City Council and Woodwaste

City Council and Woodwaste

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Leicester, MA

#1 Sep 5, 2008
Why hasn't the DEP closed down operations of Thibeault/Woodwaste in Everett, and New Ventures in Newburyport, if they are in flagrant violation of Court injunctions to clean-up these locations?

The DEP/AG/State should hire a reputable company to clean up these messes and then the State send him a Bill for Clean-up operations.

If he doesn't pay, start foreclosure and/or bankruptcy actions.

Thibeault shouldn't be in business in these cities if he is going to ignore Court orders, State agencies, the cities of Everett and Newburyport to do as he pleases.

Who is looking out for the residents?
sick of it

Medford, MA

#3 Sep 5, 2008
He has so many violations and alot are listed here savelowerbroadway.blogspot. com and even on there alot is missing. Nobody looks out for the residents.

Everett, MA

#4 Sep 6, 2008
Here is an example of the real Billy Thibeault.

Friday, September 5, 2008
Messages Left by Crow Lane Landfill Owner William Thibeault for Newburyport Health Inspector John Morris

Messages Left by Crow Lane Landfill Owner William Thibeault for Newburyport Health Inspector John Morris

Phone messages recorded and transcribed from John Morris’s City Hall Phone.

First Message: December 20, 2006 Message 1

Transcript:“Yeah Morris I don’t know what your fucking problem is now or whats crawled up you fucking ass okay. But I’m getting a little sick of it. Yesterday you were playing your little games with the truck, now today you’re busting balls. I’ll be up there tomorrow. Bust my balls. Grow the fuck up and act like a man not a fucking little fucking pussy.”

Second Message: December 20, 2006 Message 2

Transcript:“Yeah Jack let me tell you something. Don’t start your little stories that I threatened you. I didn’t threaten you at all. I told you I’m coming up there because I don’t know what your little game is now you’re pulling, all right? Everyday you’ve got a hair across your ass about something. You gotta stroke you every day. Grow up. We got a job to do, let us do the job. One day your fine, your bending over backwards. The next day you’re sticking it up our ass. Deal with your issues.”

Third Message: December 21, 2006

Transcript:“Yeah, Morris. This is Billy Thibeault. Okay-stop busting my fucking guys’ balls up there okay, about the frickin dirt. Were not putting dirt on top of the plateau. It’s not my PI. Alright? You’ve had no odor issues up there. We’re clicking the wells up. And I got all my guys putting tarps up there. So get off my ass. Find something else better to do than bust my balls with the landfill everyday. Okay? My guy Ethan is up there working is ass off. There’s been no odor complaints, they’re hooking the hardline themselves and they’re putting the tarps on. I’m not gonna put dirt all over the top and up the access road so you can beat them with tracking mud down the street and pull your shit there. You got a problem, call me back-which you don’t have the balls to do.”

Fourth Message: March 6, 2008

Transcript:“Jack---your little squeeze play tactics aren’t gonna work on me. So, the more you keep sending me these bogus, bullshit complaints to try and think your gonna get me to force me to come to the table and try and squeeze money out of me, the more I go the other way. So, when you want to sit down and be a gentleman and resolve everything, that’s fine. If you want to keep playing your games with the letters and the citations, you can do anything you want. So, when I work out the issues with the state, then I go back to court that you don’t want to close the landfill again---you and the mayor. So, you guys say one thing and do another. But you keep doing what you want to do. Doesn’t bother me.”

Fifth Message: March 14, 2008

Transcript:“Jack Morris. You don’t get it do you. The more you keep fucking around, and the more you keep trying to bust my balls, the more I go the other way. So, you wanna play---I’ll show you how to play, okay?
Posted by Hardy Boyz at 8:37 AM
crow lane landfill

Medford, MA

#5 Sep 6, 2008
The man has lovely language and his brothers are no better. Parents must be so proud.

Dover Foxcroft, ME

#6 Sep 7, 2008
Is the City Council aware if this?

Will City Council do anything?
Miles Prower

Medford, MA

#7 Sep 7, 2008
Of course they are aware. This is the "crazy letter" the mayor spoke about. Who's crazy, is the guy leaving the message........not the letter. That's shows how out of touch he, is and all he cares about is..

"ka-ching-ka-ching...let the cash register ring!"

In his pocket, and Thibeault's. Clowno DeMaria says Everett does not have the money to force Wood Waste into compliance BUT he's going to sue Newburyport, which we all know did not come from him. That, I am certain, came from Thibeault. Clowno is all ready to use TAX PAYER MONEY to help Thibeault. Don't you see the pattern that's happening here??
First Message

Medford, MA

#8 Sep 7, 2008
Sounds very homophobic and insults women especially first message.
Stop Wood Waste

Everett, MA

#9 Sep 7, 2008
Landfill, again, cited for violations
By Katie Farrell
Staff writer

NEWBURYPORT — The state's Department of Environmental Protection has once again notified the owner of the stench-plagued Crow Lane landfill that it has violated the preliminary injunction issued in 2006.

The state sent notice to attorney Richard Nylen, the attorney for Everett-based New Ventures LLC, the owner of the landfill. The Aug. 26 letter highlights 13 violations of the injunction and orders the company to comply.

New Ventures agreed to the preliminary injunction two years ago that set strict guidelines for the closure of the landfill and for measures to control the foul odors that have troubled the landfill's neighbors for more than four years. The terms were negotiated with the state's attorney general's office and the DEP.

A separate preliminary injunction was also filed against New Ventures by the city.

Of the 13 violations cited by DEP, Mayor John Moak said yesterday only two had never been brought up by the city.

"We had talked to DEP and given them information about a majority of these violations," Moak said.

The violations were noted after DEP conducted seven inspections of the landfill between June 3 and Aug. 18 and examined the daily system monitoring forms from the landfill.

Violations related to a variety of issues, such as failing to operate the stench-mitigating flare at the site that must operate at all times, the response to complaints filed by residents, and areas like testing samples, maintaining tarps, and keeping the leachate collection tanks at the proper level.

The city sent its own letter to New Ventures last month, asking the company to address four specific issues, the mayor said. Moak said the city could fine New Ventures for violating its preliminary injunction or pursue legal action.

"There's a possibility of that," he said. The landfill and the city's preliminary injunction falls under the oversight of the Board of Health.

Jack Morris, the city's health agent, did not return a phone message yesterday.

If the landfill were operating right now —which it is not — the city could enforce cease and desist orders, Moak added.

The city has faced issues from the Crow Lane landfill for several years. Neighbors to the landfill have long complained of the noxious smells of rotten egg and burnt matches that often disrupt dinners, holidays and sleep. Residents have complained of headaches, bloody noses, nausea and sore throats. The smell mostly affects neighborhoods in the Low Street area.

Just yesterday, in an e-mail sent to city leaders, the state, neighbors and other interested parties, an abutter said he was once again awoken early by the odors from the landfill coming in through his skylights and windows.

New Ventures has broken the requirements of the preliminary injunction before and has missed some deadlines, leading the attorney general's office to warn the company.

Joe Ferson, a spokesman for DEP, said the state agency has not yet received a reply to the letter from New Ventures. "We're requesting them to comply to the notice of non-compliance," he said.

Ferson noted that the landfill case has been sent to court and does include DEP. He declined to address the next steps the state can take if the landfill owner does not reply to the state's Aug. 26 notice.

Boston, MA

#10 Sep 7, 2008
The problem is that the Mayor has one goal while in office for his 1 term. To get all of his friends and business buddies all set. You must realize that this is his one goal for the two years in office. Look at the lawyer he hired for the City from the law firm that is defending Wood Waste. She is now the Asst. Solicitor and Procurement Officer.
Stop Wood Waste

Everett, MA

#11 Sep 8, 2008
Anyone planning on attending the public hearing on Woodwaste, when the date is made known?

Fairport, NY

#12 Sep 8, 2008
Woodwaste, firings, selling off properties.

Done right? Done wrong?

There's going to be a big price to pay if the laws have not been followed.

Time will tell....
Stop Wood Waste

Everett, MA

#13 Sep 8, 2008
Dedicated to Clowno DeMaria.

Isn't it rich?
Aren't they a pair?
Carlo and Billy,
Both in mid-air.
Send in the clowns.

Isn't it bliss?
Don't you approve?
Billy keeps piling his crap,
And we can't make it move.
Where are the clowns?
Send in the clowns.

Just when will Carlo stop opening doors,
Finally telling Billy we want no more,
Making his entrance with his usual flair,
Text messaging someone,
But no one is there.

Don't you love farce?
Our fault I fear.
We thought that you'd want what we want.
I guess you don't care.
But where are the clowns?
Quick, send in the clowns.
Don't bother, they're here.

Isn't it rich?
Isn't it queer,
Losing our city this late
In Carlo's career?
And where are the clowns?
There ought to be clowns.
We elected one last year.
The Truth

Malden, MA

#14 Sep 8, 2008
Court would be proud.
Miles Prower

Medford, MA

#15 Sep 8, 2008
The city of Everett will have to deal with all these issues for the next 30 years and be dealing with the AG-DEP and the attorneys. This is a truly sickening night.

look at the violations over and over and over. It never stops and this is nothing compared to all his other companies.

Amesbury, MA

#16 Sep 9, 2008
I have heard that once Fourth Street is discontinued it becomes a private way, and that the abutters on both sides of the way own out to the middle of the way.

The City has no ownership of the way.

How can the City give Woodwaste any part of the private way that other abutters own?

Woodwaste owns only the part of the way it abuts and only out to the middle of the way.

What's going on?

If the City doesn't own the private way, how can it give it to Woodwaste?

Everett, MA

#17 Sep 9, 2008
The city has to pay Harley Davidson. The mayor, Clowno, mentioned the figure of $100,000.00 at the BOA meeting.
Miles Prower

Medford, MA

#18 Sep 9, 2008
MGL states he can not move those piles to lower Broadway without a public hearing. The solicitors "interpretation" *conveniently* is that is not true. I would challenge her in court and as a citizen of that ward, have every right to do so.

The other question I have is how does Homeland Security feel about Wood Waste playing with the railroad spurs down there. The property and rails are close enough to Distrigas to raise numerous safety concerns. I'm surprised the state fire Marshall's office or at least MEMA has not been queried about this.

This does not belong anywhere near an LNG port facility? And what about the first "pile" that gets left down there unexposed? As someone noted last night, if those things on Boston street ever catch fire, it is going to be ugly. It would be even uglier if it happened anywhere near lower Broadway and just think about the traffic catastrophe alone that a fire would cause.
Oh Boy

Leicester, MA

#19 Sep 10, 2008
DeMaria seeks $100,000 to pay Harley-Davidson so Woodwaste can use part of the discontinued Fourth Street.

What's the matter with this Mayor.

For a sale that has taken almost 5 years to complete, something smells.

It would have been better if the city spent $100,000 fighting this sale in court.

At least the voters would know the city did its best for them

Look at Newburyport!

Medford, MA

#20 Sep 10, 2008
Updated interesting info
Read nodoughboy09 WOW

Schaumburg, IL

#21 Sep 11, 2008
See the ATR post for blogspot address.

Well worth reading if you care about Everett.

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