I just left a bar in Fairborn and seen John Peirce leave drunk as ive ever seen anyone. Killed 2 people few yours ago supposedly from a "seizure" that he has never been diagnosed with/ He was drunk per witnesses and he still gets to walk the streets and take your money to fund it. He is a drunk i have seen that tonight as well as driving that way. Do you want to take a chance on your husband, mother, or someone you care about being in the drunkin way of this dangerous man? And it appears that Fairborn is willing to let this pass cause hmmm why. Money! John Peirce Auto Care and Mr. P's lounge owned by Mr. & Mrs.Pierce. Got away w murder and watched him walk away out of a bar tonight maybe his next victim? Im sorry but money should not pave way for someone to get away w murder and go back out and do it again! I am sorry to say I am disapointed in Fairborn Police for not protecting us innocents by standards that seem to be ruled by money in their pockets. He was actually walked to his car. What happens if it is your mother he kills tonight. I am so upset you will be updated and hopefully as shocked as i was! Something needs to be done. I mean am i the only one who see this have to stop! i am scared for me and the citizens of Fairborn.