including me this dont seem right and its always the same winners on the big games.

United States

#267 May 10, 2013
Jantori wrote:
Does anyone out there have a phone number for the Bingo Commissioner in Kentucky?
same players win over and over here at foyld co. bingo is a number and a webpage to look at!phone no.1-800-729-5672 or hope this helps
Fed up in Texas

United States

#268 May 17, 2013
I live in Ft Worth. Me and my mother go to family bingo at least 3 or 4 times a week. The same people also win at this bingo hall. If you have that kind of luck, you go to a casino not a bingo hall. It's not luck, its cheating.
kevin underwood

Arlington, TX

#269 May 23, 2013
Napolen room .metairie la....same lady wins. 3 time a week for years. Some one help me.
kevin underwood

Arlington, TX

#270 May 23, 2013
Tonya wrote:
<quoted text> You must be one of the worker player
who can I call

Ashburn, VA

#271 Jul 12, 2013
I don't play bingo that often I mostly go and watch friends play just to get myself out of the house. Tonight "07/12/13" I am at a bingo hall in Ivain, KY and one of their workers came up to me and said if I wasn't playing I am wasn't allow in the building do to the rules of the state. It is so funny I have set right in front of a state of Kentucky rep. that makes sure rules or followed and she never said nothing about me just sitting around. I believe some people just wants a reason to complane

Cicero, IL

#273 Aug 22, 2013
I have been playing bingo for 19 years, I see cheating go on ALL OF THE TIME this 1 guy and his wife play bingo 3 times a week at the same place, they win 2-4 games EVERY NIGHT they have NEVER EVER LOST not 1 night, they also won the coverall 5 out of 7 visits for $1,000 NOBODY CAN WIN A COVERALL 5 OUT OF 7 TIMES!!! and no way win 2-4 regular games a night and never lose. they are friends of the workers there is no doubt 100% cheating going on. it is easy to cheat. I see the callers and players texting to each other on their cell phones while calling the numbers, hey can text what number they need and they have an extra set of balls under the callers stand. I have witnessed balls being moved in place of others
Do not yell in all caps

Louisville, KY

#274 Aug 22, 2013
Im a Jack kinda girl wrote:
<quoted text>
maybe not every single one of them cheat but most do! u read it in the paper all of the time about the charities scamming people and stealing money..its happened twice here in radcliff in the last 3 years! Another thing is YOU CAN
Lay off the all caps.
Flamingo Bingo in Sherman

Boise, ID

#275 Sep 8, 2013
Piss Poor Bingo parlor to game in. One of the most corrupt Bingo Halls I have come across.
For starters, the caller is an EX corrupt police officer who was fired from the local police force. 2nd The house is full of family members of the owners and management team who run the facility. The managers mother plays, as well as nieces, nephews of the owners. The barkers/ people who sell the pull tabs and bring you your money, linger around specific tables that are the common house winners. Rather than they walk around, they stand in one spot where the winners will be. By all means test my theories. Right side window of the smoking section, pay attention to small Indian woman named Flo, and her younger gay friend Brian. They will bingo every night, and in most cases multiple games, even up to 3 and 4 games. On Sundays, they give away a 50 inch television. in the last year alone, Flo, has won 7 of them. That's right, in a house with 250 to 300 people per night, up to 70, 66 card machines on the tables, Flow and her gay friend will bingo almost every night, and rake in cash from most every pull tab game played. This is not a trustworthy Bingo hall to play in. Your odds of playing your 50 dollars are better in a typical casino playing quarter bets. Some players in this hall, purchase 66 card machines as most do, have played for over 4 and 6 years, and have never hit a single Bingo. This hall needs to be investigated
Bingo Guy

Cape Coral, FL

#276 Sep 11, 2013
I play Bingo 6 times a month in the 4 various halls on or near Cape Coral FL

It does seem like the same players win every time BUT
it is all the luck of the draw

Two set of balls ? Does not matter
They do not change the balls for speedies
cover alls and usually those go in 61 to 63 numbers that means only 12 to 14 numbers do not come out

I see no pattern to which those numbers are - heavier balls will come out just as often as the others

The computers have the numbers in them - not the battery pack - the serial numbers for each face( a single card with 24 numbers ) are on your receipt - Down here we can play 600 faces in the machines

so if everyone is playing the 600 card pack and there are 60 players in the hall that night that means there are 36000 faces being played for each game - you chances are not good of winning - I win often and my wife won $9,000 a Bonus game a few months ago - we win at least one game per night ( not jackpots every time but we win something )- Cost is from 70.00 to 90.00 per session - payouts are from 50.00 to 250.00 each night - the number of 250.00 jackpots per night vary from 9 to 25 with 30 to 43 games per night

Don't blame your bad luck on cheaters - it is just not possible with most bingo computers - You'd have to be a computer genius to beat them the equiptment need to do that could be built and hiden in a purse or bag ( it would have to be some type of transmitter that you could control ) and that would not last long - they would catch on soon and you might wind up in jail
Bingo Guy

Cape Coral, FL

#277 Sep 11, 2013
Just read some of the other postings
brians is the funniest
An extra set of balls under the calling stand ?
You better find a hall that has the ball chute visible to all where you can see the next three or 4 balls in line. or ask that one be installed in your hall - or that the calling stand be an open taBLE WHERE YOU CAN SEE THE beneath it -

Your too funny brian

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