Review: Shelli Van Lines Inc

Review: Shelli Van Lines Inc

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Moving experience

United States

#1 Mar 27, 2009
Was given a very low estimate and then when they come to pick up stuff, will almost double your estimate by charging all kinds nonsense charges.

Customer service is horrible. They have different offices. Do they even know to speak english??? They are so RUDE and unprofessional. Asking questions and being worried about your own stuff is quite normal.. Their reaction to that is awful...

Can you believe these people actually DEMAND FOR A TIP : 10% of total moving charges..

Never ever even think of using these people for moving... Worst experience...Worst Nightmare I ever had...

Englewood Cliffs, NJ

#2 Apr 18, 2009
I can definitely second the previous poster. These guys are such scam artists. Had the most unbelievable day and night dealing with these thugs. Tried to double the fees on me as well. Had to call the police. DO NOT USE
Bad Movers

Mountainside, NJ

#3 Feb 28, 2010
Shelli Movers are not be trusted. They overcharge when they pack for you by putting 1 item into a box and stuffing it with packing paper. They charge $30 per box. They gave us an estimate of $750 for the entire move and it ended up costing $1450. This was due to them over charging $30 for boxes and taking their sweet time. It took them an hour to drive 1 mile which they charged $95. Plus when we unpacked we realized that they stole $200 from my newborn's piggybank.
jennyfrom theblock

Salem, OR

#5 Apr 20, 2010
So, I’ve dealt with many shady moving companies in the past. We have to move a lot for my husband’s job. So this time I thought I would go with a reputable company and pay a little more-just so I wouldn’t have to deal with any surprises on a very stressful day of moving.I was moving to MI from Ny and there were a few moving companies competing for my business. When I spoke to the receptionist at Shelli Van lines she wanted to give me a quote over the phone. Oh no- I said. I’m not falling for that.I wanted a rep to be sent to my home and give me a price based on what he sees. OK. The rep came and with packing everything the price was 5500. A few days later the receptionist called wondering if I had made a decision. I told her that I would go with her company if they did it for 4000. She had to check and get back to me. And she did-and said they could do it for that price.
So, here we are the day of the move,after being 3 hours late some little shady isreali guy, who looks 12 by the way-is calling the shots. He tells me that there is no way that all my stuff will fit on one truck. I look at him with a blank stare- and say-“OK-so use 2 trucks”. Then here it comes.Are u ready? He says that the price I was quoted was for 1 truck”. Shocker.I said,“No, No,No- the price I was quoted was for all of the contents in the house.It’s not my problem that I need 2 trucks.I specifically wanted a rep to come and see so there would be no bait and switch. When he assessed the house, he should have anticipated-just like ur doing now- that I would’ve needed 2 trucks. I don’t care if u need 4 trucks-I was quoted 4000 for the whole house and that’s what ur gonna do!” He tells me that he would do it if he could but his “boss” would never let him. First I tell him to call his boss-but he can’t b/c his boss is on a tropical island somewhere soakin up his millions. Mind u,they didn’t even own these trucks-these were 26ft penske trucks that any joe shmo could’ve rented. Then I called the receptionist that I was dealing with and asked her what kind of scam were they running.She was apologizing left and right. Then- the guy that was there-the shady 12 yr old looking isreali-his name was Moshe(of course) was telling me that this is a risk when u get price quotes over the phone. I looked at him and screamed “Excuse me?-ur f’ing guy came here,went through the whole house and gave that quote”. He didn’t know what to say. Tensions were high and eventually I had to pay him an extra 1500. Of course it turned out he was the owner of the company-Don’t ever trust these isreali moving guys-they r all the same. And when the trucks did arrive in MI-my furniture wasn’t reassembled.The guys unloading had no clue what was going on-If I wanted a couple of muscle head idiots,I could’ve rented the trucks myself and gotten guys off craigslist. Never again!

Schaumburg, IL

#6 Sep 22, 2010
their story will start after loading in truck, they will not honor the quote which their rep gave after seeing the items in person.
while unloading the driver demand more money and if you refuse he should with the all fikthy words and throws stuff in the floor
no calls are responsed for missing and damaged items
i willnot hire them even if the offer a FREE move

United States

#7 Dec 29, 2010
This was by far the worst company I have ever dealt with. Overall, they are RUDE, CLASSLESS AND IRRESPONSIBLE THIEVES. Please do yourself a favor and avoid them at all costs. I honestly wouldn't use them again if they offered me a free move. They are terrible people running a terrible company.
They first provided a quote that ended up being $1000 different from what I paid. Many of my items arrived broken and my couches showed up with rat droppings inside them. I paid for additional insurance on these items and still have not received payment for anything (4 1/2 months later).
Before receiving my broken items, I had to pay using a credit card that ended up being stolen shortly after they hand wrote my AMEX number on a piece of paper because their credit card machine was broken. While I cannot prove they racked up the $1200 in fraudulent charges, when I approached their sorry excuse for a manager about this he openly called my situation humorous. This is only one of the many rude exchanges I have had with them.
In addition to being broken everything arrived days late leaving me and my wife in an empty apartment with nothing. When I finally got the call that my items would be arriving I was told I had to pay a transfer fee. This was one of many charges that were forced upon me and not mentioned in our contract.
Once you sign the contract they don't care about you at all. They trash your stuff and charge you for things they never mentioned and unless you pay them you will not get your belongings.
Mary J

Trenton, NJ

#8 Apr 21, 2011
My husband hired them to help us move. And the were of the best moving compaines I've ever come across or used. The men showed up and actually helped us pack pack and they were very nice. Some of the stuff we had to put in storage. Every question that we had they answered and they were so nice and helpful.
Tehy arrived to our new place on time and quickly moved everything into my new home and helped us unpack.

Wayne, NJ

#9 Dec 6, 2011
do not use!!! CROOKS!!!!!
Taking Action

Cream Ridge, NJ

#10 Dec 19, 2011
Worst experience ever... Every negative comment is accurate... horrible experience, got robbed for twice as much as I was quoted AND they just left my stuff in the parking lot of my condo, so my boyfriend & I had to move everything on our own in the dark. I wasted an hour and a half on the phone w/ the woman in the office who was useless and continued to just put us on hold (without telling us she was doing it)... and of course they charged me for that time. If I didn't pay what they asked, they offered to "store my stuff until I had the money, then pay an additional $500 fee to have the delivery rescheduled"... NEVER USE THIS COMPANY!

If you've used them and want to take action, I will be filing for a full refund... please feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] Although I'd love to put this place out of business so no one has to deal w/ an experience like this, all I can do is go after what I paid, but I would love to see others get their (practically stolen) money back as well!

United States

#11 Feb 16, 2012
Was given a very low estimate and then when they come to pick up stuff, that time it was almost double our estimate by charging all nonsense charges.
They delivered our stuff with other moving company, that is moving central, which is based in Chicago,IL, they didnt even inform us who is delivering our stuff, someone gave us a call and they came at 9pm to deliver our stuff.They didn't deliver our TV and asked to claim (Anthem claim management). but till then we send required information, they are no longer with them. When we again gave them a call they are bahaving very rudely, no response at all.
Customer service is horrible.They are so RUDE and unprofessional. Asking questions and being worried about your own stuff is quite normal.. Their reaction to that is awful...
Never ever even think of using these people for moving... Worst experience...Worst Nightmare I ever had...

Carlstadt, NJ

#12 Mar 31, 2012
Let me first start off by saying i learned a very expensive lesson! I originally had hire another mover however they ended up cancelling due to date i was moving.
I got a call from this company and they gave me a great quote or so i thought. She stated it was $75.00 an hour. All i was moving was my bedroom set, 3 boxes, a plant , 2 AC's and a microwave. THAT'S IT!!!
I asked the representative if there was any hidden fees and she stated no. She told me my move was a quick move and should be done within 3 hours. So i booked them without researching them.
The day of the move they arrived at least 3 hours ahead of time. Normally that would be great however i work the graveyard shift and didn't get home till 5:30AM. The foreman was a young guy who was very professional. He told me to sign this document that showed the time they started. THAT'S ALL HE SHOWED ME.
We arrived at my new apt which was literally 15 minutes away and this is where he showed me the bill. It was for $12000!!! I nearly fainted. I was like, " Are you serious?" They charged me for 10 packs of tape, stairs from the door to the van, the sky the air etc! I was fuming that i started to cry. All i had was $400.00 and that was with tip!!!! Needless to say i said that i wasn't paying for this to return my furniture back. He told me they wouldn't do it, they will bring it to a storage and i would end up paying for the bill and the storage. I felt so bamboozled!!! I called my mother, naturally, and she tried to get in touch with a supervisor. However she was on a conference call. My mother ended up lending me the difference. They did do a great job at setting my furniture up but that was it.
My family is real close so when my cousin found out what happened she decided to call herself. She spoke to a rep by the name of Melissa. She was very pleasant to her and couldn't believe the amount that was charged to me. She told my cousin to call back within 15 minutes. My cousin called back and spoke to Melissa , at least she thought. This representative was rude and abrupt. She told my cousin she couldn't say anything to her and I would have to call myself.
I called and spoke to Melissa who was rude and laughed while i was telling her my complaint. I called her on the laugh and she stated she cough. She just kept saying there was nothing she can do. I told her to shove it up her A$$ and hung up on her.
I couldn't let it go so i called back and spoke to another rep who was so polite. When i told her the story she stated i didn't speak to Melissa. I spoke to Melisha who was the supervisor. This supervisor didn't even correct me to inform she wasn't the representative who was pleasant. She asked if i have the contract, which the foreman never gave me. She told me i can come in the next day to get a copy and speak to a manager who is above the rude Melisha.
The next day i spoke to a manger, i forgot her name. She was very pleasant and told me Melisha was fired. SURPRISE SURPRISE! I guess she had lots of complaints on her. This manager tried to help me and stated the foreman lied to me about returning my furniture. I could of had him return back to my old apt. She stated i should of gotten a hold of someone at the office who would of told the foreman. She also help me get some of my money,$170.00. I mean its not much but it is something.
In conclusion these companies get you with the small fine print. Ask questions, research the company and their reviews. Also don't sign ANYTHING until you see what you are paying for.
Sandi Scranton

Whippany, NJ

#13 Jun 5, 2012
Oh, how I wish I had seen these reviews BEFORE my move with Shelli Van Lines. At this point, the company is holding my possessions hostage until I pay my bill BEYOND EXORBITANT bill. Tomorrow morning I will ask that the Fairlawn PD accompany me to their office as well as whatever media/TV station I can get there because I am crazed over the SCAM which was foisted on me! I was given an all-inclusive moving quote of $75 an hour to move my things which were already packed up and in two storage units. I told her I was moving out of a 3 bedroom home and she said three men, the truck, the move itself, gas, tax and mileage was INCLUDED in the price. When the men arrived and began to pack my stuff the job supervisor said they needed to cover all mattresses secondary to a "bedbug" hazard. I told them we did NOT have bedbugs and was told that it was a requirement. When I inquired how much a mattress cover was he said "twenty dollars!" I was dumbfounded and called the office to tell them that I was NOT happy that I had not been told that packing materials were NOT included in their quote and that this was going to cause a problem for me w/payment. Denae told me that they would hold my things in the truck and I could pay the bill the next day. I anticipate perhaps a couple of hundred dollars more for them wrapping the TV, the grandfather clock etc. They shrink-wrapped NEARLY everything, went through a CASE of packing tape, and cardboard boxes, etc. to the tune of over $1500! This was above and beyond the price of the move itself! They wanted over $2300. all told! Frankly, I think this is a theft by deception incident, extortion and their prices are probably quadruple what any normal company which provides moving supplies charges. I am an active senior citizen who recently lost their job. My husband is a disabled Vietnam veteran on Social Security. We simply CANNOT pay this bill. When I told the people in the office this, in tears, their response was "Well, can't you borrow the money from someone?" Along with reporting this to the police and filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (who has given them a rating of F on and A-F scale, I am going to Tweet and Facebook about this for all the world to see! I sincerely hope this review helps someone avoid what I am going through.
Shelia Johnson

Fair Lawn, NJ

#14 Jul 9, 2012
I'm very pleased with this company I spoke to very pleasant lady's and the men that moved me where very professional and very nice I would move with them again
Shelia Johnson

Fair Lawn, NJ

#15 Jul 9, 2012
Im was pleased with shellivan lines very professional and very nice good prices

New York, NY

#16 Jul 16, 2012
By all means AVOID this company!!! Do not use them. Do NOT!!! They are scams. First off, they only deal in cash! Ding ding i wasn't thinking at all when i heard that. So the rep quoted me for $65/ hr because she was trying to be competitive with another quote i had gotten. 5 hr minimum so i did the math $325 for a move, i said good. The crew showed up, the foreman showed me the paper work and just showed me where to initial and sign and told me if they used tape or bubble wrap i would have to pay. I was fine with that. All they needed to move was the furniture because my wife and I had already packed our stuff and family was helping to move boxes and bins etc...One thing that appalled me is that the movers didnt have any tools, they ended up using my toolset to disassemble the bed, and they ended up leaving with my rachet screwdriver. THe movers disassembled and packed the furniture in the truck. They got to the other location we were moving and my wife called me saying the bill is $1000!!!!! I was like what??!!!! The guy said he would not unload the truck until we paid. That time it was already too late, my signature was on the pages but the foreman wrote other charges on the paperwork after my signature was already on the page!!! Lesson learned...had to find and addition 675 to pay these crooks before my furniture could be moved into the house. And then they charge to go do 3 steps!!!! this is crazy
Katie C

Maywood, NJ

#17 Jul 27, 2012
WORST moving company EVER!
They quoted us at $75 an hr and after 3 hrs of packing their truck they came to my husband with a total bill of $1,245 And threatened to take all of our belongings to there storage if we didn’t pay, I had to leave work and create a HUGE scene in the middle of the street before they finally released our belongings and left everything in the driveway on a rainy day. In the end we rented a uhaul truck for $36 and did everything ourselves. They are the a bunch of rude people who I’m sure aren’t even here legally! And I strongly believe that any good review about this company is either from an employee or fake people the company itself made up!
Shelli van lines

Nyack, NY

#18 Aug 10, 2012
Shelli van lines were prompt, friendly, hard-working and fast movers. We had 3 guys show up at our 2BR apartment and they had the truck loaded within an hour or so. When we arrived at our new place they moved all our stuff up 4 flights of stairs with nothing but courtesy, respect for the other tenants and our furniture. 
Even though they were very efficient and speedy movers we didn't have any damaged items. They were professional and polite and just all around awesome. Next time we move we'll definitely be using shelli van lines.

United States

#19 Aug 18, 2012
Shelia Johnson wrote:
I'm very pleased with this company I spoke to very pleasant lady's and the men that moved me where very professional and very nice I would move with them again
Yeah you're full of sh*t.

Lake Hopatcong, NJ

#20 Sep 18, 2012
Shellivanlines is the WORST company EVER.!! The foreman looked like a full blown drug addict nd they are CROOKS who love to ROB ppl without a care in the world.! Your company and movers SUCK nd beleive me you will be shut down one day nd all of you will pay one way or another hopefully JAIL.!! So stop posting comments that it is a great company.! U like too rip ppl off wen us taxpayers have to struggle as it is too pay our own expenses I can't nd will not pay for your crack habits.!! SCUMBAGS.!!!!

Lake Hopatcong, NJ

#21 Sep 18, 2012
DON'T USE THIS COMPANY.!!!!! they will rob you they quoted me 65 an hr for a one bedroom everything included, gas, mileage, materials, insurance, reassembly nd deassembly,for 65hr for 5hrs one truck nd three men,.! Ha wat a joke that was by the time I got to my new residence the bill was 1600 nd I cldnt brleive what I jus heard I thought he was joking but he wasn't. So we had to pay or they wld of taken my stuff to storage they claim but i truly think that's a lie u wld prolly jus loose everything.! They really need to be punished nd stop this b4 u try nd rob the one nd get killed.! STAY FAR AWaY FROm THESE ASS*****!

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